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lmao js but why do you like joe jonas when he asked out a 13 year old twice as a 19 year old man sit there and talk about other people liking nasty people Practice What Ya Preach

person 1: raven is so damn talented and influential 
person 2: i know i fucking hate her
person 2: hailthehatingassbitch
person 1: ikr
person 2: we gotta knock them down a peg
person 1: okay but how?
person 2: let’s frame raven as #problematic. evil incarnate
person 1: but how do we do this?
person 2: joe jonas asked out a 13 year old
person 1: bitch what does that have to do with anything that’s going on rn
person 2: raven…reblogs pictures of him sometimes?? 
person 1: …that’s it?
person 2:
person 1:
person 2: …yeah it’s all i’ve got
person 1: it’ll have to do—wait what if she didn’t know that joe did this?
person 2: we’ll make it seem like she did. we’ll phrase the question in a really passive aggressive way that makes her seem like a nasty dirty hypocrite
person 1: perfect
person 2: lol don’t forget to hit anon

They don't see him

I feel like when people, even liberals, look at Billie Joe they see someone who makes a scene on national TV and hates on Donald Trump a lot, but what they don’t see is his caring and collected side that goes hand in hand with his anger.
They don’t see him bringing up Black Lives Matter and Flint because they saw the “Trump is like Hitler” headline, and decided they read enough to judge.
They don’t see him talking about the working class getting screwed over because he posted a picture of hate speech sprayed on a wall after Trump’s win, and decided they saw enough to know his hate is dividing the nation.
They don’t see him eloquently reflecting the election, they don’t see him getting in touch with his fans, they don’t see him writing that we should reject hate and stand up for what we believe in, they don’t see him defending millennials for being demonized by his generation, they don’t see him reassuring minorities that Green Day will be a safe space for them, they don’t see his panic, they don’t see his outrage with injustice, they don’t see his knowledge, they don’t see how much he cares.
Because they saw an aging, rich, white man stomping his feet on live television and calling Trump a fascist, and allowed themselves to be smug and think they knew enough.

The Hamilsquad and spiders

Alex: can’t even be bothered. doesn’t mind killing them if asked to though

Laf: does not approve of them in his flat at all & once found one in his hair. 0/10, wouldn’t recommend to a friend

Herc: scared of spiders yet respects their existence bc he loves and protects all animals. leaves the room when encountering one though.

John: country boy, not afraid of the spids. takes them out so alex doesn’t kill them. agreed to watch a friend’s pet tarantula only to freak herc out