joe's faces in this are flawless

U don't know who Riley is???

R u kidding me. Riley…. How do I even begin to explain Riley. Riley is flawless. He has two weed stashes and a hydrogenerator. I hear his hair’s insured for $10,000. I hear he does car commercials…On the Ground. One time he met Clarke in Farm Station…And she told him he was pretty. One time he punched me in the face. It was awesome.

Skinny Dip || Joe

Joe masterpost found here

Word count - 1,049

Summary - The one where Caspar brought you together in a very strange way.

Even though Caspar was one of your best friends, you should’ve known he’d betray you this way. He had spent ages trying to get you to tell him who you liked, but you wouldn’t cave. Finally, one drunken night, you spilled and told him how you felt about Joe. He swore never to tell him, and he didn’t. But just because he never said it didn’t mean he wasn’t going to do everything in his power to set you two up.

You went on holiday to South Africa with Caspar, Josh, Oli, Joe, and Caspar’s girlfriend Maddie. You were having a great time so far. It was lovely to get to know Maddie, as she made Caspar so happy, while also spending time with your best friends.

One night, Caspar suggested having a bonfire down by the ocean. Naturally, you all eagerly obliged. It was a warm night and sitting around a fire on the beach would be a great way to end the day.

The six of you sat around the fire, chatting about random things and laughing like you hadn’t a care in the world. You were sitting on the sand next to Joe, rather closely in fact. He was sitting with his legs out in front of him and his arms propping himself up behind him. He was sitting so close to you that one of his arms was almost behind your back. You kept your chill though, as you didn’t want to give Caspar the satisfaction of seeing you blush.

“Let’s go skinny dipping!” Caspar suddenly exclaimed. He stood up immediately, dragging a laughing Maddie along with him. The other boys just looked at each other and laughed, staying where they were seated. With a sudden burst of courage, you stood up.

“Anyone coming with me?” you asked, brushing some sand casually off your behind. You figured none of the boys would, so you were surprised when Joe stood up and joined you. You tried to control your racing heart, but failed miserably. When you got to the shore, you pulled your shirt over your head and dropped your shorts. You knew if you hesitated at all, you would back out completely, so you immediately went to unhook your bra and drop your underwear. You and Joe stood silently beside each other. He hadn’t looked at you and you hadn’t looked at him. “I’ll look if you look?” you said quietly.

“Okay,” Joe breathed out. So, you both turned and looked at each other. You didn’t feel as uncomfortable as you thought you would and you were definitely glad that your girlfriends had encouraged you to get a wax before the trip. Joe was, well, literally flawless. You cleared your throat awkwardly, then turned to run into the water.

The four of you were laughing, just splashing each other and generally goofing around. Eventually, Maddie and Caspar swam a little bit farther away, leaving you and Joe alone. “You have a tattoo?” Joe spoke suddenly.

You spun around to face him, sinking a little deeper in the water to cover your chest. “Yeah,” you said gently. “It’s, uh-”

“Did you draw it?” he asked.

“Yeah,” you said again.

“Can I see it again?”

You nodded slowly and turned so that Joe could look at the tattoo on your right shoulder blade. You felt his finger trace along the tattoo, causing goosebumps to cover your body. “Sorry,” Joe said, noticing your shiver.

“It’s okay,” you said quickly.

“So, what’s it for?” he asked. You still didn’t want to turn to face him. Your tattoo was a crescent moon with a small heart inside the curve of it.

“My grandma always said, God puts the moon in the sky to show you that even when life get’s dark, there’s a light somewhere. As long as that light is there, I will love you,” you explained quietly. “So, I drew the moon and then my grandma drew the heart for me.” When Joe was quiet, you turned to face him again. “I guess it’s kind of stupid,” you mumbled.

“No,” Joe said quickly. “It’s not stupid. I like it a lot.”

You smiled at Joe before the two of you swam back up to shore. “(Y/N),” Joe said slowly. “Where are your clothes?” You looked up at the sand to see that the pile of your clothes was not where you had left it. Neither were Joe’s.

“Where are your clothes?” you said back. “Did we drift down the shore?”

“No, that’s our fire right there,” he said.

“Where did everyone go?”

