Things the Starkid Fandom doesn’t talk about but should

  • Lauren’s dance moves/choreography
  • Leaky con Time of My Life performance (honestly its so iconic)
  • Brian Holden’s Aries bullshit (idc if he’s not an Aries he is peak Aries bullshit)
  • Epecially the Glove saga
  • The Glove Saga
  • Meredith literally shitting herself over Sean Astin (dressed as Dylan) for 40 minutes straight
  • Spies are Forever (we should be talking about that way more. It hilarious)
  • Just Nick Lang and his angel self

Pls add to this or message me with questions or links also start talking about this shit

Post Ep Ponderings May 7-11

Once again, I’m way later than I intended to be. Needless to say, I’m taking some time off to catch up. I’m the meantime, here’s my week late thoughts!

So is Lisa gone gone, or just on hiatus for this job in Scotland? I’m happy she’s doing something for herself, but I love her and want her back on screen.

So, I know a lot more has happened now with Gerry finding out about Lachlan, but I have to say, he’s the perfect person to find out. No one else, not even Belle I think, would be as torn as Gerry over what to do.

I can’t figure out Noah. Are all teenaged boys like that? I mean, sure, having Charity for a Mum isn’t easy, but blackmailing your sister for hogging your brother? And if that wasn’t bad enough, the way he reacted to Charity telling him about Bails was truly awful. I get why he wouldn’t necessarily believe her, but holy shit that was a rough scene. I have to admit though, love the way Joe talked him around. He’s quite good at sense when he wants to be.

Speaking of all the Bails stuff, I’m still assuming the baby is still alive and will soon make themselves known (if they haven’t already). It’s gotta be how they take that bastard down. I half expected the kid to have been raised by Bails though and to come back wanting to take more shots at Charity for ruining his/her father’s name. Maybe this time it’ll be even crazier than that.

Gerry and Doug need to be BFF’s. In fact, I think maybe they already are. I love them.

So is Bobel actually going to happen now? I know they never let that stuff go in soaps, but good lord I really hope this one doesn’t last. Wasn’t there some rumour of Bob leaving the village a while back? Let’s all hope for that.


Everything about this is amazing… Meredith’s dancing, brian yelling at Joey, Dylan having the lyrics on his phone or something like that, Jaime whipping her head while she’s singing… this just reminds me why I love starkid so much.


Mount Analogue Revisited

What if Team Starkid was the cast of CATS?

‘Cause I have nothing better to do atm.

I’m taking all the Starkid members (the ones that were and the ones that are) and casting them on the 1998 Cats Film (so no Griddlebone nor Growltiger, etc.). I just choose the main Cats and the ones that I found interesting, so I left a few characters behind. Feel free to change the cast or add new Cats and Starkids if you want. 


This is one of the best podcast episodes I’ve ever listened to. It’s all about the science of sleep.

Not only is it fascinating, it could improve your health dramatically in the long term. I implore you — spend two hours of your life on this.

Then, once you’ve put your exploded head back together, send it to your close friends and family.