When you have hundreds of photos of a person its an odd feeling to have that you may have missed something - but no photo or video could truly capture his shy wit or generosity. He was a harmless flirt with many things, in my case it was the camera.

These are a variety of photos from over the years.

The top is Chris’s old apartment on College St. where the Mark Inside recorded their recent album “Dark Hearts Can Radiate White Light”.

The shot of Chris in the crowd from 2005 ran in Chart Magazine for the CMW Chart Showcase at The Horseshoe. The one where he is shouting was published, where the one where is he not is unpublished. 

The photo where he is holding a phone was while viewing footage for the unreleased/unfinished video for “Can’t Take Her With You”. 

The last shot is an Annex side street while photographing a collage Chris made to be used as Album artwork.

My favourite troubadour is now silent. Chris, you screamed with passion onstage and off. You were an inspiration of drive and creativity and personal expression.  I’m honoured to have known and worked with you.

Chris Levoir (1981-2013)