“I’m gonna beat Caspar’s ass.”

Laying where your clothes were supposed to be was a large sleeping bag. “What do we do?” you said, shaking slightly. You couldn’t tell if you were cold, angry, anxious, or all of the above.

“You can have the sleeping bag,” Joe muttered. “I’ll figure something out.”

“I’m not gonna let you freeze all naked overnight!” you protested.

“Well what other option do we have?”

“We’ll share!”

So that’s exactly what you did. You crawled into the sleeping bag, which thankfully was big enough for two. Joe hesitantly crawled in beside you, turning on his side so he wasn’t facing you. “I’m sorry about this,” Joe mumbled. “I have to learn to stop telling Caspar my secrets.”

“What do you mean?” you asked. You were facing him, even though his back was to you.

He sighed, “I might’ve told Caspar that I have a ridiculously large crush on you.”

You were quiet. Your jaw dropped a bit as you processed what he had said. “I’m sorry,” he said again. “Now this is probably just really fucking awkward.” Before you even really knew what you were doing, you laid your hand on his shoulder, urging him to turn to face you. When he did, you softly pressed your lips against his. The kiss didn’t last very long, but when you pulled away, Joe’s cheeks were pink.

“I may have a ridiculously large crush on you too,” you teased back. Joe laughed and pressed a small kiss to your lips again.

“Caspar planned this all along didn’t he?” Joe said with a roll of his eyes.

“He had good intentions,” you laughed, “but I still hope you beat his ass in the morning.”


Well this is one of my own ideas that I had stuck in my head for soo damn long and somehow, I couldn’t write it down because I had too many things I wanted to write and kind of forgot about it. But then it came back to me and I HAD to write it so there you go, hope you enjoy xx

Joe frowned as he felt the daylight hitting his face through the curtains of his room. He groaned and rolled over, about to get back to sleep when he suddenly noticed something not so unusual. Someone was laying next to him, in his own bed and his eyes were now fully opened. He wasn’t surprised to see who was the person he had shared a bed with on the previous night but there was something surprising him though. He did not feel like his head was about to explode which meant that he hadn’t drank the night before. And when the girl who had quickly became one of his closest friends was in his bed, he was usually drunk. 

He jumped out of his thoughts when she opened her own eyes, frowning at the light. She smiled as she noticed Joe watching her and he smiled back. But she quickly noticed as well. They weren’t drunk. And the memories floated  back in their minds. The night has been wild for them and even though, it wasn’t the first time it had happened, far from it, something felt different. 

“What the hell happened?” Y/N asked, frowning as she looked at the blue-eyed boy in front of her. “The real question is why it happened, not what.” Joe stated, sending her the same expression. And awkwardness suddenly filled the both of them for the first time. They both looked away from each other and up to the ceiling. “Was it bad though?” Y/N questioned after a short moment of silence. A smile formed on Joe’s lips as he clearly remembered everything. “It was incredible.” Joe admitted, now fully grinning as he turned his head to the side to watch her. The same smile was plastered on her face. “It really was.” She said after letting out a content sigh. “I don’t thing we have ever fucked like this.” Joe exclaimed, the two friends exchanging a smile. But again, it was different. “I feel like we did not just fuck last night, Joe.” Y/N admitted, turning on her side to watch him properly. A frown appeared on his face as he repeated her movements. “What do you mean?” The dark blonde asked, confusion itched across his face. “Can I ask you something?” Y/N asked, nerves suddenly flashing her body. Joe sent her a warming smile as he brushed a piece of hair out of her face. “Sure, anything.” He replied as he watched her take a deep breath. 

“Are you seeing someone else?” The question made Joe frown even more. It was evident for him that they were a thing, that they were more friends but maybe he had been imagining it. “Of course not. Are you?” Joe replied, brushing his fingers against her cheek as he analysed her face. He took a moment to realize how green and beautiful her eyes were. “No, I’m not.” Y/N affirmed, leaning onto his touch. “I was kind of scared that you were.” She explained and Joe’s look softened. It really was different between them. But a good kind of different. 

