Yes, you really should. At the very least get the first 24 or so issues. This was my teen X-Men book. I got into New Mutants, just before it ended, and then they went on to be X-Force. Generation X started during my Sophmore year of high school, and with it I was able to read stories of high school kids doing X-Men stuff at the same time I was going through it.

Scott Lobdell wrote fun stories, and this is where Bachalo got his start with drawing the mutants. It has been fun watching his style evolve since then.

The whole cast was entertaining. Skin was a Mexican from East LA. He had 6 feet off extra skin he could control. Synch was a black dude who was not all brothered out. it was nice to see a black guy in comics that was not a stereotype. He had a cool visual effect with his powers that had an aura look to it. His power was like Hope’s where he could sync with any mutant in his vicinity. You also had Jubilee, Husk, Chamber, and M, all of whom you should be familiar with if you are reading current X books.

I miss Everett and Angelo the most though. They were my favorites.

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Pretty sure it is an early April Fools joke

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I bet it is.

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It’s not being reported by Comic Book Resources or any other site. Bendis is just a day early

Yeah, I am seeing that now.Should have known better with the John Byrne reference. Whatever. Moving on.

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That arc is where I fell in love with Bachalo.

I have loved his art since I was a kid. He is one of those artists whose evolution  has always worked with my particular tastes at the time.

It is really interesting when I look at some of his art from the past that I loved at the time, but not so much anymore. Particularly in his humongous shoulder pad Wolverine phase.

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My first issue was 274. Magneto and Rogue in the Savage Land blew my young mind away.

It was pretty good, and my first real introduction to Magneto. He was trying to be the good guy at this time as well. The Savage Land stuff with Nick Fury was great. This was also where the romance between him and Rogue started, as well.

Jim Lee draws the best Magneto.

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Adam Kubert is fucking awesome

My favorite Kubert brother. Starting to go through the original run Ultimate X-Men again. That stuff is dope. 

I know I had originally said that the book was great up through the first 25 issues or so, but Millars run went on longer, and then was followed up by a pretty sweet Bendis run, with art by Finch. Other than his Ultimate Deadpool story, that is. but otherwise it was really good.