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joeck moments that keep me up at night

so I thought it would be a good idea to bring these back up bc I like being trash for this ship {when you only just now realise that you’re only allowed 10 GIFS yet there are so many more joeck moments}

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Little Ms. โค๏ธโ˜€๏ธโค๏ธ

Little Ms. ❤️☀️❤️

previous fic: The Morning After (Trigger Warning)

Joe smiled as he settled onto the couch, wrapping his arms around Jack and Conor, so it didn’t seem suspicious. “Ready guys?” The boys all shouted with agreement, “Hello! Welcome back to another Sugg Sunday Special, I am joined today with Oliver White, Michael Pierce, Conrad Maynard, and Jackson Maynard. Caspar and Joshua can’t join us today because they’re currently on a date,” He joked, as he set up the game, causing chuckles to fill the room, “Today we’ll be playing Game of Phones!!”

“Running out of ideas there, Joe?” Oli teased earning an annoyed look from the older man.

“Har har, alright if you saw my first video then you know the rules, and if you haven’t… WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?!”

Mikey interrupted the rest of the introduction with one of his Mikey like questions, “Can you explain the rules again, I’ve forgotten how to play,” The rest of the boy groaned, as the game began, nobody taking the time to explain to the clueless man how to play.


As the game continued on the more embarrassing it became, from seeing Mikey’s bare ass to reading a tinder chat between Oli and a girl who clearly wasn’t interested. Then came for the time for the dreaded question to be asked, “Everyone has to give you their phone, and scroll through their Snapchat memories, then asked each player to explain a picture of your choice,” Conor read as the excitement filled out on his face.

Joe felt his heart sink with fear, already knowing how this one was going to end. For the past four months Joe and Jack have been going out on dates, and just being together, they never told anyone because they wanted to see how it would pan out. It’s been great too, Joe’s never been so comfortable in a relationship, spending time with Jack had become a highlight of his life. It always left him feeling warm in the chest and his brain clouded with nothing but thoughts of the younger Maynard brother.

The boys all handed in their phone, as Joe began to pray that Conor would just skip to the very end of his memories, and of course, he didn’t. “What the actual fuck?” Conor’s head quickly zipped around to face the two men, who had blooming blushes forming on their faces. “So your Ms. Heart Sunshine Heart, or well Mr. Heart Sunshine Heart.”

Joe just nodded his head in shame knowing very well that was what Jack had him under for his contacts, “Yep that must be me.”

“Okay can someone explain what’s going on, because once again I’m confused,” Mikey queried, seeming more confused than usual, even Oli was in the same boat asked he looked between Jack and Joe.

“Joe and I have been going out for the past four months,” Jack confessed as he wrapped his arms around Joe’s waist, pulling him closer to him, “We decided not to tell anyone because we didn’t know how you guys would take it, and we didn’t know if it would become as serious as it’s become.”

“I KNEW IT!!!” Conor shouted while pointing an accusing finger at the two men, “You’ve both have been all over each other especially on Snapchat, you two are always together, the constant love bites on one of you guys necks, you guys are always on your phone if you aren’t together, the sharing of clothes, you two just aren’t subtle at all.”

The two boys rubbed on their faded love bites from recent late nights, “We aren’t that obvious if it’s taken you four months to figure it out, and that’s only because you got to go through Joe’s phone,” Jack muttered while reaching for his phone, hoping that nobody will try to go through his phone, and seeing the lovesick pictures of him and Joe.

“So now that it’s out in the open, I want to see all the cutesy pictures you two have, and I want all the cute stories right now,” Oli declared, as he made a reach for Joe’s phone.

“NO!!!!” Both Jack and Joe shouted as they lurched forward for Joe’s phone.


Conor, Mikey, and Oli left, leaving the two lovers in the company of one another, the two boys took the time to snuggle up on Joe’s couch, just loving the feeling of being entwined in one another. It was moments like this that made Joe feel all warm on the inside, just feeling so focused on the other boy, but also feeling completely relaxed. Joe smiled as Jack began to spread soft kisses up and down the column of his neck,  Jack was always so gentle and sweet with him.

Joe being the worrywart that he was, began to think about the future of this relationship, now that they’re out, “So I guess we have to tell everyone now unless you want to break up?” Joe added shyly while looking into Jack’s eyes.

“Joe, here I am right now, cuddled up close to you, I’m literally kissing your neck. Why the hell do you think I want to break up with you, you’re an absolute nut,” Jack pushed himself away from Joe to give him a quizzical look.

“I mean we’ve never identified what we are, I thought we were just fooling around, and now that it’s out I’m not sure if you want to keep seeing me,” Joe admitted sheepishly, as he fumbled with his shirts.

