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Two Weeks

“Two weeks?” Jack blinked over at his brother.

“Two weeks.” Conor nodded, his eyes darting between the two sat across from him, “Think you can handle it?”

“You make it seem like we can’t live without each other,” Joe responded, crossing his arms.

“You two are sat so close together you’re practically in each other’s laps.” Josh casually pointed out, smirking as Joe and Jack blushed and inched away from each other.

“Two weeks. No touching.” Conor repeated, “If you can manage it, all of us will do one thing each for the both of you. Anything you ask.”

“It shouldn’t be difficult,” Jack said, turning his head to look over at Joe, who shrugged in response.

“I think we can manage it easily.”

“Yeah,” Josh scoffed, “I think you’ll make it a day.”

“Oh shut up.” Jack said, throwing a pillow at his former roommate.

The boys had all decided to challenge Joe and Jack to absolutely no touching for two weeks.

Not that either thought they touched each other that much, but their friends claimed they were the most touchy feely best friends they’d ever met.

Joe had always brushed off the comments, because he just felt comfortable around Jack, that was all. And Jack was just a naturally touchy person, so he didn’t think anything different of it, even though when he did stop and think about it, he touched Joe more than anyone in their group. But it was all innocent little touches. A hand to the knee to get his attention, grabbing Joe’s hand to lead him somewhere, or leaning close together while watching a movie, because Joe tended to get tired and apparently Jack was comfy.

That was all.

Purely innocent.

And so both figured two weeks of no touching should be easy. Simple. They’d win no problem.

Three days in and Jack was regretting agreeing to the challenge.

It wasn’t until now that he realized just how much he had grown used to having physical contact with Joe.

There were many times where he had to catch himself before his hand landed on Joe. Like earlier that night while they were sitting together watching a YouTube video, Jack’s arm slung across the back of the couch, and Joe’s body had naturally moved closer, so Jack’s fingers were close to brushing through the soft locks, something he knew helped Joe relax, but then Jack saw Caspar watching him closely, a little smirk on his face.

Jack quickly removed his arm, and sat on both of his hands.

Maybe this challenge would be more difficult than he thought.

Or maybe he just needed to be more aware of his limbs.

A couple days after that, Joe began to realize how much he was struggling.

He couldn’t even be on the same side of the room as Jack, because his body seemed naturally drawn to the other man.

He also hadn’t noticed how much he relied on Jack’s touches to relax him, meaning Joe was constantly fidgeting; his knee would bounce, his fingers tapping against his knee, or he’d constantly shift in his position to get comfortable.

All the while, he would feel Jack’s eyes on him, that small frown surely on the younger man’s face, because he knew he could stop the fidgeting that everyone was getting annoyed with. But both Jack and Joe were determined to prove that they were able to go without touching for two weeks. They could do it.

Surely they could.

A week into the challenge, Joe and Jack decided that they needed to stop hanging out. At least alone.

Because there were a few close calls when it was just the two of them, and while they knew they probably could have gotten away with it, since there was no one to witness it, they were both stubborn in completing the challenge properly.

And so, they stopped hanging out alone. And if they could avoid being around each other at all, even better. Although neither really liked that option, because they were still best friends and wanted to see each other.

Joe felt like he had lost a part of him, not being able to be how he usually was with Jack. It felt odd to see Jack on the other side of the room, or glance at him from a completely different room, when normally they were always side by side.

Jack was feeling the absence just as strong, trying to busy himself with other activities to distract himself from the weird empty feeling of not having Joe around.

The challenge was opening both of their eyes to something they hadn’t expected to find.

Perhaps this was the boys plans all along.

When the two weeks were nearly up, Joe was very much ready to throw the challenge out the window.

He didn’t think he’d slept properly since the challenge started, tossing and turning in bed as he tried to force his body to relax. It felt constantly on edge, leaving his mind exhausted, but at night unable to sleep. The conscious effort to not touch Jack was wearing down on him heavily, and his muddled mind was greatly confused.

Because it shouldn’t be this difficult to go such a short time with not touching your best friend.

Jack on the other hand, while also feeling the effects of the challenge, had come to a realization just past the halfway point. And that realization had actually made it a little easier to avoid Joe, because he wasn’t entirely sure how the other man would react.

But Jack’s tired mind finally revealed why he touched Joe so much, more than what best friends should do.

And although he hadn’t told anyone yet, Conor had that smug look on his face, meaning he knew what Jack had come to accept. And Jack really hated that his older brother knew how to read him so bloody well.

