• What I say: I'm fine.
  • What I mean: What in the name of Khaleesi and her dragons was with season 5 of Game of Thrones? Like what the fuck was that shit? And where do I even begin??? What in God's name did they do to Stannis and his arc? Did they just throw up their arms and go "fuck it, who cares!" as though there weren't people who've read and loved the books? And why are they simplifying Mellisandre into (excuse my phrasing) an evil slut? In the book, she comes off as a "what must be done for the Lord of Light and for our survival" kind of person but in the show it's just "Hey Jon, here're my titties for the 500th time and now I'm off to kill Stannis' daughter, k thanx bye". And don't even get me started on that bullshit. Like, Mellisandre would NEVER even suggest that kind of shit in the books. Shireen's more likely to be killed by a fucking Other/White Walker than Mellisandre. But, hey, we've got a cheap shock value to maintain so who gives a shit about characterization? And speaking of cheap shock value, why did y'all kill Ser Barristan? Like what did that even accomplish??? Who's supposed to lead Dany's armies as Mireen faces siege? Or did you even think about that? And Jesus Christ, why did they have to fuck over the Martell storyline so badly? Why did they completely leave out Arianne and Quintin (especially Arianne)? Why did they leave out Daddy Martell's boss status at playing the poltical game??? Like what the fuck are Elleria Sand and the Sand Snakes fucking doing? AND WHY THE FUCK IS JAIME IN DORNE??? Like, what is that? Where were the Greyjoys? Where's Asha/Yara? Where's Victarion? Is Baelon even still alive or did you just go "eh" and call it a day with them? And don't even get me started on that travesty of a plotline with Sansa. Not only is it offensive and cheapening sexual assault (for the third fucking time, mind you), but it's fucking repetitive as hell. Like, Sansa spent three seasons being tormented by Joeffry, she escapes, she seems to be learning the political game a bit and... then she's sent to another psychopath who takes pleasure in tormenting her. Thank you, D & D, for creating Joeffry 2.0. We really appreciate the lack of creativity and the sheer repetition of plotline and the regression of character development. And by appreciate, I mean "fucking despise and really wish someone else were writing this show". Also, HOW HARD IS IT TO CREATE A FAKE FUCKING ARYA?!? LIKE THERE'S SO MUCH YOU COULD'VE DONE WITH THAT SHIT. Seriously, that is complete bullshit and the fans are far too intelligent to be given this garbage. And also, what the fuck happened to Petyr Baelish's political savvy? Did it go on a fucking lunch break? Like, we established this guy as the man who could destroy entire families and dynasties and kill people without ever having to dirty his hands. This is the guy who orchestraed Joeffry's murder. This is the guy who started the war with the Starks. This is the guy who has successfully played the double agent for Lord knows how long. And you just turn around and have him sell his literal queen (chess metaphor) to the fucking Boltons and you tell Cercei you have Sansa. Like what the fuck is this shit because it certainly isn't Song of Ice and Fire. Fucking Christ I'm done with this shit.

there is always a character that you start hating and then you just kind of start to fall in love with them

and then there is those characters that you start hating and you end up hating them more and more