• Those stairs is where I'll be hiding all my problems:Taurus, Scorpio
  • My friends and I, we got a lot of problems:Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius
  • I wanted to be a better brother, better son:Aries, Cancer, Capricorn
  • Wanted to be a better adversary to all the evil I had done:Virgo, Libra, Aquarius

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Have you ever watched jojo's bizarre adventure? It's really good but it's kind of hard to get into

ive heard a LOT about jojo but have never really gotten much further than knowing like two characters,

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and joseph joestar the guy who’s always screaming OH NO…. OH MY GOD!!!! OH SHIT!!!! and of course the “<-to be continued” memes 

Celebrity Sun/Rising List

Want to know which famous people you appear the most like? Check and see what celebrities have your same sun and rising signs! If you don’t know your sun and rising, you can find them here. Your rising sign is listed under “ascendant.”


Aries rising: Lucy Lawless, Heath Ledger

Taurus rising: Mariah Carey, David Letterman

Gemini rising: Kristen Stewart, Jackie Chan

Cancer rising: Fergie, Gary Oldman

Leo rising: Reese Witherspoon, Eddie Murphy

Virgo rising: Emma Watson, Conan O’Brien

Libra rising: Elizabeth Montgomery, Vince Vaughn

Scorpio rising: Bette Davis, Charlie Chaplin

Sagittarius rising: Leona Lewis, Elton John

Capricorn rising: America Ferrera, Kad Merad

Aquarius rising: Selena, Russell Crowe

Pisces rising: Kourtney Kardashian, Pharrell Williams


Aries rising: Penélope Cruz, Gregory Lemarchal

Taurus rising: Cate Blanchett, David Beckham

Gemini rising: Michelle Pfeiffer, Tony Blair

Cancer rising: Cher, John Cena

Leo rising: Jessica Lange, Jack Nicholson

Virgo rising: Uma Thurman, Mark Zuckerberg

Libra rising: Laura Pausini, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Scorpio rising: Janet Jackson, Enrique Iglesias

Sagittarius rising: Shirley Temple, Stephen Colbert

Capricorn rising: Megan Fox, Bono

Aquarius rising: Adele, Jay Leno

Pisces rising: Lorie, George Clooney


Aries rising: Stevie Nicks, Morgan Freeman

Taurus rising: Lana Del Rey, Adrian Paul

Gemini rising: North West, Miles Davis

Cancer rising: Angelina Jolie, Kanye West

Leo rising: Marilyn Monroe, Donald Trump (sorry)

Virgo rising: Brooke Shields, Kim Hyun Joong

Libra rising: Paula Abdul, Jamie Oliver

Scorpio rising: Nicole Kidman, Chris Evans

Sagittarius rising: Courteney Cox, Bob Dylan

Capricorn rising: Naomi Campbell, Russell Brand

Aquarius rising: Élise Lucet, Shia Labeouf

Pisces rising: Adriana Lima, Dean Martin


Aries rising: Lena Horne, Beck

Taurus rising: Kellie Pickler, Carlos Santana

Gemini rising: Mindy Kaling, Philip Seymour Hoffman

Cancer rising: Liv Tyler, Michael Phelps

Leo rising: Selena Gomez, Corey Feldman

Virgo rising: Nichole Scherzinger, Tom Hanks

Libra rising: Courtney Love, Benedict Cumberbatch

Scorpio rising: Jessica Simpson, Tom Cruise

Sagittarius rising: Princess Diana, Sylvester Stallone

Capricorn rising: Ariana Grande, Paolo Maldini

Aquarius rising: Cyndi Lauper, Simon Rex

Pisces rising: Dorothée, Ringo Starr


Aries rising: Taylor Schilling, David Spade

Taurus rising: Halle Berry, Elliot Smith

Gemini rising: Sandra Bullock, Mick Jagger

Cancer rising: Joan Allen, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Leo rising: Jennifer Lopez, Matthew Perry