Should we change that?” Joe suddenly, eyes still not looking away from her and she was the one being confused. “Change what?” She replied, a slight hint of worry in her voice. “Our relationship.” Joe admitted as he shifted slightly closer to her, their faces only inches away. Joe had been wanting to ask her for a while but figured that he should wait until a conversation like this one would show up. “Y/N, I don’t just want nights with you. I want to be able to take you on a proper cool date.” Joe started and a smile appeared on her face as the words flew out of his mouth. “I want to be able to kiss you in front of our other friends. I want to be able to sleep with you. And by that, I don’t mean sex of course.” He rambled, making her laugh. “I just want a relationship with you, if you’re alright with that.” Joe said, waiting for her reaction and felt himself relax when she gave the most flawless smile he had ever seen. Y/N did not wait anymore longer to close the distance between and connected their lips together in a long loving kiss. “Of course, I am fine with that.” She mumbled against his lips after she had pulled away, earning Joe to chase for her lips again.

The young man felt like the tension between them was now different. But it wasn’t uncomfortable, it felt like home.

“Mm. Turn around.”

He was starting to have fun with this. After taking me on an unexpected shopping spree to Victoria’s Secret, I decided to perform a fashion show to thank him. My hardworking man deserved it. I watched him take another sip of his Amber liquor, slowly swallowing it and licking his lips.

“As you wish”, I wink and turn around. I lift my hair off of my back, swaying my hips a little. “What cha think, daddy?”

I was now modeling the black flowery piece he picked out.

“I think I could eat that lingerie right off of you.” He raises his glass, “I have good taste.”

I look into the full body mirror, admiring the material hugging my curves. Then I paid too much attention to my stomach. It wasn’t flat. Absentmindedly I gripped my muffin top, rubbing my love handles in annoyance. How on earth could Joe find this attractive and sexy in Vickies? Hell, I damn sure don’t. Looking back at my face, I roll my eyes at my sudden thoughts. Typical, Josie. Real typical.

“I know what you were doing and you know how much I hate that.”

I sigh, rolling my eyes as I turn to face him. “I’m sorry but there’s no way you find me desirable in this, babe.” I start untying the back, “I’m going to wash all of these garments and return them tomorrow.”

Joe crinkles his nose, “You can’t be serious.” He tosses back the last of his drink, slamming the glass down. “Josie bring your ass here right now.”

That hard bass in his voice swam through my body. He watched me walk slowly towards him until his face was a few inches away from my stomach.

He grabs my hips, “Now explain to me why you would say that.”


“Josie if I didn’t think you were sexy in lingerie I wouldn’t have spent over $2,000 in Victoria’s Secret today.”

I tilt my head, “Come to think about it, Joe you can’t stand that store.”

He clears his throat, “I’ve never said that.”

“Yes, yes you have. There was a time when I literally had to drag you by your ponytail into the store.”

“I honestly don’t recall”, his voice gets higher, “It was possibly just a bad day.”

I almost want to chuckle. His voice gets higher when he’s lying. “Leati Joseph A'noai I know when you’re lying to me.”

His face falls, “What makes you think I’m ly—”

“You’re singing like Mariah”, I thump his Adam’s apple.

He reaches for his throat, “Ok fine.” He takes a deep breath, “I overheard you talking to Kate last year about one day going on a shopping spree there. At the time, I wanted to make that come true for you but financially it was impossible. So since I’ve had this new job for a few months now, I’ve been putting money aside from every pay check for the day that I would make that wish come true.”

I’m at a lost for words right now. I do remember that conversation I had with my best friend, but I never would’ve thought he heard it. Kate was telling me about all the things she bought at the semi annual sale. Although I was excited to hear what all she bought, I was a little depressed that I couldn’t share that moment with her. Joe and I had both been working two jobs while in school, so as a married couple financial aide wasn’t enough. So after all the bills were paid, we made payments towards tuition. We barely went out especially to go shopping. But when we finally graduated with our Masters’ degrees, opportunities came knocking at our door and we moved forward with full time careers. No more living check to check, and spending majority of our off days at home because we couldn’t afford to go out.

“Joe”, I begin, “You didn’t have to do this.” I cup his face.