“Of course I don’t want to break up with you Joseph, I’ve literally never been happier in any other relationship that this one. I feel like the luckiest guy every moment I get to spend with you, and I know that sounds cheesy but it’s the truth. I enjoy being able to hold your hand, kiss you, wake up to you sometimes, and I hope that one day I’m calling you my boyfriend.” Joe blushed at Jack’s declaration feeling his heart stuttered with every pulse.

“Was that a sly way for you to ask me to be your boyfriend?”

“Did it work?”

“Of course it did, you nut.”

“As my boyfriend, you are not allowed to tease me anymore.”

“And as my boyfriend, I demand you to start kissing me.”

“Oh boy, what did I just get myself into.”


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20dollarnosebleedx  asked:

Could you rec me to some good Joeck fics please? I read one last night and omg i need to read more ๐Ÿ˜‡

OMG sorry this is so late, ive been so busy but i live for these asks

The Threesome Fic is amazing, a must read if youre into the smut and imagine type fics

He hasn’t l-loved me for a-a while is amazing, sad but lovely, its a bit more jaspar though with a splash of joeck

Joeck Fanfiction is another good one, despite the title, its a must read, again smutty 

Just another morning is full of cuteness, softness and playfulness. Gotta love it

Youiswhoisyou strikes again with another Joeck Fanfiction that was actually prompted by me, super fluffy

I suck at uploading but on wattpad i created an au called Oblivion, so if your into them check it out :)

In other news, ive linked every fic i could find bc our fandom is amazing at writing them so yeah, enjoy!

Joeck Fanfiction A Different Kind of Fever

I’ve been a Jaspar fan for a long time, but just recently started loving this little ship between Jack Maynard and Joe Sugg. So I’m writing a fic about them! 

Warning! Some SMUT (not sorry) 


Joe was lounging on his bed, looking around at the unusually empty hotel room. He was on a lads holiday in Hawaii with Caspar, Oli, Josh, Mikey, Jack, and Connor. They were staying in the top suites at a very high class resort with beach front views and would be there for a whole week to relax and get away from the stresses of their usual lives. They even went as far as to make a pact that none of them would vlog this trip.                                                                    All the boys had gone back to their rooms from a pool party at the hotel where they all had a few drinks. Usually by this time of night, they’d be all in Joe and Caspar’s room cracking jokes and having a laugh. Joe looked at his phone and re-read the text that Connor had just sent him.

“Caspar?” joe called.

“Yea, buddy?” Caspar answered from the bathroom.

“Can you believe all the lads are going to that club the bartender at the pool suggested? I thought we’d had enough drinks here.”

“Yea, I know, but I’m still gonna go with them anyway. The club sounds really amazing and you and Jack are the only ones who had more than four drinks.” Caspar walked over to the beds and sat down to put his shoes back on.

“Yea, I did go a bit too far at the pool. I don’t think I’d be able to stand up if I went out again mate.”

“Are you feeling sick already?”

“Honestly yea I am man. I think I mixed a few that shouldn’t have been mixed you know.”

“Alright bro, I’m gonna go meet up with the rest of the lads. feel better buddy.” Caspar patted Joe’s knee.

“Hey, is everyone going, but me?” Joe asked.

“No, Jack said he wasn’t feeling up to it either.”

“Oh, haha ok well have a few on me then bro.” 

“You know it man, see ya later.”

“Yeah cheers man.”

Caspar left the room. Joe lay back on the bed and stared at the ceiling for a few more minutes before getting up and starting to pace around the rather large suite.The truth was he felt fine, maybe a little buzzed, but otherwise he could’ve gone out and been fine. He began to make a path around the perimeter. His mind was racing with the options he had just made for himself. Should he stay in his room? Should he just go meet up with the lads? Should he go see Jack? He paced for another half hour before making up his mind. This would most likely be the only time he’d get Jack alone. He had to take it. Joe quickly threw on some sweats and a t-shirt then walked out of his room over to the other side of the hotel to Jack and Conor’s suite.                                                                    Joe suspected that Jack had some extra feelings for him for a while now. Every time they were together, Jack would always be very touchy; much more touchy than with any of the other mates. Jack would also hold eye contact for long periods of time with Joe. Even in some of the videos they have made together, Joe has been editing and seen the looks that Jack sometimes gives him that make him think something more is being felt there. Joe can’t deny that he also has some extra feelings for Jack. This isn’t even the first time he has felt something for a guy. Caspar was the one to stir those emotions a long time ago. Joe never took it too far because he knew that even though Caspar was sometimes affectionate, he was absolutely no question straight. Whereas Joe maybe wasn’t so straight after all. Joe immediately felt an attraction to Jack upon their first meeting. His sex appeal was through the roof and his ability to make Joe laugh at anything was a major plus. Their personalities just meshed so well together it was almost freaky.                                                                     Between the hand and shoulder touches, along with the prolonged eye contact, Joe just knew there had to be something more being felt by both of them. He hoped. He knew this was probably the only time he would get to finally figure out if the feelings he’s been having were reciprocated.                                          He came to the door, took a few deep breaths, and knocked a tune into the wood.

