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I will not tell you what you should or not, but I have been smoking too for around 3 month and it make me sick. My doctor told me that I had asthma. It may not sounds so bad, but I can not even walk up the stairs without becoming breathless. So if you ask me do not.

i know how bad asthma is. cos i have breathing problems aswell. and my friend has asthma. and it’s just awful. 

thank you for caring bb. and hope you’re good.x


adaadaada: Same here. But oh well, I don’t really hate Madison. I actually think she’s pretty but idk. But it’s the whole point of the song, right? So obviously they need a girl to sing to but oh well lol :)

1directionsuperman: If I can view the whole music video, DEFINITELY. :D

one-dream-onedirection: No problem! :)

annikalovesmcflyand1d: The old one? Or don’t you mean the Teen Now photoshoot? Just scroll down my posts to see the video.

joekyle: McMillin I believe.

whatwehaveisinfinite: Thank you so much! x

harryfuckingstylesismyhero: Aww thank you! :’)

matiyabieberariana: Um, I think the question’s supposed to be “Why you love 1D a lot?” not me lol but aw thank you!

amazzzaynlovato: Aww seriously? That’s genuinely sweet of you! It makes me worth it lmao :’D x