joel cooper

  • Betty: How much effort do I rate?
  • Jughead: For you, I’d break a light sweat.
  • Betty: Good. I need a favor. Help Archie with his music?
  • Jughead: You're becoming dangerous, Betty. It’s those doe eyes. Disappointing you is like choking the little mermaid with a bike chain.

“Joel Edgerton is a consummate actor. He has a real sense of decency about him that I wanted in that part. He’s also a very strong physical actor and as I said to him when I cast him, ‘John Connolly is a man who wears many masks. He’s essentially an actor. He’s a salesman. He’s very different with Whitey Bulger than he is with Billy Bulger. He’s different than he is with his wife, than he is with his colleagues. He’s a man who is whatever he needs to be in that given moment.’“

– 'Black Mass’ director Scott Cooper

  • Betty: Hey, Jughead. We were just talking about how in today's economy-
  • Kevin: Living in your car. Living in your car. You are living in your car.
  • [Betty looks at Kevin]
  • Kevin: I'm sorry. I'm not good at being coy.


#406: “Basketball”

with Bobby Moynihan, Joel Stein, Rhea ButcherHot Dog, Rep. Oliver Pouch, Ned Cooper The Science Grouper, The Constitution, Judy Goodstuff