“Who is it?” Jack’s voice floated through the door.


“Joe who?” Jack teased.

“Joseph Sugg, formerly of Wiltshire.” Joe joked back in a heavy Wiltshire accent.                                                                                                                     Jack opened the door and let Joe in as they both laughed.

“What brings you to my suite, Joseph?” Jack clowned.

“Well I thought I’d come enjoy the beach front view seeing as yours is the only bloody one to have it.” Joe walked out onto the balcony and leaned on the railing.

“Why didn’t you go out again with the lads?” Jack asked coming to stand next to Joe.

“eh, I wasn’t feel well after the fair few drinks I had at the pool.”

“Haha, thats what I said. We did have a good amount down there. I don’t even know why. you just kept putting drinks in my hand didn’t you.” Jack put a hand on Joe’s shoulder.

“Yea, sorry mate. Couldn’t drink alone could I.” They smiled.

Jack leaned on the railing and looked out at the dimly lit ocean.                           The sun was almost set now only casting a deep red and orange through half of the sky. They stood there in silence for several more minutes before Joe had to speak up. He turned around, putting his back to the view, and rested his back against the railing. Was he really about to do this? 

“Look, I’m probably just being a little shit and ruining everything now, but I need to know something.” Joe looked at Jack.“Is there something here? Do you…feel a certain way about me that you don’t for any of the other lads?” 

Jack looked away taking a deep breath. He turned and put his back to the railing. 

“If I said yes, what would you do?” Jack said while messing with his ring.

Joe’s heart jumped at Jacks question. A smile immediately formed on his face.

“I would kiss you probably.” 

Jack looked back at Joe and mimicked his grin. 

“Then kiss me.”

Joe leaned in slowly until their lips softly touched. The feeling sent a shiver through Joe’s body. As the kiss deepened, Joe wound his hands around Jacks shoulders and Jacks hands found their way to either side of Joes face. Their mouths flowed together like waves with each connection. It wasn’t long before both of their shirts had been pulled off by the other. To Joe’s disappointment, Jack moved away. He smiled and grabbed Joe’s hand leading him back into the room and onto the bed. Joe moved himself to the middle as Jack sexily crawled over him placing a trail of passionate kisses all the way up Joe’s torso back to his lips where they collided again. As Jack hungrily bit joe’s neck playfully, Joe’s hands twisted in Jacks hair and down his back, feeling as much of him as he could.The sensations were unlike anything Joe had ever felt. He let himself drown in Jacks touches forgetting all of the things he was worried about. Jack slowly pulled himself up and back down on Joe with the rhythm of their lips. Joe started to feel a bit of pressure from between Jack’s legs that was rubbing against his own bit of pressure through their sweats. Jack pulled the comforter over them as Joe slowly slid his sweats down, taking Jacks with them. Joe lost it. He dug his fingers into Jacks shoulder blades and hungrily kissed his swollen lips.                                                                                            They were so encompassed in each other that they didn’t hear the suite door opening and Conor walking into the room.

“Oh shit! Sorry! Sorry!” Conor backed out of the room quickly as Joe tried to hide himself by the side of the bed.

“No, go back! We’ve interrupted a thing. C’mon lets go to Joe and Caspar’s room instead. Let’s go lads! give my brother some privacy alright!” Conor blocked any of the other guys from  coming in. He said something about grabbing a charger and ran back in the door locking it behind him. He walked over to his bed and sat down tiredly.

“So, how long has this been going on?” Conor asked as Jack finished putting his clothes back on and Joe struggled on the floor. “Joe, you can get up I saw you.” Joe stood up slowly, fixing his sweats.

“This was the first time actually.” Jack answered.

“Really? How did you know you both felt the same?”

“Well, Joe was the one who asked first.” Jack looked back at Joe smiling.

“good on you Joe.” Conor gave a thumbs up to Joe.

“You’re not freaked out about this?” Joe exclaimed.

“No, not really. I always thought Jack might be into guys seeing as he’s a total fuck boy.” 

“Oi!” Jack smacked Conor on the arm.

