Here’s the second page of the “Cry’s Fear” project I’m doing. I’m reuploading the first page just cause I redrew it in a sketchy sort of style. I like it better that way (and that’s how all the pages will be with some really fast -very crappy- shading type color cause complete white pages seem too plain. I apologize for the crap coloring/shading).

More updates when I can. Enjoy (feedback is always nice) 


EDIT: Page 3 [x], Page 4 [x], Page 5 [x], Page 6 [x], Page 7 [x]

This is kind of old - eh, few weeks give or take - but for my DM class, we had to make movie posters for our assignment. Guess what I picked? Enjoy!

Oh god, ignore the credits. We just had to make up/pick names…

Please don’t alter or claim ownership of this or anything. I’ll be sad…

Done in photoshop
I take no credit for Slenderman or the image of him in this image.
The image of slenderman can be found on this deviant’s page as well as other groovy creepy pasta characters :D —> Dimelotu 

It started off serious until I got to Jund. I’m sorry I’m not sorry.
I just couldn’t make him look demonic without losing him in the process. Eh. I like it.

I’ll probably put some sort of of title in a bit and some color. Just going to take a small break. My eyes are on fire. I hope everyone enjoys this, I sure did as I was making it.

Feedback is always groovy <3

This is actually a few months old but because I saw someone wondering why people use the common features for Cry (Brown haired, blue eyed, and skinny). This was my version of Cry. I’m not criticizing her for having her opinion (because for the most part that’s all I see too), but there are still many fanarts that are unveiled. So I’m sure there are MANY different versions of Cry that people have yet to see or share.


It’s not Saturday, but I finished this early and I was quite proud of it. So, I thought I’d share.

I didn’t know which one looked better, so here’s both.
Enjoy the Doctor and his Wife (It was one of my favorite episodes).
I put my own color spin (not really) for Idris’s dress. There were too many variations and I wasn’t able to find a full body screen shot of her dress for color reference. I thought this worked out well.

I’m considering selling prints of this if anyone decides they want one.
I’m trying to find extra cash and save up for college.