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Preference #9 ~ Reaction to Hate From the Fans

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Camila Mendes + Joe Sugg and Camila Mendes + The Vamps Packs 

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Thank you for your request, I’m sorry I didn’t really kjnow how to finish this one but hey at least I’m back, right?

“Hurry up!” Y/N called out to her friend Byron as she sat down on the edge of the bed, her boyfriend fixing the camera settled in front of her. “You ready?” She asked, smiling to her lover. “Yep, are you happy with the lighting?” Joe replied, waiting for her to nod before sitting down next to her, dropping a kiss to the top of her head.

Joe and Y/N had been dating for 6 months and things had been getting pretty serious between them. To the point where she would spend weeks at his house. The couple was about to film a Youtube video for her channel with their current temporary room-mate and good friend Byron.

They waited for what seemed like ages until the South African finally sat down next to Y/N. “Sorry, I was fixing my hair.” Byron admitted, earning a laugh from the boy leaning forward to properly look at his mate. “It still looks like shit.” The dark blonde boy teased. Byron frowned as he watched his reflection into the camera. “Oh come on, you look great.” Y/N nudged his rib with her elbow as she looked up from her phone screen, getting ready to start filming her intro.

“Hello there! Welcome back to my channel, today I am joined with two attractive young men, Joe and Byron. You all know them by now.” She introduced, gesturing from her boyfriend to her friend. Joe stayed quiet as he watched his mate wrap an arm around her shoulders, “Aw, how nice of you.” The South African explained, earning a small laugh from her. But Joe was sure not laughing.

As soon as Joe had presented Y/N and Byron, the both had instantly clicked and were very close friends, which Joe didn’t mind at first. Until he started to realize how touchy his mate would get with his girlfriend. Sometimes he even wondered if it was a good idea to introduce them to each other. But he wasn’t the type to show his jealousy, even in front of his lover. And so he simply pretended that everything was fine all the time. Except that he was finding harder to control these days, ever since the boys had come back from their trip to South Africa. Joe wasn’t sure of who his girlfriend had missed the most between the two.

“So today we are going to do the finish the lyric challenge, boring I know but I honestly didn’t have a video for this week. Don’t blame me!” Y/N exclaimed, laughing at her comment before she quickly explained to her viewers how the game would go.

It was time for them to do the last round of the game. Joe pressed onto his laptop, allowing the last song to start playing. The two friends started singing the words to the song as they exchanged a glance, barely paying attention to the host of the game. “Come on, that’s our song!” Y/N stated, nudging her shoulder with his as they both sang at the top of their lungs until Joe stopped the song and they both yelled out out their buzzers. But Byron was quicker and got the winning point.

“I can’t believe you just beat me on my own channel!” She groaned, staring at her friend as Joe cleared his throat in attempt to get her attention but he felt mute to her ears. “I beat you at everything.” Byron shrugged, a smirk showing on his lips. “Don’t lie to my viewers.” She stated, glaring at the camera, picturing the zoom that she would do her face whilst editing this video.

Once she pronounced her outro, Joe got up and pressed on the recording button, allowing to stop. He was about the leave the room when his girlfriend caught his arm on the way. “Where are you going?” She asked, confusion itched across her face. “Somewhere where I don’t get to witness how great you two get along.” Joe scoffed before escaping the room.

The two friends stayed speechless for a few minutes, looking at each other as an uncomfortable silence filled the room. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know he felt that way.” Byron said, looking down to the floor. “It’s fine, I didn’t know either. I’ll talk to him.” Y/N affirmed, sending him a quick smile before joining her grumpy boyfriend in the living room where he stood behind the kitchen counter, fiddling with different tools as he was getting ready to prepare their lunch. She leaned onto the counter, meeting Joe’s annoyed glance.

“Can you please explain to me what the hell this was all about?” Y/N asked, her eyes darting over his face as he sighed. “You know what it is about. The touches, the laughs, the private jokes. What is that all about?” He replied, the anger perfectly audible in his voice as he stopped his movements to watch her. “Joe, he’s my friend. I thought you wanted us to get along in the first place.” She exclaimed, her own annoyance growing inside of her. “Yeah well maybe it was a mistake. You barely pay attention to me when he’s around.” Joe scoffed, his voice raising in volume slightly. She sighed at his words, “It’s not true. Listen, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were that jealous.” She affirmed, moving around to get closer to him as he let out another sigh.