“And I mean you can’t seem to keep your hands off the mates when you get drunk Joe so thats a good teller.” 

Joe and Jack sat back down on the bed both heaving a sigh.

“So, I’m gonna go and spout a story about a hot little dirty blonde chick and you should go down to the lobby, get a drink, and meet us in your room.” Conor said to Joe.

“Thanks man. I know this was probably a shock haha.” 

“Look, I know this is probably a little early, but I’m gonna say it anyway.” Conor stood up and got in Joe’s face.

“You hurt my brother and I’ll punch you in the dick.” The all laughed.

“Alright you two relax a bit and i’ll go start the charade.” Conor left the room.

Jack fell back onto the bed heaving a very deep breath. Joe lay back next to him and put his hand on Jacks thigh. 

“I can’t believe all this just happened.” Jack said.

“I know. I can’t believe I have a boyfriend.” Joe tilted his head onto Jacks shoulder.

“Hold on.” Jack sat back up startling Joe.

“you haven’t asked me.” He smiled.

Joe sat up and took one of Jacks hands. “Jack Maynard, will you please be my first ever boyfriend?”

“Yes, Joe Sugg, I would love to be your first ever boyfriend.” 

Their lips connected once again through their beaming smiles.

A few minutes later they sat amongst their mates as Jack spun a very dramatic story about a petite brunette following him back to his room from the pool. Their eyes would meet for a few seconds and that was all they needed...for now.


Ok there you go! I couldn’t help it. hope you like it! 

Moving day

this is literally the first story Iโ€™ve ever written and I'mย really nervous about posting this so all feedback would be greatly appreciated thanks! <3

Today was the day!

Today was the day that Jack was moving in down the hall from Joe when he first had suggested it to Jack he was joking although he slightly hoped Jack would consider it. Well, he did, he was moving in three doors down the hall from Joe and Joe knew that meant theyโ€™d be spending much more time together.

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One Night In Italy

(previously titled Joeck Fanfic)

This is a bit shit so I apologise for that, but I don’t apologise for this ship! 

(This Fic contains just a little fluff)


Jack knew he was in trouble the first time he met Joe Sugg in person. One look at him standing there in full 3D form and Jack couldn’t breathe right anymore. He had been watching Joe’s videos for some time and immediately admired him for his creativity and charisma, but this was next level. Joe stirred emotions inside of him that had been dormant for years.

To Jack’s surprise and delight, it seemed Joe was just as excited to meet him in person as well. They got on within minutes of speaking. Jack was hooked like a bee to a flower. Joe being the flower obviously. Everywhere Joe went, Jack wanted to go too. Just to experience him in everyday life was fascinating and so special to Jack.

A few months later, Jack was lounging on his couch when he received a text from Joe.

Hey Jack fancy a little trip to Italy with me and some mates?

Jack couldn’t contain his pure happiness. His first trip with Joe on a little lads holiday!

The next week Joe, Jack, Conor, Caspar, and Josh were flying out to Capri, Italy to do some promotions.

The company set them up in a huge luxury villa sitting on the side of a mountain, looking out at the Sea. Every guy practically had the size of one house to themselves. The lads drew numbers to decide who got which room. Joe went first and was lucky enough to get the master suite. Jack of course forfeited himself the smallest room because it was opposite Joe’s room. The other guys all picked their numbers and went to unpack their things for the four days they were staying. Jack rushed into his room threw a few things on his bed then walked over to Joe’s room to see his master suite.

“Hey,man, can I come check out your master suite?” Jack asked, standing just outside Joe’s door.

“Yea, come on in. Have a look around. Stay for awhile. Have a drink.” Joe gestured around the absolutely massive room with a mini fridge and tray of food and beverages on the desk table. There were windows lining one whole wall and a terrace that looked out at the most incredible view Jack had ever seen.

“you definitely got the best view too mate.” Jack walked over to the windows and placed his hands behind his head.

“I know I really lucked out this trip. You’re welcome to hang out in here whenever if you want.”

“Aw thanks, man, yea I’ll probably be spending most of my time in your room. Maybe I’ll even sleep in here haha” Joe and Jack laughed.

“Hey I mean the beds’ big enough for it anyway.”

Joe was telling the truth about that. The bed looked like two kings pushed together.

A few minutes later Joe was all unpacked and he and Jack went to see if the other lads were ready to start the promotion activities they were given in the company folder that was given to them when they arrived.

By the end of the day, all the boys were exhausted from rowing out to some rock formations and caves with go pro’s strapped to their chests.

