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East of Eden - Zella Day // Say It, Just Say It - The Mowgli’s // Kink’s Shirt - Matt Nathanson // Kaleidoscope - Joe Brooks // Strange Girl - The Zolas // Sloom - Of Monsters and Men // Dreams - Gabrielle Aplin and Bastille // I Found - Amber Run // Compass - Zella Day // Team - Lorde // Empty Gold - Halsey // We Are the Hearts - EXGF


Skate Photographer Joe Brook Shoots with the Petzval Lens

Joe Brook is one of the most popular photographers in the West Coast skate scene, shooting for magazines like Trasher, Juxtapoz, Rolling Stone, and different outlets such as PDN and Kodak. Having previous experience with an old Petzval lens mounted on a 4x5 camera, it was but natural for him to try the new one. Brook talks about finding himself, his work, and shooting with the Lomograhy Petzval Lens in this exclusive interview.