thebigash asked:

Hi just wanted to say that I love your art and I was wondering who some of your favorite artists here on tumblr are? c:

Thank you so much! Here’s a handful of my favourite artists

Wowwww that was a long list. I’m following like 400+ art blogs… but I tried my best to narrow it down.


Day 7 - joedrawsstuff

He was a character designer for Gravity Falls, and also worked on Wreck-It Ralph, Winnie the Pooh, and currently works for Dreamworks if I remember correctly. He also has this adorable personal project that he posts about ocasionally, which is where most of this came from

Also, screw hands. Hands stink *can usually do them but imitating other people’s style of hands is harder than it looks*


My three main characters for my art external, Daydream Danny, Nightmare Nellie and Oddball the Manticore. My artist model is Joe Pitt, an artist who works at Dreamworks, and worked on Gravity Falls.

Danny is really outgoing and loud, a but silly, but not stupid, and he’s popular at the Night School they attend. Nellie is rather quiet and shy, though smart and funny, she’s also an outcast. Oddball the cutest of the lot is pretty much an adorably stupid pet and best friends of Nellie, and will never leave her side if he can help it. He grows fond of Danny over time. Also, don’t threaten any of Oddballs friends, he can and will turn into a bloody big monster and attack you.