After taking a long warm shower, Jack lay down in his bed contemplating everything that had happened to him since he met Joe. To be honest, the things he was feeling for Joe scared him a bit. He had never questioned his sexuality so deeply before. He just always knew he liked being with women. He really liked being with women. There had been times he would see a man and think ‘he’s really attractive’ or ‘i wonder what it would be like to touch that guys abs?’ He had never gone into seriously thinking about being with a guy before now. Was he actually bisexual? What would his family and friends think if he was? What would they think if him and Joe miraculously got together? Would it ruin their friendship with all the lads? Jack struggled with all of this inner torment. The only thing he knew without a doubt was that his feelings for Joe were as genuine as they come. He was really falling for him.

Jack fell asleep for a few hours, but was woken up by a sudden chill in the air. The temperature had dropped several degrees and it had actually become freezing in the spacious mountainside villa. Jack tried to use as much of the fluffy covers as he could to keep the chill a bay, but it was just too cold. Giving up, he walked across the hallway to Joe’s door and knocked lightly.

“come in.” Joe called.

Jack entered the dark room and could just make out a lump in the bed.

“Hey, is it as freezing in here as it is in my room?”

“Oh god yea man, it’s so cold it woke me up earlier. I’ve just been sitting here trying to scrunch up the cover enough to warm me up again.”

“Yea, I tried that in my bed too, but obviously no luck.”

“Maybe if you get in my bed it’ll just naturally warm up with both of our body heats?” Joe moved a bit out of the middle and made room for Jack, not that he needed to move at all for Jack to be able to fit into the giant bed. Jack climbed in and brought the covers up to his neck. He was on cloud nine just being in the same bed with Joe, but the space between them was just too big. He may as well have been sleeping in a completely different bed still.

“do you mind if I get a bit closer? I don’t think we’ll warm up being at opposite ends of the bed.” Joe said.

“yea, yea, that’s fine come on over here.” Jack joked to try and hide his way too excited reply.

Joe shuffled himself to within inches of Jacks body. With the dim light of the bright moon shinning from behind him, Jack could see Joe’s eyes glimmering as they stared at each other.

Suddenly Joe began to move closer and closer to Jacks face. Jack was unable to move in shock as his face drew closer with every hitch of breath that Jack was struggling to make. Then, as soft as the caress of a flower petal, Joe’s lips connected to Jacks. It only lasted a moment and afterwards Joe silently turned around and put his back to him. The only reassurance Jack got that what had happened actually did happen was Joe’s chilled feet now wrapped around his legs. Jack moved closer and draped his arm over Joe, falling asleep moments later.

when he woke up Joe was facing him again and his arm was still resting over Joe’s waist. The morning rays of sunlight flowed over his angelic face. Jack looked on admiring the beauty until Joe’s eyes slowly opened revealing their crystal blue hues. Jack had never been more at peace than in that moment.


well there you go. another Joeck fic that I can’t seem to stop writing! hope you liked it even though it sucked a little This was written for joecktho ;)

Joeck Masterlist

The Nightmare - Joeck fluff oneshot, Conor included. Prompt from inbox: Joeck fluff at the gleam Christmas party, Jack has a nightmare and panics and Joe calms him down, could be romance or bromance. Include conor somehow? Even though he wasn’t there lol.

I Know Babe, I Know -Joeck fluff oneshot, Conor included. For the prompt: Jack had diabetes and feels ill because his sugar is low. Joe is his boyfriend and helps him, Conor’s there too? Thanks you so much!

You’re My Brother- Jack and Conor brotherly love. Combination of two prompts. Prompt: Please do a jack and Conor Maynard one where the two of them get into a fight, and jack accidentally hits Conor (not enough to hurt him really) but they stop fighting and jack goes into shock. He then like runs off and Conor goes after him and finds jack crying. He comforts him and says like it doesn’t matter, you’re my brother and stuff like that? Sorry if this isn’t very clear! :)

Prompt: Can you do a YouTuber one shot based off of Josh Pieter’s video with Jack Maynard “The Roomie Tag”? One part of the video Josh brings up that Jack and Conor got into a fight and Jack punched that wall. I was wondering if the one shot could be about the argument :) thank you!

When You’re Here- Joeck fluff oneshot. Prompt: Jack and Joe are in a public place that gets really busy resulting in a panicky, claustrophobic Jack so Joe has to calm him down? Love your writing!

Lost boy

A/n this is based of the song “lost boy” by 5 seconds of summer so I recommend listening to it while reading this but you don’t have to x

Joe and Jack, or Joeck if you like, used to be a thing. They didn’t tell their viewers, too scared of how over 8 million people would react. But all good things have to come to an end eventually. And unfortunate for the two boys, their relationship only lasted half a year, the best time of their lives. They told their close family and friends, everyone supported them and it was perfect. Too good to be true even.

