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Hey I've seen you post about the hunters/sound terrorists (???) and was wondering if you could educate me a bit on em or link me to stuff. I've never heard of em before and they seem really cool :) thank you

They are an underground group of club/party organizers and performers that I used to run with when I lived in Seoul. Well known to the party scene in South Korea. Wild. Bold. Notorious. Sexy. And keepers of the night. A few of the members have done cameo’s in several kpop videos. Such as Infinite’s “Back” MV, and Hyuna’s “Ice Cream” MV

This is They are a group of club entertainers who perform shows in clubs in Seoul, South Korea.They’re recognizable by their black rider jackets and handcuffs, they also often wear masks covering their mouth.

 Their Youtube Channel where you can catch a glimpse of some of the things that we do at clubs and parties. 

The crew consists of:

  • Hunters Boss Genzi *
  • Hunters Vice President Nine *
  • Hunters player B.Fin
  • Hunters player Skeleton *
  • Hunters player Rano *
  • Hunters player Nom *
  • Hunters player Ari
  • Hunters player Tonka (me)
  • Hunters player Leo *
  • Hunters player Hee
  • Hunters player Joe
  • Hunters Player Qoom
  • Hunters Player Macho
  • Hunters Player Uzi

[* active members]

Official Website | Official Facebook Page