He faintly smiles, pulling me closer to him. “I know I didn’t, but I wanted to. Whatever my wife wants, I feel my wife should get. Josie, I want you to stop downing yourself. For over five years now, you’re still the most beautiful, flawless woman that I met in Biology class. I wouldn’t change a damn thing about you, and I’d rather you not do it as well. If you do, make sure it’s for you. Not for me.”

Suddenly feeling robbed of my heart, I straddle his lap. “I’m sorry and I promise to work on that. It’s just been hard to do because I’ve always been this way. I’ve always had the guys that told me I was cute, but not cute enough to be their’s. Then days later I would see them with these girls that had the flat stomachs and toned bodies. Here I am with my—well..” I trail off not wanting to remember those moments.

Joe slid his hands from my stomach to my thighs, caressing every curve and flab I possessed. “The guys that turned you down for this were jerks. However their rejections led you to me, someone that’ll adore every single pore on your body the way it is. And besides, I guarantee you that half of those guys are still single with a bunch of kids by different women.”

My eyes narrow, “What makes you so sure?”

“Being superficial never brings you true happiness, Josie.” He pulls me in to some adorable Eskimo kisses.

“I love you so much”, I peck his lips. “I couldn’t have asked for a better husband.”

“I love you too.” He smacks my butt, “Now, we have about three more bags to go. So continue.”

I look behind me in exhaustion at the stuffed pink bags, “Ugh! Can we take a small break?”

Joe reaches over to the table and pours him another drink. “We just did.” He swirls the liquor in his glass, “We have all night, baby. The show must go on!”

I warmly smile, “Anything for you, daddy.”

  • Furiosa: Immortan Joe... How do I begin to explain Immortan Joe?
  • The People Eater: Immortan Joe is flawless.
  • Rictus: He has two Fendi purses, AND a black Gigahorse.
  • Coma: I hear his hair's insured for $10,000.
  • The Ace: I hear he does car commercials... in Japan.
  • The Bullet Farmer: His favorite movie is Varsity Blues.
  • Morsov: One time, he met John Stamos on a plane...
  • Slit: And he told him he was pretty.
  • Nux: One time, he punched me in the face. (beat) It was awesome.
Rewatching Digimon 42-45

Under Pressure
“In a word, you SUCK”
Whamon tells Dad Jokes
Seagull’s exist in the digital world
All prepared fish. Gatomon could be a hibachi chef
Matt plays the blues and it makes him depressed, but Gatomon and him make a good duo there. He’s got the instrument, she’s got the rhymes.
Phil, Sid and Jim, the Divermon
Tai: You think we’re too brainless to figure it out?
Izzy: Yes
Oh dayum
Playing Games
Dead Friend Count: 4
Finish Him! Flawless Victory!
I’m surprised they left the crosses in
Joe is paranoid “They’re all thinking about me”
Puppetmon: Shut up *Throws yarn on Matt’s face*

Kiwimon shoots goonies from Yoshi’s Island out of his mouth
The beginning of TK becoming a suave mofo
Trash Day
GARBAGE DAY! That’s a clever title if it was meant to be a double pun but it probably wasn’t.
Matt’s being an angsty bitch
Izzy: He has been acting a little (Cut to Matt going “Wahhhh”)
They suggest to look for Matt and Tai is like “Meh I guess”
Some creepy talking Jewish Tree is coming to tell Matt to kill Tai
Mimi has had it
Be wary of soul reflecting rivers Matt
Mimi is gonna get dirt on her dress! Better digivolve to Ultimate!
Shit vs Giant Missle. Who will win!?
Matt doesn’t believe in friends? his crest is Friendship. All he does is talk about friends.
Matt’s face at the end of this episode is like “GARBAGE DAY”

The Ultimate Clash
Other Digimon: We have to stop them
Gatomon: Nah nah, let em’ do it. Worse comes to worse I got some stuff from the old yard they can fight with
Joe: Let me guess, those are the elves that make the shoes at night.
The Dark Masters knew about the Digidestined? I guess that makes sense in relation to Tri, but not in the fact that they didn’t show up until later. Were they just dickin’ around, waiting for the kids to be beaten by other bad digimon? Cause they clearly could have destroyed all the other previous bad guys.

