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I have always said that Barry ranks people of importance in his life. This is what I think is the ranking: 1) Iris, 2) Joe, 3) Wally (because of his connection to Iris/Joe), 4) Cisco, and 5) Caitlin. Barry cares about ball of them, but Cait is last. I didn't include his parents because they are dead. But, I say Iris ranks above them since he left FP for her Wally's safety. Extra proof: when Barry chose not to get his powers back in 2x20 even though Cait was still kidnapped.

Everything we’ve seen on the show points to this as being true. 

Hot off the algorithms, it’s Fandometrics.

Television: Miraculous Melissa McCarthy

Miraculous (@officialmiraculousladybug) jumps three spots to No. 3 in anticipation of its Netflix rerelease. 
Saturday Night Live came back at No. 13 after Melissa McCarthy killed that Sean Spicer impression.

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Movies: Two love stories, and that’s all they have in common.

⬆ With the release of the final trailer and new theme song, Beauty and the Beast leaps to No. 3.
☆ Sundance superstar Call Me by Your Name debuts at No. 14.

Music: Two queens, two babies, and a big football game.

Beyoncé (No. 1) knew we needed good news so she got pregnant with twins. All hail Beyoncé.
Lady Gaga (No. 2) is not far behind after she broke up the Superbowl with her halftime show.

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Celebrities: Where’s Dylan, tho?

Kristen Stewart (No. 1) used SNL to remind us how obsessed POTUS was with her ex-boyfriend.
Cole Sprouse (No. 4) rises from the Riverdale mist for the first time since June.

Games: What have you been playing?

☆ Stop, drop, and roll: Fire Emblem Heroes debuts at No. 6 after its recent release.
⬇︎ Animal Crossing: New Leaf has seemingly taken up residence of our list. This week it’s at No. 13.

Web stuff: Happy birthday, happy new show!

AmazingPhil (@amazingphil) celebrated his birthday on the 30th, moving up three spots to No. 2.
Joe Sugg has a new TV show, and a new home at No. 19.


I Hate you || Jack Maynard
Steal my girl || Joe Sugg 
Player || Jack Maynard 
Welcome || Jack Maynard
Why’d You Leave? || Jack Maynard
Loving Eyes || Jack Maynard 
Cuddles now? || Jack Maynard 
Loving Eyes || Jack Maynard
Can’t Hurt You anymore || Jack Maynard 
Announced || Jack Maynard
You Don’t Love Me || Joe Sugg 
You’re single || Jack Maynard
Kisses and Roses || Jack Maynard 
Concert || Conor Maynard 
Hate || Conor Maynard 
Meeting Zalfie || Joe Sugg
Come to Bed || Joe Sugg 
Pregnant || Jack Maynard 
You Are My Entire Life || Joe Sugg
I Need to Tell You Something || Jack Maynard
Always and Forever || Jack Maynard
Wow || Jack Maynard
Who are you, part one || Joe Sugg
Who are you, Part two || Joe Sugg 
Normal Relationship || Jack Maynard
Hitchhiker part 1 || Joe Sugg 
Hitchhiker part 2 || Joe Sugg
Naked And Afraid || Josh Pieters 
Just a Label || Conor Maynard 
I Promise || Conor Maynard Imagine
Boyfriend Tag || Joe Sugg 
Bad Dreams || Jack Maynard 
Deeper in love || Jack Maynard
Interviews || Joe Sugg 
Sleepy Suprise || Jack Maynard
Deuteranopia || Joe Sugg
Stars || Conor Maynard
Whipped || Conor Maynard 
Chapstick Challenge || Conor Maynard
Concussion || Joe Sugg 
Touchy Feely || Joe Sugg
Pranks || Joe Sugg 
Going Home, Part 1 || Jack Maynard 
Going Home Part 2 || Jack Maynard 
Inadequate || Conor Maynard 
Libary || Caspar Lee 
Aggressive || Joe Sugg 
We’re a Family || Caspar Lee 
Embrace || Conor Maynard 
Risk It All || Jack Maynard 
interrupted || Jack Maynard 
I Hate Me Too || Conor Maynard
Family || Joe Sugg 
You’re Different || Buttercream Squad 
You Need Help || Joe Sugg
Little Bird || Jack Maynard
Jealous || Joe Sugg
Good Job Anna || Jack Maynard 
Panic Attacks || Caspar Lee 