“Only one more day, boys!” Josh announced as they were all hanging out one night outside at Joe’s.

Joe and Jack were sat on opposite sides of the couch, as to avoid losing the challenge, although Joe was ready to curl up against Jack’s side so his body would finally relax for once.

“And you thought we wouldn’t make it,” Jack said, running a hand through his hair as he glanced over at Joe. He wanted to pull Joe close as well, although for entirely different reasons than before.

“Nope,” Josh shook his head, “Honestly didn’t think you’d make it this long.”

“You two haven’t been cheating, have you?” Caspar asked, studying each in turn.

“No.” Joe sighed, “We haven’t laid a single finger on each other since you idiots issued this stupid challenge.”

“Thought it would be easy?” Conor smirked, sending Jack a silent look who rolled his eyes in response. Just one more day to get through.

“It has been!” Joe protested, although it sounded weak to everyone’s ears.

“Mate, you haven’t stopped moving since last week.” Oli casually pointed out, nodding towards Joe’s bouncing knee.

“I’m fine.” Joe snapped, forcing his knee to stop. One more day.

Jack decided he couldn’t handle watching Joe fidget any longer, not when he knew what could help, and so he pushed himself off of the couch, announcing he needed another drink before slipping inside.

He was stood at the worktop, hands braced against the counter as he tried to think of anything but touching Joe when he heard a warm and familiar voice wash over him.

“You okay?”

Turning around, Jack smiled over at Joe, who’s blue eyes were shining with worry.

“I’m fine. Just had to get away from them for a moment.”

“I get that,” Joe nodded, his eyes locked on to Jack’s.

“How’re you doing?” The younger man asked softly, noticing the way Joe twisted the hem of his shirt around and around his finger.

“M’fine. We probably touched each other too much for best friends anyways,” Joe answered, a nervous chuckle following his words.

Had he realized what Jack had?

“Yeah, probably.”

The two stared at each other for a moment, the sound of their friends laughter filtering in from outside.

“Jack…” Joe started, a new emotion flashing through his eyes as he worried at his bottom lip.


“Are we….do we….I mean….”

“You gotta use your words, Joe.” Jack smiled gently over at the nervous man.

Yup, Joe had the same realization as him. But now one of them needed the courage to do something about it.

“Did you ever think about why we always have so much physical contact?” Joe finally blurted out, his body still for the first time in almost two weeks.

“I did,” Jack nodded, stepping closer, “But then about a week ago I figured it out.”

“You did?”

“Mhm,” Jack’s fingers hovered around Joe’s, only a hair’s width of distance between them, “Have you figured it out yet?”

“I think so…”

“Do you want to wait until tomorrow?”

“No.” Joe breathed out before his one hand moved to the back of Jack’s neck, pulling him down into a long overdue kiss.

Jack’s arm wound around Joe’s waist, their bodies flush together, both relaxing instantly at the familiar touch as their fingers laced together at their side.

“Fucking finally!” Conor’s exclamation caused the two to break apart, even as their hands remained joined together, neither wanting to let each other go now that they’d finally been reunited.

“I’m actually surprised it took this long,” Oli said, shaking his head, “I figured they’d give up within the first week.”

“We should have done this ages ago.” Caspar commented as he headed for the fridge.

“I’m impressed,” Josh said to Conor, “Didn’t think they’d make it almost the two weeks.”

“I thought two weeks was going to be too much for them,” The older Maynard replied, “And that they’d give up a lot sooner and just get together.”

“Wait,” Joe shook his head, “What?”

“They planned this,” Jack laughed, “They knew how we felt before we did.”

“You knew?” Joe looked over at Jack.

“No, I figured it out a couple days ago though. Because Conor was giving me smug looks.”

“Because you finally figured out what we all knew!” Conor said to his brother, “And I knew it was only a matter of time before you caved and did something.”

“But I wasn’t the one to break it!” Jack protested, “Joe did!”

“You initiated it!” Joe fired back.

“I did no such thing!”


“Oh my god!” Caspar called out, slamming his water bottle down on the counter, “Shut up! You both lost, that’s the point! We knew you couldn’t go two weeks without bloody touching!”

“Did they lose though?” Oli chuckled, nodding towards the new couple who were talking softly, standing very close together.

“I think we’re the ones that lost,” Josh rolled his eyes, spinning on his heel and heading back outside.

“Oh well,” Conor shrugged, following after the taller man, “At least we don’t have to watch them send each other pathetic looks now.”

