Rotten Joe Buglewicz

“It’s one thing to see rotting food on the ground, in the trash, dumpster, or in your fridge, since we’ve been exposed to that so much, it kind of seems normal in that environment. The decay can seem pretty at first to some, but in the end that food that went unconsumed and represents a small piece of a larger problem.”

Rotten by Joe Buglewicz

I’m not the tidiest person out there. I can definitely let things go and live with an indecent amount of filth (not that I do), but even I never tried to find beauty in decay. Especially when that decay is food related. I tend to feel ashamed for being wasteful if that ever happens. That’s why it rarely does. At least in my house and in my fridge. Joe Buglewicz’s fridge is a different case. The man not only let the things rot – he took pictures and came up with this! The set is called Rotten and it’s all in the name. Every and each picture in the set is, undoubtedly, full of decaying fruits, vegetables and other victims of food abandonment. Something we all saw so many times and for so many occasions. But, lets face it, in this case everything is a bit off. Photographed in the same manner as all those supermarket goods these Rotten groceries attract attention. Attention for detail. Attention for the power of nature that gives and then takes it back. Nature that does that in so many different and subtitle ways that if you look closely you suddenly see beauty in decay.

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