So one night, when all the boys were round Joes flat after filming videos for all of their channels, an argument between Joe and Jack broke out. They had both been stressed with work recently, and seeing this just caused them to snap at each other.

“Joe. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me” Jack pleaded

“No! How can I? You cheated on me Jack! Am I not good enough for you?” Joe shouted. All the boys attention was now on them, trying to calm them both down but hateful words were sent each other’s way, unforgivable things, and then it was over.

A simple, “bye, Jack” and Joe was gone. A slam of the door and he left. Back to Wiltshire with his dad. Gone. As far away from Jack as possible. So Jack left too. Jack was the one who caused it, cheating on Joe when he was drunk one night. So he ran away, living all over the world because he couldn’t bare to see the looks of disappointment of his family and friends faces.

While Joe was back at home with his dad, he sold his old flat but now started to regret that. He missed Jack, deeply. You never know how much you love someone until you loose them. Hoping Jack would forgive him, Joe started texting his mates, hoping someone knows where Jack is. But no one has heard anything from him. Both boys have been off social media and YouTube for 3 months, stopped with a tweet saying they needed a break and was gone. After texting Conor for a solid half an hour, because their brothers surely Conor should know where Jack is, but he didn’t. Joe missed Jack that much he didn’t believe him, so he left Wiltshire to go live with his sister in Brighton, Jacks home town.

“Hopefully I can find him there” Joe kept thinking on the train, but he didn’t. Jack was currently in America with Anth because he ran out of money for a hotel room. Jack knows he should go back to Brighton soon, he has too, he’s left all his family and friends. But they wouldn’t care about him, right? I mean, he was in the wrong, why should they forgive him? And Joe, god did Jack miss Joe. He hasn’t seen him in over 3 months and he misses him so much.

To try to get his mind off it, Jack went out clubbing a lot, bringing home boys and girls to get his mind of Joe, but for the whole time he just kept wishing that person was Joe. That’s when he knew he had to go home.

Jack moved back to England, but as soon as he landed, he headed straight of to Wiltshire, that’s Joe’s home town so surely he will be there. They just miss each other in the train station, Joe going to Brighton and Jack going to Wiltshire. They need each other. They are two halves and together they make a whole. They can’t live without each other, so they are trying to find each other however their searching in the wrong places. But love always finds a way.

Joe: Hey Cas. I’m heading back to London. Can I stay at your apartment for a bit please?

Caspar: Thats fine buddy. Conor and Josh are currently here but just come round whenever you want

Joe: I’m on my way now. Thanks man! I owe you

Caspar: your welcome??

Joe got on the first uber to London while Jack was on the train to Brighton however Jack received a text of his big brother, one of the many people he has been avoiding for 3 months

Conor: hey lil bro. Miss ya. When you coming to visit me? Love you bro x

Jack: I’m just heading to Brighton now. Miss you too big bro. Do you not hate me for what I did to Joe? X

Conor: I could never hate you bro. I’m your brother. I’m not allowed to hate you. Come to London!!! I’m at Caspars rn but pleeeaaaseee

Jack: ugh fine I’ll come to London. See you soon x

Conor: yay! I haven’t seen or talked to my brother for 3 months. I finally get to see him. Woo!😂x

Shaking his head, Jack gets on another train to head to London to see his friends, clueless as to where Joe is. Although he has high hopes, he just needs to see Joe, hear Joe. He needs Joe. He’s lost without him. But he thinks Joe will never take him back. Jack fucked up, he knows that, but he thinks that a Joe will never forgive him. But Joe needs Jack just as much as Jack needs Joe. Forgive and forget people say, and that’s what Joe did. He loves Jack too much to stay away from him.

Joeck isn’t joeck without the Joe, Joe thought. So he is going to make Joeck happen again.

Joeck isn’t Joeck without the ck, Jack thought. So he will do what he can to make Joe forgive him and Joeck be reunited.

When Jack finally arrives in London, he heads to Caspars flat like Conor told him and let himself into the building.

“Joe! That’s not possible! Rematch” Jack hears his ex-roommate, Josh, shout. Joe is here, in the same building as me, Jack thinks, I can’t fuck this up.

“Look whose arrived! Hey jack” Caspar says, standing up to greet him as Jack stands fully inside Caspars apartment. Conor grabs Jack and pulls him into a bear hug and tells him he missed him. Once they’ve separated, Caspar and Josh bro-hug Jack then Jack makes eye contact with Joe.

“I-I can leave if you want” Jack stutters

“Don’t. Don’t go” Joe tells him “can I talk to you?”