“Thank god for that,” Oli muttered, him and Caspar heading outside as well, leaving Joe and Jack to make up for the lack of touching from the past two weeks.

I Love You Boyfriend Love Your Little 👑

I Love You Boyfriend Love Your Little 👑

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“So Jack what was that note about in your phone? who’s the lucky lady you’ve been hiding away?” Mikey teased while poking Jack’s side. The rest of the Buttercreams all made noises of agreement, minus Joe. They had just finished playing Games of Phone, and Jack already knew the question was bound to be asked. The “Lucky girl,” who wrote the note in his phone, was in fact Joe Sugg himself, and the note didn’t say “I love you boyfriend love your little princess,” but in fact, “I love you Boyfriend love your little prince.”

“Whatever do you mean Michael?” Jack tries to play dumb, as he scrolls through his instagram not really looking at the pictures at all. “Some girl literally just wrote that in my

“Can we see the note again?” Josh
asked with a devilish look on his face.

“Why? What’s the point?” Jack asked guarding his phone to his chest, looking at the other boys with confusion.

“To check the date, obviously,” Conor chimed in already reaching for the phone.

“I say we just let the man have his privacy,” Joe requested, he’s secluded himself from the group sitting on the couch far away from each other, his face as red as can be.

“Why’s that Mr. Sugg?” Josh didn’t miss a beat, you could tell that he already figured out their secret.

“Because you guys pry too much, and keeping somethings to yourself is important,” Joe tried his best to come up with an explanation but it fell flat, which Jack sent him a small smile for.

“Nah, I say we all attack,” Conor looked toward the others for agreement, Caspar was of course on board.

“I say we wait because the truth will come out soon enough, Jack can’t be with his phone 24/7 now can he?” Curse Josh, he was one of the smart ones of the group.

And so it began.

The boys were trying everything to get Jack’s phone, even going so far as to steal it in his sleep, unfortunately for them Jack’s put a passcode on it. The boys were at there wits end trying to figure it out as well.

“Come on Jack, is it really so bad that you have to put a lock on your phone?” Conor asked that morning, while pouring himself a bowl of Rice Krispies.

“It’s not, it’s just the fact that I’m tired of you guys prying into my private life, so until you guys guess the passcode then you’re not going to know who the note is from,” Jack smirked feeling quite happy with himself, before he continued his breakfast.

“You know we’re never going to stop, until we get what we want, right?” Josh asks, giving Jack a smirk.

“Well bring it on then,”

Weeks later, Jack has grown tired of this game, his phone gets locked up at least once a day by the Buttercreams, and Josh keeps looking at him with this creepy smirk because he’s the only one who’s figured it out. He was lounging in bed, the flat to himself and Joe was coming over to hangout. He missed his boyfriend, the boys have been all over his back for weeks now that he hasn’t had a moment alone with Joe.

“Jack!!” The lovely voice of his boyfriend rang through his flat alerting him from his thoughts of Joe.

“In my room!” He calls out smiling wide as he hears the sound of his boyfriend coming his way. “What’s up stud?”

“Nothing much, been doing a bit of editing. You? The boys still driving you crazy?” Joe stripped off his hoodie, and crawled into the bed, resting himself against Jack.

“Of course they are, I don’t even understand why it’s so important?” Jack placed a kiss on Joe’s forehead and then more places on his face, causing the older man’s face to flush red from the affection.

“What did you expect? Maybe if you had said some name like Molly or Darla maybe they would have left you alone, but now they think you have some mystery girl in your life,” Joe chuckles, at how out of proportion this thing is, to think it all started with a note in Jacks phone.

“I think Josh’s figured us out, he keeps giving me creepy looks every time we all go out together and I hang around you, or when I even mention your name,” Jack burrows his face in Joe’s neck, while embracing the boy tighter.

“I bet he has, every time he comes over he just starts into a conversation about you, I’ve started to wonder if he has a crush on you or something,” Joe played with the hairs on the nape of Jack’s neck, thinking of all the conversations he shared with Josh about Jack. “It shouldn’t be too hard to find out, you’re always giving me this looks, making flirty or sexual innuendo at me, touching me, don’t get me wrong it’s cute, but you don’t exactly rock in the discrete department.”

“Neither do you, you’re face gets red every time I look at you, or someone makes a joke about us being together. You don’t particularly hide your jealousy very well either, it’s very evident when the boys bring up my ex and your mood drops from a 10 to a 1, but don’t get me wrong it’s cute,” Jack teases back earning a pinch from Joe. “Ow!”

