Everyone, especially to all my American followers, this is a really serious issue that we ALL need to take action against!

Net Neutrality is about to be taken away, removing our freedom of browsing through the internet however and whenever we want by placing paywalls and having our every move watched. The way we access the Internet on a daily basis could very well be changed for the worst for the sake of satisfying the greed of companies and other people with power.

But the good news is that YOU can do something about it!

In the description below this video I’ve shared, there’s a heck-ton of information on this issue!

You can call your representatives, write letters to the FCC, and most importantly…VOTE!!! As well as many other things. But please remember to be civil when doing any or all of the above. They can listen to you less if you act emotionally, so please try your best to stay calm and be mature about all of this.

PLEASE SPREAD THIS POST AROUND! Let everyone and your fellow American users know what’s going on! This is a VERY serious issue that could possibly affect the whole world if other countries decide to follow suite, but we as a collective can stop it by using our voices and the tools I’ve mentioned above.

Dating Colby Brock Would Include:

-Cuddles for days

-stealing his XPLR merch because it smells like him

-going to abandoned places with him and sam

-being his camera girl


-smacking your butt

-him being v romantic

-”i love youuu”

-”i love you more”

-him trying to make you dinner but almost burning the house down.

-coming out to fans with a musically even after he deleted the app

-being in every TFIL video

-Sam always trying to make Colby jealous

-Colby being wayyy protective

-”baby it’s fine, Sam’s like an older brother”

-cuddling with him on the couch when everyone hangs out

-sleeping in his room because your scared after sam did a 3am challange

-”i’ll protect you princess”

-“babe it’s a DEMON”

-endless movie nights

-going with Aaron to Sams to make sure he doesn’t forget any of Colby’s favorite snacks

-freak in the sheets

-insane daddy kink

-caring after a rough night

-Sam making fun of you because you’re limping

-”damn Colby, how hard did you go”

“SAM STOP IT” you say laughing 

- basically being the best boyfriend ever