DART's Most Fashionable: December- Kyra Gardner

Photographs by Kyra Gardner, Interviews by Mac McDonough

DART interviewed four DHS seniors—Joe Haddad, Beau Taylor, Brenna Gilhooley, and Dan Wood— to see what goes into their fashion choices each day.


Here, condensed, are the questions:

1.      What is your inspiration?

2.      Why do you choose to dress up in the morning when putting on sweats seems so much easier?

3.      Where do you get your clothes?

4.      Who is your fashion role model?

5.      What era of fashion inspires you the most (ie. the 70s ,80s, 90s, or something else)?

6.      What is one thing in your closet you can’t live without (like a pair of Docs or in Brenna’s case an Indian headdress and fairy wings)?

7.      What was your first thought when you found out you were one of DART’s Most Fashionable People of December 2012?


And the answers:


Joe Haddad:

1.      I get a lot of inspiration from music and film, and also from other artists… anyone really. If I see a well-dressed person on the street, I’ll take note of what makes them look so good.

2.      I hate sweatpants. They don’t seem easier to me because they would leave me psychologically paralyzed.

3.      H&M, JCrew, Zara, Urban Outfitters

4.      Syd Barret, Andrew VanWyngarden, Nikola Tesla, Tyler the Creator

5.      60’s and 70’s                  

6.      My Old Kentucky button down with pearl snaps.

7.      I thought, “Jeez, I hope I don’t end up in some bizarre photo shoot for this.”



Beau Taylor:

2. The only reason I don’t wear sweats every day is because I make sure my outfits are super comfortable. I pretty much only wear leggings. I love fall and winter because I can add tons of layers and comfy things so I can look really stylish or trendy while still feeling like I’m in pjs. But sometimes dressing up a little makes me feel better. You can tell I’m depressed if I’m wearing messy sweats and slippers but I love how I feel in a great new piece. Also…heels are must, [because] I’m 5'2. They make you feel totally different. 

3. My favorite brand is Free People; most of my clothes are from there. But I love websites like or because you can find expensive nice pieces and shoes at amazing prices, so you can get way more.
4. I’m obsessed with Rachel Zoe but I can get inspiration from anyone. Miley Cyrus had a good hippie rocker style going for a while. I also like Kate Moss and pictures from ads or tumblr.

5. I love the hippie boho floral prints and cuts from the 70s but I also couldn’t live without the grunge of the 90s. I feel each decade was so extreme that when you mix them together you get a perfect look.
6. I couldn’t live without my 5inch black leather platform booties. They add edge and dress up leggings and jeans, I actually wore them yesterday. But I really think I couldn’t live without my jewelry, I can’t leave the house without my bow (bow for Beau) necklace or my topaz ring, I need some sentimental value to my outfits.
7. I was so excited for finally getting attention for something other than cancer! When I found out I was doing it with Brenna I knew I could go as grungy or boho as I wanted and I loved it. I also want to make styling a career, so pulling outfits was great. The makeup was probably my favorite, though, because I could do whatever I wanted. I always have my makeup go with the mood of the outfit… it’s like one doesn’t go without the other.


Brenna Gilhooley:


1.      I don’t really have one specific source for inspiration. I’m definitely influenced by fashions I see on the streets of New York and California. I love the chill, California surfer look, like the kind with baja sweaters, sand, flowy beach pants and sandy hair. However, I am extremely inspired by any iconic rock star, like Mick Jagger and Jimi Hendrix.

2.      I know it sounds super cheesy and cliché, but I believe that fashion is the number one way to express yourself. I have always looked at clothes, shopping and fashion as fun rather than as a chore. I have always loved fashion, but I do like to keep it low key and laid back.  Dressing laid back doesn’t always have to include sweats. Although I think anyone should wear only what they feel comfortable in, since I am all about comfort.

3.      I love stores like Free People, LF, and Calypso, and surfer brands like Roxy and Billabong. Generally, I prefer going down to the Village or Saint Marks Place and finding totally random shops and boutiques. I am not a thrifter because I am lazy by nature and I hate searching through thousands of clothing racks. I definitely want to try and thrift shop in the near future, though.


4.      I really dig anything like old school Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. I also really love any major rock icon, like Mick Jagger, Robert Plant and Jim Morrison. They all have timeless styles that really epitomize that true rock and roll aesthetic. I also love more modern figures such as Kate Moss, Erin Wasson and Mary-Kate Olsen.


5.      I have always had a deep love for anything-late sixties and early seventies. I feel silly saying this, but the “free bird hippie Woodstock look” has always intrigued me. Anything that Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin or Penny Lane from “Almost Famous” wore is simply gorgeous to me. I also dig 90’s fashions. My two years in Seattle definitely threw some grunge style into me. I love Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam, circa 1992. His style is so rad; I definitely love that grunge-y surfer skater look.

6.      All of my beautiful maxi skirts, floral pants and crop tops. I hardly ever wear jeans, but I cannot live without my Free People bell-bottoms. They are so cool and versatile. I wear them with everything. My ox blood Docs are also a staple, as painful as they are to wear! I also have a pair of these amazing chunky, 70s style sandal platforms. I wish I could wear them every single day.

7.      I was super stoked and flattered that I was considered one of DHS’s most fashionable. I was also extremely excited that I was doing it with my girl Beau Taylor. She has such an effortless and cool style that she rocks every day. I absolutely love her hair, she looks like a modern day Twiggy and she pulls it off like no other.  I had such an amazing time styling outfits and being carefree in front of the camera and I was even happier to do it with Beau. We have such similar fashion interests, so we totally compliment each other.


Dan Wood:

3. I get my clothes from H&M, J. Crew, and Ben Sherman.

4. A lot of my style inspiration comes from figures like Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, and Daniel Craig (as the new Bond).

5. I identify mostly with our generation’s fashion sense.

6. I cannot live without my favorite pair of jeans… they go with most everything I have and are very comfortable.

7.I was pretty flattered when I found out I was chosen. I like to think I have a better than average sense of fashion so it was nice to be recognized.