“Don’t be a Prick,” Joe mumbles sleepily, he moves his right hand to the spot where he pinched Jack and begins to rub it softly. “Shh go to sleep, I’m tired.”

That’s what the two boys end up doing, sleeping until they disturbed by a gang known as the Buttercreams.

“JACK MAYNARD!! YOUR PASSCODE IS JOE SUGG!?!” Conor’s shout could probably be heard from all of London, along with the loud shouts from the rest of the gangs.

“Shit,” both boys let out, as they wake from their slumber. They have a lot to explain to their friends, hopefully the note is forgotten about by now though… Probably not.

Sound Of Your Voice

When the boys first met Joe, they never questioned the fact that he didn’t speak. It was just part of who he was.

Through Caspar, who had met him first, the others learned sign language, wanting to be able to communicate with their new friend who was rapidly becoming close with the group.

To all of them, it became second nature to sign what they were saying whilst still speaking aloud to the others, everyone communicating easily. They knew Joe could hear just fine, and that really they only had to be able to read sign language, but they had started it as practice, and just never dropped the habit.

Joe still didn’t talk, and the boys still didn’t question it, his silence a norm. The fact that he didn’t talk also didn’t prevent him from getting close to the different boys, especially with Jack.

The younger man talked more than enough for the two of them, and Joe was more than happy to sit there and let him ramble on about everything and anything, asking questions even when he knew they wouldn’t get answered, at least not verbally. The two grew closer and closer, and Jack learned that he was just as good flirting through sign language as he was through speaking. At least, if Joe’s flushed cheeks meant anything.

Jack knew he could just speak to Joe, use his own voice, but there was something much more intimate about signing to him, their own private conversation that the rest of the world couldn’t understand.

The group was all hanging out one night, Joe and Jack sat side by side as they had their own little conversation, their hands moving quickly in front of them, Jack laughing loudly from time to time, Joe smiling fondly at the sound.

The rest of the boys were caught up in a heated debate, each trying to state why they would make a better astronaut, theoretically of course. How they got onto the topic, no one really knew, especially Jack and Joe, who were entirely confused when they finally clued into the conversation.

“Please,” Josh scoffed, “Like hell they would choose you.” He shot a look towards Conor.

“And why not?!”

“Because they don’t want to listen to singing on the transmissions the entire time.” The ginger grinned, laughing when Conor glared back.

“Alright,” Caspar piped up, “Then why would they choose you, Josh?”

“Why wouldn’t they?” Josh shrugged, “I’m in good shape, smart, and I don’t think they’ve sent a ginger into space yet.”

“That cannot be your reasoning.” Oli rolled his eyes, “They aren’t going to choose you just because of your hair colour.”

“You’re all wrong.”

Everyone’s heads snapped over to Joe, their eyes widening and mouths falling open in shock.

“Did….what did you just say?” Jack asked softly, staring down at the normally silent man.

“That you’re all wrong.” Joe said, picking at a piece of thread in his hoodie, “I’d be the better astronaut. Because I’m clever, along with smart. I’m also agile, while still in good shape. And,” He grinned, “I’m sneaky. So therefore, I’d be the best astronaut out of all of us. Which means you’re all wrong.”

“Holy shit…” Caspar mumbled, still staring over at Joe.

“We all heard that, right?” Conor’s eyes darted between his mates, not quite believing what just happened.

“Does this mean you’re going to talk?” Jack blurted out, desperately hoping that Joe would say yes, because now that he had heard the older man’s voice, he wanted to hear more. It was everything he had imagined and more.

But Joe didn’t respond, he simply shook his head, lowering his gaze to his lap as he continued to play with the strand of thread.

“Why did you even go mute?” Josh asked, the question on everyone’s mind, but again, Joe didn’t say a word. This time he just offered a simple shrug, blushing lightly under the intense stares of all his mates.

It took a few minutes before they all relaxed, picking up a new topic of conversation, occasionally sending the curious look towards Joe, but not asking anything else, knowing that their mate was not going to say another word.

Jack on the other hand, was a little more determined.

He leaned in close, smirking lightly as Joe’s blush deepened, “Are you really not going to speak anymore?”

At the shake of a head, his brows furrowed, “Why not?”

Joe rolled his eyes at the whiney tone, but no words fell from his lips.

“Come on, Joe…” Jack laced his fingers through Joe’s, “Talk. For me? Please?”

Another shake of the head.

Glancing over at the others, who were already deep in their new conversation, Jack leaned in closer, his lips near Joe’s ear, “But you have such a nice sounding voice.”

“Jack!” The younger man moved back, glaring over at his older brother and the smirk on his face, “Stop flirting with Joe. If he doesn’t want to talk, he isn’t going to talk!”

“Fine.” Jack replied, sitting back against the couch, leaving his hand in Joe’s as he joined in to the boys conversation.

A short while later, Joe grabbed the attention of Jack once more, quickly signing out a short message: Sorry for not talking.

“No,” Jack shook his head, “Don’t you dare apologize. I just like the sound of your voice, and now that I’ve had a taste, I want more.” He smiled softly at Joe’s flushed cheeks.

I like the sound of your voice too.

“Of course you do,” Jack replied to Joe’s signed words, “Who doesn’t?”

And while Jack wasn’t sure if he would ever hear Joe’s voice again, that one instance was more than enough for him. If the older man did decide to speak again one day, there would be no complaint from Jack. And if Joe never spoke again, that was fine too. Jack had fallen for Joe long before he heard him speak.

The Morning After

The Morning After 

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Warning: Panic Attack

Joe smiled into Jack’s neck, letting the warmth of the morning sun shine on his exposed skin. The night before had been unforgettable and he was definitely going to feel it once he moved, so for now he was just going to lie there, until he absolutely had to move. Which for Joe came sooner than he hoped, there was a knock at Jack’s door startling the younger boy awake, and causing Joe to go into high-alert.

“Shit, Conor and Josh are home,” Jack mumbled in panic, as he got up and quickly  tried to dress himself  in the clothes he had on the night before. “Um hide in the closet, you’re small enough.”

What people didn’t know about Joe was that small place gave him anxiety, he just hoped that Jack wasn’t going to take too long getting rid of Conor, and Josh. He quietly climbed into the closet as the young Maynard opened the door for his roommates.

“Hello boys, how was Mikey’s?” Jack asked while suspiciously leaning against the door frame not allowing the two men into the room. His voice had gone two octave higher making it noticeable to Conor that his brother was hiding something.

“It was alright, Mikey sends his best wishes, how are you feeling by the way? Migraine gone yet?” Conor questioned while trying to peer around his brother to see if anything was going on in there. Jack quickly moved to block his vision.

“Yeah it’s all good, I feel 10 times better. In fact how about I get dressed real quick and then we can head out for breakfast?” The two men agree before walking around, leaving Jack to think of a way to get Joe out of the apartment unseen.

Jack shut his door in panic, as Joe emerged from the closet seeming on the verge of a panic attack. Joe’s breath became uneasy as he slowly sank to the ground, arms wrapped tightly around himself, trying to force himself to calm down. Jack immediately came to his side doing his best to console his boyfriend.


“Just breath in and out Joe, come on you got this,” He encourages while rubbing circles on the older mans back.

They stayed like this for 10 more minutes, before Joe had finally calmed down, and by then Jack was gathering him up into his arms and settling them on his bed. He held Joe tightly yet gently as he whispered soothing things in his ear.

“Hey I got you, Love. I’m sorry I left you in there for so long,” Jack began to place soft kisses down Joe’s neck as the other man tucked his face in Jack’s neck and held onto his front. “Everything is going to be okay, I promise.”

Jack was rocking them back and forth until he heard the light snores of his boyfriend, knowing that he had managed to put him back to sleep, a soft clearing of the throats alerted him that the two of them weren’t alone. He snapped his head up to the sound, seeing Conor and Josh there with not only two smirks but two thumbs up.

Jack laid Joe down carefully, before giving him a teddy bear as a replacement him. He then stood up and pointed towards the hallway, meaning they could talk out in the hallway.

When the three men gathered in the hallway, Josh and Conor were quick to drill Jack with questions. “So when do you and Joe get together?”, “When were you going to tell us?”, “Did you even plan on telling us?”, “Were you lying about the migraine and last night was date night?”, An actual migraine was starting to form from all the questions.

“Okay chill out I can’t answer are you guys question at once, one at a time,” Jack barked out while rubbing his forehead.

“Okay, so when did this happen?” Conor queried.

“3 months ago, we didn’t want to tell y’all because we didn’t know if it would become this serious,” Jack defended knowing Conor was going to yell at him for that.

“Okay, and how did this happen?” It was Josh’s turn.