Virgo rising: Madonna, Steve Carrell

Libra rising: Hayden Panettiere, Joe Jonas

Scorpio rising: Martha Stewart, Stanley Kubrick

Sagittarius rising: Mila Kunis, Sean Penn

Capricorn rising: Kylie Jenner, Dustin Hoffman

Aquarius rising: Angela Bassett, Barack Obama

Pisces rising: Demi Lovato, John Stamos


Aries rising: Valerie Perrine, Michael Bublé

Taurus rising: Trisha Yearwood, Paulo Coelho

Gemini rising: Amy Winehouse, Tim Burton

Cancer rising: Cameron Diaz, Jack Black

Leo rising: Blake Lively, Freddie Mercury

Virgo rising: Rachel Bilson, Keanu Reeves

Libra rising: Beyoncé, Niall Horan

Scorpio rising: Claudia Schiffer, Bernie Sanders

Sagittarius rising: P!nk, Ray Charles

Capricorn rising: Joan Jett, Buddy Holly

Aquarius rising: Amy Poehler, Billy Ray Cyrus

Pisces rising: Thalía, Jimmy Fallon


Aries rising: Heather Locklear, John Lennon

Taurus rising: Sigourney Weaver, Snoop Dogg

Gemini rising: Lisa D’Amato, Nick Cannon

Cancer rising: Emily Deschanel, Romy Schneider

Leo rising: Lindsey Buckingham, Will Smith

Virgo rising: Julie Andrews, Usher

Libra rising: Avril Lavigne, John Mayer

Scorpio rising: Gwen Stefani, Vladimir Putin

Sagittarius rising: Kim Kardashian, Eminem

Capricorn rising: Carrie Fisher, Zac Efron

Aquarius rising: Hilary Duff, Matt Damon

Pisces rising: Gwyneth Paltrow, Bruno Mars


Aries rising: Kendall Jenner, Richard Burton

Taurus rising: Vivien Leigh, Carl Sagan

Gemini rising: Kelly Osbourne, Gordon Ramsay

Cancer rising: Julia Roberts, Keith Urban

Leo rising: Hillary Clinton, Drake

Virgo rising: Kris Jenner, Ryan Reynolds

Libra rising: Sally Field, Leonardo DiCaprio

Scorpio rising: Katy Perry, Chad Smith

Sagittarius rising: Winona Ryder, Mark Ruffalo

Capricorn rising: Lorde, Dylan McDermott

Aquarius rising: Whoopi Goldberg, Roy Rogers

Pisces rising: Ellen Pompeo, Ryan Gosling


Aries rising: Bette Midler, Sammy Davis Jr.

Taurus rising: Miley Cyrus, Brendan Fraser

Gemini rising: Julianne Moore, Ben Stiler

Cancer rising: Tyra Banks, Steven Spielberg

Leo rising: Katie Holmes, Jake Gyllenhaal

Virgo rising: Julie Delpy, Jay-Z

Libra rising: Britney Spears, Frank Sinatra

Scorpio rising: Ashley Benson, Keith Richards

Sagittarius rising: Scarlett Johansson, Brad Bitt

Capricorn rising: Taylor Swift, Jonah Hill

Aquarius rising: Nicki Minaj, Jim Morrison

Pisces rising: Vanessa Hudgens, David Carradine


Aries rising: Mia Tyler, Jeremy Renner

Taurus rising: Eliza Dushku, Humphrey Bogart

Gemini rising: Katey Sagal, Louis Tomlinson

Cancer rising: Kate Bosworth, Rob Zombie

Leo rising: Kate Moss, Marilyn Manson

Virgo rising: Dolly Parton, Tiger Woods

Libra rising: Kate Middleton, Denzel Washington

Scorpio rising: Diane Keaton, Jim Carrey

Sagittarius rising: Patti Smith, Jude Law

Capricorn rising: Zooey Deschanel, James Earl Jones

Aquarius rising: Meghan Trainor, David Bowie

Pisces rising: Mary Tyler Moore, Zayn Malik


Aries rising: Shakira, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Taurus rising: Sheryl Crow, Taylor Lautner

Gemini rising: Regina Spektor, Ashton Kutcher

Cancer rising: Farrah Fawcett, John Travolta

Leo rising: Emma Bunton, Justin Timberlake

Virgo rising: Sarah Palin, James Spader

Libra rising: Jennifer Aniston, Harry Styles

Scorpio rising: Axelle Red, Mike Brant

Sagittarius rising: Oprah Winfrey, Bob Marley

Capricorn rising: Lauren Conrad, Paul Newman

Aquarius rising: Charlotte Rampling, Matt Dillon

Pisces rising: Laura Dern, Leon Golub


Aries rising: Rihanna, Shaquille O’Neal

Taurus rising: Dakota Fanning, Billy Crystal

Gemini rising: Drew Barrymore, Mitt Romney

Cancer rising: Cindy Crawford, Kurt Russell

Leo rising: Carrie Underwood, Josh Groban

Virgo rising: Lauren Graham, Kurt Cobain

Libra rising: Dana Delany, Jon Bon Jovi

Scorpio rising: Eva Longoria, Justin Bieber

Sagittarius rising: Kesha, Will.I.Am

Capricorn rising: Joanne Woodward, Chuck Norris

Aquarius rising: Nina Simone, Adam Levine

Pisces rising: Cathy Downs, Johnny Cash

Elder or Younger Moons

Which zodiac sign is the oldest and which is the youngest?

Despite what people would think, in astrology, the oldest zodiac sign is Pisces for being the 12th and last sign in the circle with the youngest being Aries, the first sign. Basically, a younger sign is one that is closer to Aries in distance on the zodiac wheel and an older is closer to Pisces.