“It’s fine, I didn’t really tell you. But don’t blame me, I’m new to this whole long relationship thing.” Joe admitted, wrapping an arm around her waist, bringing her closer to him. A smirk appeared on her face. “I probably need to teach you some stuff then.” She teased, earning a small laugh from a lover as he put his lips on hers, the couple sharing a loving kiss.

Byron stepped shyly into the room, “Am I forgiven too?” He asked, a smile on his lips as the two lovers separated, turning around to face their friend. “I won’t kiss you to prove it but yes, it’s fine.” Joe said, smiling back to his South African friend. “What a shame.” Byron replied as the boys shared a quick high-five, a laugh echoing in the room as the three gathered around the living room, a new soothing atmosphere over the three room-mates.


I finally finished this request, I’m incredibly sorry for the wait! I hope you will like it xx

Y/N adjusted her beanie and tucked her hands into her pockets, shivering at the freezing temperature as she walked down the street where her family used to live. Her pace slowed down as she looked around her old neighborhood, reminiscing the times where she would just run around with her childhood friends. It was the first time since she had moved to London only mouths ago and still nothing had changed. Bath had still the same magic in the air.

The world outside was dangerously cold, and the big snow held the houses down and the people in. The park where she had spent her teenage years was covered in a thick blanket of white. Aside from the brown of the denuded trees, the only other color was the vivid saffron staining around the face of each lamppost, tree and shrub. So much of the canvas was perfectly white, as if waiting for the artists hand to return. The morning light struggled through the murky cloud, but even in its weakness it was enough to blind as it reflected on the snow.

She smiled as she enjoyed everything about this kind of weather, the satisfaction of being the first to make an impression in a blanket of freshly lain snow, the subtle crunch underfoot as she strode forward and the best bit of it all ; the sight of the low hanging shafts of sunlight illuminating the sparkling whitened scene before her.

But her smile faded as her eyes laid on his house. It was silly of her to be taken aback since she knew why she had taken this particular path but still there was surprise across her face. A thought suddenly traced her mind, did she know? Did his new girlfriend know about them? About how in love they used to be? About how she had him first? She was taken by a sudden need to walk up to his front door, hoping she would be the one to open it for her. She was curious to know if he was going to keep her. It had been only slightly over a year since they had parted, surely it wasn’t that serious. Was it?

She was about to knock on the big wooden door but stopped in her tracks, biting on her tongue to sop herself from doing something she would regret. They were done, she thought she was done with him. But there had to be a reason why she was still standing there in front of his house. She let her lids fall shut as she felt the trail of a tear that escaped her eye on her skin. She wiped the wetness on her cheek and turned away as fast as she could but there was a silhouette stopping her.

She looked up to see her ex boyfriend standing in front of her, surprise across his face. None of them talked for what seemed like ages. “Y/N, what are you doing here? I haven’t seen you in Bath in a while.” Joe asked, a small smile on his lips. Somehow, it seemed as he was trying to hide to joy on his face. His eyes darted over her for a minute, nothing had changed about her, except the light in her eyes as she looked at him. “Oh yeah, I live in London now but I came back for the weekend.” Y/N replied, smiling back at him as she crossed her arms at the shiver down her spine.

Strangely, there wasn’t any awkwardness in the air. But the two ex lovers were filled with nostalgia as the memories tangled in their minds. The bruises left on their heart hadn’t changed.

“Oh, I didn’t know you moved.” Joe admitted, feeling a small knot in his stomach. Was he the reason she left ? He was fighting the rush to hold her tight like he used to but his girlfriend was waiting for him inside his house. It went silent for a minute. “I have to go back there anyway, I just wanted to see you before I drove back.” She affirmed, her eyes looking down to her feet. “It was nice to talk to you again.” She said before walking past him, not letting him reply to her. It hurt too much to leave him once again.

But as she looked back to him one more time and her orbs met his blue eyes, there was a spark in their glance. The one that had started it all and at this moment, they both knew they were meant to fall back into each other’s arms at one point. Just not yet.