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“In My World” by Anthrax

Persistence of Time (1990)

OKAY OKAY I WAS SCROLLING THROUGH THIS ACCOUNT AND I STUMBLED UPON THIS AND IT REMINDED ME OF SOMETHING. This episode has a very similar plot/layout with another episode on friends (I’m not sure the exact one) where the gang gets in a conflict in which half the group (Monica, Chandler and Ross) are considered the “well off” remind you of any group? That’s right Lucas, Riley and Farkle. The other half ( Rachel , Phoebe and Joey) are considering struggling just like the three we know ( Maya, Zay and Smackle). And it got me thinking about the alignment of the characters. I think farkle is chandler and riley is Monica. Think about it, too characters not expecting to get together but have potential. Lucas is Ross to me for sure (I JUST THOUGHT ABOUT THIS BUT THAT WOULD MAKE LUCAS AND RILEY SIBLINGS OMG I DIDNT MEAN TO DO THAT BUT THATS HILARIOUS). Okay Maya is Rachel, Zay is Joey (they both flirt so I mean come on plus they’re both so smol and innocent) and smackle is phoebe ( LOOK SMACKLE IS SUCH A PHEOBE OKAY). The couples to me aligned too. Monica/Riley and chandler/farkle. Lucas/Ross and Maya/Rachel. Zay/Joey and smackle/phoebe ( I know they don’t end up together but still). But yeah this is me rambling while sleep deprived. Feel free to add what you think cause I think this is pretty cool .