“Joe. I’m so so sorry. I fucked up, I know. Hate me all you want. I hate me too. But I just. I want to tell you how sorry I am. Your an amazing guy, I love you so much but I fucked it all up and I’m so so sorry” Jack rambles, tears springing to his eyes threatening to fall

“I’m sorry too. I love you Jack. I forgive you” Joe notices the tears in Jacks eyes and gets up of the couch from where he was sitting and holds Jacks hands “I can’t live without you Jack. Yes, you fucked up. But you know you were wrong and I forgive you-”


“No. Let me finish. I can’t live without you. You make me, me. And I’m so sorry for leaving you. For not talking to you for 3 months. For hating you. Because over that time I’ve realised without you I’m a lost boy. I need you in my life. So I forgive you”

“Joe. Your too good for this world. I don’t know why you want to take me back, but I’m not going to question it. I need you in my life, I can’t live without you. And I’m so so sorry. I’m going to apologise everyday of my life and it still won’t be enough. I love you so so much and I’m a dick, I know. But please. Please don’t leave me again”

“Never again Jack. I love you too”

And Joeck was Joeck again. They were both whole, happy and them. They went strong, from that day on a year passed, then two, then the year when Jack proposed to Joe, then a year later they got married, then two years later they adopted, then again. And nothing could tear apart Joeck. Because Joeck are Joeck, two lost boys who make each other whole. Two lost boys in love.

“jack’s least favourite video is every single one without joe in it.”

honestly the fond smile on jack’s face as he sits a thinks about his video with joe is bloody adorable I love joeck

who wants to bet that joe had the same exact fond smile on his face behind the camera
Joeck Oneshot - I Know Babe, I Know

Joeck fanfiction/ Fluff/ Oneshot

For the prompt: Jack had diabetes and feels ill because his sugar is low. Joe is his boyfriend and helps him, Conor’s there too? Thanks you so much!


‘The football’s starting lads!’, Conor shouted from the living room towards Jack and Joe’s room. Jack was currently sat on their bed whilst Joe was re-enacting a drunk Caspar from their night out in front of him. Any other day, Jack would have been in fits of laughter because anything Joe did made him laugh, Joe lit up his life. But today he could only find it in him to give Joe a light-hearted chuckle - he was feeling a little ‘under the weather’. Noticing his lover’s lack of enthusiasm, Joe carefully sat down next to him, rubbing his hand gently on his knee. ‘Is everything alright?’, he asked softly looking into Jack’s eyes, voice laced with concern. ‘Peachy’, Jack replied not quite making eye contact. ‘Are you sure babe?’, Joe asked, his hand now cupping his lover’s cheek. Jack’s heart must have skipped a beat, nobody else could ever make him feel this loved. ‘Joe, I’m fine, promise’, he ended with a toothy grin not wanting to worry him. ‘Well, if you’re sure’, Joe replied - but he was far from convinced.

‘Let’s go before Conor drinks all the beer’, the blue-eyed boy said as he stood up abruptly, the room spinning slightly in front of his eyes. He quickly grabbed Joe’s hand and pulled him up so he wouldn’t notice. Joe happily obliged following his love straight to the living room. Making themselves comfortable on the sofa, Jack sat in the middle with Conor and Joe either side wrapped up in blankets, cheering and booing as the game went on.

Truth was, Jack didn’t have time to eat at all yesterday, catching up with meetings and editing . Then, after a big night out last night, he was too hungover all day to even think about food. They had been out celebrating Caspar’s birthday for half the night and, on arriving home, they had slipped straight into bed, too drunk to think about food or take his medication. Jack had diabetes all his life, and as long he took his medication and ate well it didn’t bother him much. But now, after no food for nearly two days, it was beginning to take a toll on him.

Just as the adverts started rolling, Jack thought it would be a good time to vlog a little more - his material had been a little dry today with his hangover. He turned on his vlogging camera that he’d left on the coffee table in front of them and stood up to begin. But just as he stood up he felt light-headed, ‘Jack?’ Conor asked noticing there was something wrong. Before he could respond, his knees gave out from underneath him. In a split second both Conor and Joe caught him, holding him up from either side. Conor lowered him down gently and Joe took the camera from his hand placing it on the table in front of them.

Jack sat on the sofa with his head in his hands, visibly dizzy. Joe knelt down beside him ‘Jack, darling, you need to tell me how you’re feeling’, he said whilst rubbing his hand on his back, ‘I knew something was wrong’. Meanwhile, Conor had already gone to fetch Jack’s blood glucose meter. Conor knew what to do, he’d seen his mum help Jack on numerous occasions but it still worried him every time. He was just glad that Jack wasn’t on his own.