Director Joe Lynch (Everly, Wrong Turn 2) is back with Mayhem. To celebrate its world premiere tonight at SXSW, the first poster for the action thriller has debuted.

Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead), Samara Weaving (Ash vs Evil Dead), Caroline Chikezie (Aeon Flux), Dallas Roberts (3:10 to Yuma), Mark Frost, and Steven Brand (The Scorpion King) star.

Mayhem tells of a virus capable of making people act out their wildest impulses that infects a corporate law office on the very day attorney Derek Saunders (Yeun) is framed by a co-worker and wrongfully fired. Trapped in the quarantined building, our hero is forced to savagely fight tooth and nail for not only his job, but also his life. 

Dude on Facebook: Electra and Catwomen say “whats up”

Me: Do they? Green Lantern, Fantastic Four (ALL OF THEM), Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad, Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Batman & Robin, Batman Forever, Daredevil, X-Men: Apocalypse, X-Men: The Last Stand, most of the various Spider-Man films, Superman 3, Superman 4, Captain America (1990), X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Wolverine, Jonah Hex, Hulk, The Green Hornet, GI Joe, GI Joe 2, GI Joe refuses to fucking go away, The Shadow, Blade Trinity, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Spawn, The Phantom, RIPD, Judge Dredd, every goddamn Transformers film light them on fire, Iron Man 3, The Spirit, fucking Watchmen I apologize for reminding people that pile of garbage exists, Man of Steel, and more that I’m probably forgetting completely drown them out in a symphony of shit.

Also, it’s Elektra.

Mediocrity is the true metric of equality.

My mind went KLance!

1) Texan Keith and his Cotton Eyed Joe
2) Lance fucking hates the song
3) it becomes the worst ear worm of his life.
4) from the outside, you would never know that Keith can’t get the song out of you head.
5) Lance would randomly start singing it while running errands and he screams in the middle of the supermarket cause of it.
6) Lance tries everything in his power to make it another song, including classic like “This is the Song that Never Ends” and Barney’s “I Love You.” But it never works.
7) Finally he gets a random week of silence. No song. No anything. He avoids all music as best he could, but then one random night it comes back.
8) he doesn’t get much sleep.
9) trying to get the song out of his head, he starts listening to modern music on the radio, Keith happens to be nearby.
10) the next day the ear worm is gone and it’s a song he had played the day before.
11) he figured it out that Keith was his Cotton Eyes Ear Worm.
12) He promptly attacks Keith the next time he sees him.

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What's your personal limit on fight-related bullshit in books/movies/tv/etc? At what point do you put it down or turn it off? Can you tolerate the occasional flaming arrow, or...? What are your absolute turn-offs?

I’ll be honest, my limit is excessively low. I mean, I was watching Fate/Zero the other day. I love the 80s Transformer’s Movie (who doesn’t?). I watch Vikings. I genuinely love some incredibly terrible B-action movies, including G.I. Joe. (Ray Park and Byung Hyun Lee are amazing, and G.I. Joe 2 is where I discovered Elodie Yung before her stint as Elektra.) My tolerance is high. So, if I’m put off it usually isn’t the violence itself.

Here’s the three things that turn me off:

1) Not What It Says On The Tin

This is perhaps the biggest turnoff for me. When a movie, book, piece of entertainment establishes itself as A and then does B. I don’t want to sit down with a movie that bills itself as a “hyper-realistic” thriller and get The Mummy. Now, I love The Mummy, it’s a fabulous movie but it’s billed as a wild and wacky summer action flick. It’s big, goofy fun in the best way. It is not, however, a “hyper-realistic” thriller. It’s even worse when the film is trying to be a “hyper-realistic” thriller using an action style pulled from The Mummy. These two could be fantastic together, just drop the “realistic” from the description.

