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it’s a song about kids writing to me and some of the time it’s really heavy and inappropriate, like kids telling me they’re going to kill themselves that night, which is really unfair on me because I can’t do anything about it. So, “Don’t Lean On Me” is “don’t lean on me, because I’m having the exact same fucking issue right here”. I try and give kids help and point them in the right direction, but there’s only so much I can do.” “I don’t feel physically equipped to handle some of these notes. I have felt physically ill after reading some of these letters, just hearing the sheer desperation is enough to bring tears to my eyes…  I am dealing with depression and anxiety, so I can fully empathise with everyone out there that has it, to whichever degree they are dealing with it, but I remain an inadequate as an advice-giver. Sometimes the only advice I need is knowing that someone out there understands and I hope I can give that to you personally” – Joel Birch on “Dont Lean On Me