“I asked him out when we went to that Drake concert together.”

“Okay, last one, do you two know how cute you guys are?” Conor was shipping the fuck out of Jack and Joe, he almost died seeing the two earlier.

A loud yes could be heard from Jack’s bedroom causing the Men to laugh.

You Two Are Adorable

“There you are,” Jack smiles as Joe shuffles in, “How was your nap?”

“Shit.” The older man mumbles, his hands buried deep into the pocket of the hoodie he has on. “When did you all get here?”

“About an hour ago,” Conor replies, glancing up from his phone as Joe walks over to Jack, “Surprised you didn’t hear with how noisy those two were,” He gestures towards Caspar and Oli, who were currently fighting over the controller.

“I didn’t hear anything,” Joe shakes his head, allowing Jack to pull him down onto his lap, quickly tucking his head against the younger man’s chest, “Maybe I actually did get some sleep.”

“Still not feeling good?” Josh asks him, stretched out on part of the couch.

“No, and I’m really over it,” Joe sighs, relaxing against his boyfriends body as Jack runs his fingers up and down his spine absentmindedly, his focus mostly on the computer placed beside him, a video half edited.

“This is why you need to take better care of yourself!” Caspar scolds, suddenly joining the conversation.

Jack snorts lightly, his eyes still on the computer screen, “I tell him that almost daily. You’d think he would listen by now…”

“Shut up, I’m sick.” Joe groans, tugging the hood over his head as he closes his eyes.

“Wait…” Conor trails off, a knowing smile on his lips, “Isn’t that Jack’s?”

“Is what?” Oli looks over at their ill friend, grinning as Joe’s cheeks tinge red.

“That is!” Josh laughs, “That’s Jack’s jumper!”

Glancing down at the man on his lap, Jack smiles softly when he realizes that Joe is indeed wearing one of his hoodies.

“Piss off.” Joe mumbles, his eyes still closed as he turns his face further into Jack’s chest.

“You two are adorable,” Caspar coos, “Wearing each other’s clothes.”

“I buy comfy clothes,” Jack shrugs, closing his laptop, having given up on trying to work, not with the warm body resting against him.

“Does he just wear your stuff when he’s not feeling well?” Conor asks, a teasing glint in his eyes, “Or does he mix up your guys clothes all the time and accidentally leave in one of your shirts?”

He is right here, you know.” Joe snaps weakly, his eyes reopening, “And can hear you.”

“You have to answer, Jack, we need to know.” Josh ignores Joe, staring over at the younger Maynard.

“I never thought they’d be one of those couples,” Oli comments to Caspar, who nods in agreement.

“I hate you all.” Joe states simply, his cheeks deepening in their shade of red, but he makes no move from Jack’s lap.

“They really are quite cute, aren’t they?” Conor sighs dramatically, “Taking care of each other when they’re ill, wearing each other’s clothes…”

“You guys are really mature,” Jack rolls his eyes.

“I wonder if they realize they’re doing all this adorable shit too,” Caspar wonders to the others, also ignoring Jack, “Or do they just do it without thinking?”

“Can we get new friends?” Joe asks his boyfriend, tilting his head back to look up at him.

“As soon as you’re better.” Jack nods.

“What do we do in the mean time?”

“We could kick them out…”


“Or we could just ignore them.” Jack finishes, lifting his other hand to brush Joe’s hair under the hood, adjusting it slightly.

“Come on!” Conor bursts out, “How can we not tease you two about shit like that!?”

“I don’t think we can ignore them,” Joe sighs, resting his head back against Jack, “They like to make themselves known.”

“I know, babe,” Jack drops a kiss on the top of Joe’s head as he wraps his arms around the smaller body, “But do your best.”

“Seriously?” Josh deadpans as Jack looks over at him, “You expect us to just brush that stuff off?”

“Can you at least stop teasing while I’m sick?” Joe tries, his eyes falling close once more, the warmth from Jack lulling him to sleep.

“But you two are exceptionally adorable when one of you is sick…” Caspar points out.

“Some friends you all are,” Jack laughs lightly, glancing down at Joe, smiling when he notices his boyfriend has already drifted off, “And can you be quiet? He’s sleeping.”

“Can we tease him when he wakes up?” Conor asks, causing Jack to roll his eyes at his brother’s behaviour.

“We’re taking that as a yes.” Josh tells him, but still, the boys do quiet down a bit, even turning the volume down for their game.

They weren’t horrible friends after all.