Basically, the piece of entertainment needs to give me what it promised or I’m taking my ball and going home.

2) Sheer Stupidity

This is the bad writing category, when a piece of entertainment is trying so hard to be serious that it doesn’t leave a justification open for balls to the wall style, throw our hands up and throw down, type action but goes there anyway.

It’s not so much that it’s dumb, it’s that the narrative is breaking its own rules and removing the possibility of consequences. Usually this is the classic “Sue” curse, but it can happen to any character in a piece of fiction. I don’t have any patience to read about a character running around knocking out everyone in a castle if there isn’t going to be a pay off for it later.

I’m not against self-congratulatory action sequences that show off how awesome a character is, I just want some narrative consistency to go with it and the scene to have a purpose beyond just that. I like cool fight scenes, but I also like to invest in the characters.

3) Fucking Around With The Audience

I don’t like being played with, tricked, or lied to by a piece of media I’m consuming. There’s a difference between a plot twist and actively fucking around with the audience. I’m not here for movies, novels, comics, or television shows that waste my time.

When the writer is more invested in tricking their audience than they are with telling a good story then that’s when I’m out. It gets worse when the plot twists are nonsensical.

Watching nonsensical fight scenes that exist to pad out a narrative after its run out of ideas is about as fun as watching a five year old slam their action figures together. Actually, the five year old slamming their action figures together is more interesting and the story behind the battle is often coherent.

4) Some In Universe Logic Is All I Want

Mortal Kombat is a very silly movie based on an arcade fighting game, but at least I know what the stakes are and what the participants want. The gratuitous battles make sense in the narrative, even when they don’t.

This is a companion piece to Fucking Around With The Audience but my brain checks out around the time the writer stops caring about justifying a character’s actions in universe. Or, acting in a way that goes against a character’s stated goals. If the character’s decision making cannot rise to the level of a 90s antagonist in a shounen anime then I don’t have time for them. I don’t need the reason for the fight to make sense to me, or to the other characters, I just need it to be in sync with the one starting the violence.

If a character has decided to take the most difficult path to success like knocking out every soldier in a building just to extract one person, then I’d really like that logic explained. Or, the plan was to jump in and save one guy from being attacked by a gang of seven so the protagonist decided to put the whole group into submission holds… one at a time.

However, if the stated goals of these characters are different then I could definitely see it happening.

Q: “Why did you beat up every soldier in that fortress?”

A: “Man, you know, I really hate those guys so I decided to fuck with them! Think about how stupid they’ll feel when they all wake up!”

I really can’t argue with that logic, you know.

Here’s the thing, a character doesn’t have to make the best choice or the right choice or the smart choice. They can be really goddamn dumb, and supported by their setting. The issue is when the writer tries to pretend the decision was brilliant, strategic, tactical, or anything else. That action was their character taking a hammer to a screw. It worked, but it wasn’t smart. For example: Son Goku is not the brightest bulb in the box, but the masses all over the world love him anyway.

All I’m asking for is this: “I wanted to prove myself the strongest fighter, but you dismissed my challenge. Now, I kidnapped your girlfriend and I’m threatening to kill her if you don’t give me what I want. Fight me in an acceptable duel of previously agreed upon terms, coward!”

That’s a character taking a hammer to a screw and watching characters take hammers to screws can be a lot of fun, when its supported by the narrative. Its a combat train wreck. There are entire genres built on it.

My issue is don’t try to lie to me. The motivations don’t need to make sense to me or be what I’d imagine doing, or act as any kind of insert, I just want the character’s motivations, desires, and combat style to make sense to them and be in sync with who they are.

After that, it’s all good.


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