“You and Me (But Mostly Me)” from The Book of Mormon with Ben Platt and Nic Rouleau .

ben was literally 19 years old in this i cannot !!!

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Do any long lasting and genuinely happy relationships form at elsewhere?

Yeah, absolutely! If you’re referring to the student body, relationships proceed more or less as they do at any other university. On the other hand, if you’re asking about relationships with the Gentry - it does happen, but it’s rare. For a wide variety of reasons - different meanings of love, the power imbalance, the capricious nature of so many fae, the danger inherent in getting Involved in the Elsewhere, and the way no Gentry can really leave the thin spots of the world coupled with the way humans begin to forget once they leave, the prospect of mortality - romantic entanglements tend to end poorly. The ones that do result in long-lasting and devoted relationships usually result in the human living either on campus or in another of the world’s thin spots. 


a power point presentation about part of the colorado avalanche made by @ghostpunkers and myself