The “age” difference between our Sun signs and Moon signs can actually be very insightful of the relationship between our ego and our subconscious. Let’s take a look:

Your Moon sign is younger than your Sun sign:

Example: Virgo Sun with Cancer Moon 

You may desire to be a mature person, but at heart you are a child. You want to be happy, but your older ego may tell you to stop and get your work done. It can be difficult to live with young and powerful emotions if you do not accept them and nurture them. People with this combination of Sun and Moon signs may be more prone to sudden emotional outbursts when they don’t want it or hiding their emotions away for the longest time as they build up unhealthily. However, once you fully accept your emotions and take care of them, it will be much easier to balance your more responsible and adult side with your childish and fun-loving side.

Your Moon sign is older than your Sun sign:

Example: Scorpio Sun with Sagittarius Moon

Your emotions may be wise, but your ego won’t always listen to them. You will want to play- for a while. Then, the game is no longer fun and you get bored. It is likely that you take more risks because your emotions tell you it’s not a good idea, but your ego wants you to do it out of spite and to impress. As someone with this placement, I find that it is like having your own emotions mother you. When harmonious, there are beautiful things about elder emotions once you accept the signs and warnings they give you. Your subconscious knows what you really need in life and following them is following your heart. They are often very careful with your conscious, which makes emotional outbursts less common. Your emotional self wants nothing from you but to learn, grow, and find yourself in this crazy heck of a reality.

Your Moon sign is the same age as your Sun sign:

Example: Aquarius Sun with Aquarius Sun

Your ego and emotions may have the easiest time working together. They may be best friends with each other since they are so similar. The only downside to this combination is that they may not learn so much from each other and one may be very dependent on the other. But in a world of infinite knowledge, if the two have to learn and grow together then that is what they do.

The Planets

Every planet is associated with certain human “functions.”

The Sun: Your ego, your basic character. What you are at heart. How you relate to men in general, especially the father. If the Sun is strongly placed in your horoscope, you will tend to be outgoing, authoritative, maybe even a bit theatrical, and you will be more likely to seek attention. The Sun rules the sign of Leo.

The Moon: Your instincts, habit patterns, and unconscious drives. What kind of home you prefer. How you relate to women in general, especially the mother. If the Moon is strongly placed in your horoscope, mood swings tend to be more pronounced and you will be more likely to consciously make decisions on the basis of hunches or feeling. The Moon rules the sign of Cancer.

Mercury: Your ability to think, communicate, and gather information. If Mercury is strongly placed in your horoscope, you will have an increased need for communication and variety. You are more likely than most people to spend a lot of time on the phone. Mercury rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo.

Venus: Your ability to express affection. Artistic taste. Love, possessions, and happiness. People with Venus strongly placed in their horoscopes are more likely to be considered charming and they will tend to be strongly attracted to the arts. Venus rules the signs of Libra and Taurus.

Mars: Aggression and energy. If Mars is strongly placed in your horoscope, you will tend to be active, energetic, assertive, even aggressive. Mars rules the sign of Aries.

Jupiter: Your ability to grasp general principles, as opposed to the specific sense data of Mercury. It also charts our optimism. The sign position of Jupiter shows where we feel most safe and secure and can therefore take advantage of opportunity. This is the quality that is frequently referred to as “good luck”, but is really just “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius.

Saturn: Caution and fear, contraction. Also ambition and determination. Without the obstacles of Saturn, we would never grow. Saturn is strongly placed in the horoscopes of doctors, research scientists, and business people. The sign position shows what we need to feel safe and secure, and what we fear that we will never have enough of. Since this is where we tend to be fearful, we become nervous and tend to “mess up”, or never try at all. This is the quality that frequently comes across as “bad luck”. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn.

Uranus: Your originality and drive for freedom. This is the “Rebel” planet. It opposes the established order simply because it is an established order. Besides, it thinks it can do a better job.  When Uranus is strong in the horoscope, we get people who are considered geniuses, eccentrics, cranks, or insane by the society they live in. These people have a strong tendency to shock and upset others, even when they don’t seem to want to. Examples are Isadora Duncan and Lenny Bruce. Politicians with Uranus strongly placed tend to overthrow the “establishment” only to build a new, frequently more oppressive order. Don’t vote for them! As an example, take a look at the horoscope of Adolph Hitler. Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius.

Neptune: Where we see the world through “rose-colored glasses”. Where we see what we want to see. This is the planet of imagination as well as illusion. If Neptune is strongly placed in the horoscope, the person is most likely to be considered imaginative and sensitive. Negatively, there is a potential for substance abuse. Once more, I must emphasize that the whole horoscope must be analyzed before jumping to conclusions. Neptune rules the sign of Pisces.

Pluto: Sex, death, and regeneration. Extremes. Where we tend to pull out all the stops and never compromise. Pluto strongly placed in your horoscope generally means you are a person not to be messed with. Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio.