While in #rva on a secret mission I shot with one of the most bad ass burlesque performers i know, the wicked @deepadejour And during that shoot Deepa took a selfie (go look!) And Heres the behind the scenes of that said selfie AND Deepa’s butt in one of our trilodgy of mirrors. Just cause.

Check out two images from the shoot above

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model: / IG:@rachel_fbabyy


I forgot to post this before. My co producer Lauren Jaslow @laurenjaslow_snarkystudios and I location scouting in the cold for the next Awesome Con commercial I’m directing in a week. It was also the first day I ever wore a hat in 3 years. Thought that was important info to share. Cause i keep track of stuff like that. #laurenjaslow #producer #joecarabeo #director #awesomecon #commercial #locationscout #dc #va #md #latergram follow @awesomecons #filmmaking #filmcrew

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Happy Birthday to Tiffanie! @yodaeatscupcakes Since it’s her birthday today, I’m gonna release a new set of unreleased images today. Not because a bunch of you anons have been hounding me. Haha but I appreciate all the requests :) keep requesting who you wanna see me shoot or release.

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Its lunch time on set and I thought that it would be a perfect time to post something for #wetwednesday How about an unreleased image from my first photoshoot with my Mickie & Mallory band mate Jessica Marie Seibel @jesstrioxin She’s one of the coolest gals I’m lucky to know 

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Official ADVENTURE TIME cover illustrated by CAROLYN BELEFSKI @carolynbelefski Made a secret stop and now we have a few copies of this awesome cover by an awesome artist exclusively for an awesome comic book for an awesome show. Get yours now!

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You know who was a blast to work/shoot with? These gals @carriejodc @deepadejour some of the most talented gals i could ever work with.   maybe I’ll post this set this week?

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Awesome Con day 2! Say hi to Curls Studio at table H12 and 13. Thanks for the photo @kittycassandra1 @awesomecons #awesomecon #curlsstudiotour2015 #curls #carolynbelefski #joecarabeo #washingtondc #comiccon #popculturecon (at Walter E. Washington Convention Center)

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