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Requested - Can you please do an imagine where Joe’s girlfriend (who is also a youtuber) and Joe are at Playlist and it’s his girlfriend’s first one, so Joe wants to go to all of her meetups and all of her panels to support her? Thank you!!! Hope you like this :) 

"Do you think anyone will even come to see me?" You ask Joe as he holds your hand and you walk down the hallway towards your first meet up. 

"Of course they will! You know as well as I do that you’re incredibly popular and your viewers love you." He tells you, squeezing your hand to reassure you. 

"I know but it’s one thing watching someone online and it’s a completely other thing to go and meet them." You sigh, you couldn’t help being nervous for your first Playlist. 

"It’s going to be fine." Joe says, pulling you into the lift with him. As soon as the doors shut he wrapped his arms around you and kissed you to distract you from your nerves. 

The doors opened again and Joe let go of you, leaving you still in a daze from the kiss. He led you towards your first meet up and stood by you as you greeted the people that had come to see you. 

The day went well with your meet ups and your panel, Joe refused to leave your side. He held your hand whenever he could and when he couldn’t his eyes didn’t leave you. 

It eased your nerves to have him close by, watching out for you. You also loved how proud he looked of you as you greeted your viewers and posed for pictures with them. 

Joe supported you throughout your first playlist and it was just one of the reasons why you love him so much. 

Thanks for reading! :)  

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