‘I think my sugar might be low’, Jack mumbled trying to take deep and equal breaths. Before he knew it Conor was already pricking his finger and putting the strip back into the machine. Joe carefully took Jack’s hands away from his face and looked at his boyfriend in the eyes. There were tears rolling down his face, ‘I really don’t feel well Joe’, he said crying. Joe was now kneeling in front of him with his hands on poorly boy’s shoulders. ‘I know babe, I know’, he consoled as he let Jack bury his face in his neck. Conor watched their every expression, they really were in love.

‘Beep’, the machine sounded, signalling it was ready. Conor’s mouth fell wide open at the numbers, ‘Jack’, he said sternly to his brother, ‘When was the last time you ate?’. Jack looked up at his brother and felt bad for putting them through this, ‘I-I don’t remember’  he said wiping his tears. Conor’s face softened at the sight of his little brother, silently vowing not to let this happen again. ‘Let me get you something to eat then’, he said rubbing his back, ‘It should go up after you’ve eaten’.

As Conor walked on into the kitchen, Joe stood up and sat right next to his boyfriend, knees touching. ‘Come here’, he finally said, pulling Jack towards him and letting him sit on his thighs facing him. Joe wrapped him up and held him tightly, Jack’s face still in his neck. Joe couldn’t help but feel guilty, with all their partying last night he should have paid more attention to Jack’s health. But he wasn’t going to fret over that now, his main priority being making sure his boyfriend was okay.

Conor soon returned with a protein bar and some juice, ‘Here, this should help’. Jack sat up and smiled a thank you to Conor as he picked up the juice. He drank slowly, as Joe helped him keep the glass still. The rest of the evening consisted of the three boys wrapped up on the sofa in blankets watching what was left of the football, making sure Jack was feeling okay. Later on, they decided to order food since no one was in the mood to cook. It didn’t take long for Jack to feel better being surrounded by people who loved and cared for him dearly. The trio awoke the next morning in a tangle of limbs, rested and content.


Hope you enjoyed it. x

Kind regards,


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AO3: Oneshots_by_Reena

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Hi!! I love your blog so much! Can you write a soft joeck fic please? Like like I want something soft in my life Thank you

He looks ridiculous, sitting all alone at the end of the room done up in his suit. Joe’s had a great day, but at this point he just wants to head to bed. It’s late, and everyone around him is incredibly drunk.

(He nearly got absolutely hammered too - saying his best man’s speech was one of the scariest things he’s had to do. But as he watched Zoe wipe a tear away from her eye, and Alfie grin up at him, he knew he made the right decision to stay in the right mindset.)

He watches as Jack’s talking to Zoe at the top table, laughing at something he’s said. It shouldn’t affect him as much as it does, but he just feels so content. He had never worried about Zoe’s reaction to any of his previous partners, but there was something nerve wracking about bringing Jack to Brighton for their first double date. He needn’t have worried though, because Zoe was just as fond of Jack as he was.  

“It looks like you’re ready to fight everyone for her bouquet,” his mother says, and Joe almost jumps at the new addition to his table. “You really love him, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” he says, finding himself smiling. He watches as Jack gets up, allowing Alfie to take his seat, and walk towards him. “I really do.”

“I’ll leave you to it then,” his mother says, not even bothering to hide her smirk.

Jack comes over, and leans down to press a soft kiss to his lips. 

“Dance with me?” Jack says, and Joe doesn’t think he’ll ever have it in him to say no to him. Jack holds a hand out, and he takes it, standing up and letting Jack lead the way to the dance floor. The band is playing some slow song he’s never heard before, and he leans close to Jack, breathing him in softly. 

“Thank you for being here with me,” he whispers into Jack’s ear, one hand settling on Jack’s hip and the other lifting their intertwined fingers. He’s never felt so happy.

Jack rests his other hand on Joe’s shoulder, leaning close so that his lips brushed against his neck. He shivers, his heart racing ever so quickly. He wonders if he’ll ever get used to the way Jack makes him feel. He hopes they’ll never lose this.

He’s standing so close to Jack, that he can feel his heartbeat. They sway slowly, unhurried. Joe smiles softly when Jack lifts their arms to spin him, falling back into him and resting his lips against Jack’s forehead in a tender kiss.

He knows that at some point that they’ll have to let go, and go back into the real world. They’ll have family members waiting to speak to him, and he knows his father wants to steal Jack away for a talk. But none of that matters right now. Right now, they’re in their own little world.

He whispers an I love you against Jack’s lips.

Jack’s answer comes in the form of two calloused thumbs stroking his cheekbones, a tiny quirk of his lips against Joe’s.

I love you more.