I just saw this photo on Instagram and I thought to myself “ Photo from last night? Hum nop…At this point he must be looking older idk this looks like a photo from 2011 or idk nah this is not recent he looks way too young” then I looked to the description and the girl next to him said “Was amazing to meet Billie Joe again LAST NIGHT” YOU HEAR ME? LAST NIGHT! and now Im screaming cuz of his flawless Ok now stop reading this and take a look at his face come on Done? Now tell me HOW CAN HE BE SO FUCKING PRETTY? THIS IS AN ATTEMPET TO SOCIETY CAUSE IT BRINGS EVERYONE’S SELF ESTEEM DOWN. And I think Billie Joe should be arrested for excess of hotness Done

Secrets (part 2)

“Are you going to break up with me?”

You repeat, nuzzling your face in Joe’s torso to protect yourself from his answer.

You wait, hearing nothing but the sound of your heart pounding, contrasting with Joe’s steady breathing. You finally bring yourself to look at him. Check if he’s not dead or anything. You shyly look up and your gazes meet as he’s staring down.

He slowly stands up, and leaves his room, leaving you clueless.
You sit up, wondering what’s happening, but soon Joe comes back, holding a small object in his hand. A candle. He sets it on his desk and lights it with a match.

Then he spreads his arm, reaching for your hand. You take it and he lifts you up gently.
You’re both standing in front of the candle.

“I’ve been really selfish”

Joe begins. You take a few seconds to react, absorbed by the contemplation of the flame dancing in the dark room. And at the moment his words sink in and you’re ready to object, he carries on

“That baby wasn’t mine, but it was yours. I would have loved it so much…”

His voice cracks and you stop staring at the glowing light for a second to look at the beautiful face beside you. Joe’s eyes are glassy, but that’s not what you see.

What you see is the love of your life, the man you absolutely adore, admire and look up to, the person who holds you when you cry and crackles when you laugh and smiles when you grin and acknowledges your loss when others didn’t. The lover who gives credit to an unborn baby he didn’t father, because what’s important to you is to him.
And all of a sudden, you’re ready. Not that you’re healed, but the pain is numbed. The baby will not be replaced, and will always be loved and remembered by two loving parents, and when the time comes, by their sibling.

And you know you’ll make it work, together.

10 months later

“Babe I’m home!”

You say as soon as you open the door. The apartment is silent. You walk your way from a room to another, until a low whisper catches your attention. You carefully pop your head into the crack of the door of what was your office until about a two weeks ago. Joe’s humming a lullaby, eyes closed, to the tiny baby asleep on his chest. He’s sat on a rocking chair and his socked feet are resting on the nursing table, pushing lightly to impulse the back and forth rocking movement.

Your baby, a beautiful little girl, has Joe’s blond little hair and your nose. Her tiny mouth is slightly opened as she’s breathing steadily, sighing there and then when Joe’s fingers lazily caress her head or traces the line of her neck.

The picture you’re staring at is flawless and you couldn’t be happier. You heart is full of love for this baby and seeing Joe doing so well with her has made you fall twice as much in love with him, as if it was possible.

You stay there a few minutes, until you notice it. What you thought was deem lighting the room isn’t the bulb from the lamp. Up on the window board, glowing in the darkness, reflecting on the faces of your loved ones, making the atmosphere warm and peaceful, is a lit candle.

The picture wikipedia uses for the Fall Out Boy page speaks to me on a spiritual level.

I mean, each of them is totally in the zone. This picture has some good symmetry, with both Joe and Pete pulling faces.  They’re all wearing layers. All of them have flawless hair.  All of their faces are well groomed.  Patrick is in front with his glasses. Patrick is wearing a three piece suit.  

I can die a happy death.

anonymous asked:

Do you guys know a group called STARISH? If so, what do you think about them?

“STARISH… How do I begin to explain STARISH…”

“STARISH is flawless.”

“I hear their outfits are insured for 8 million yen.”

“I hear they do concerts… In America!”

“Their least favorite band is HEAVENS.”

“One time they met Joe Watanabe on a plane… And he told Tokiya his acting was great.”

“One time Satsuki punched me in the face… It was awesome!”

I was looking at my list of Fic To Finish and found this opening to an Evanstan story. When did I write this? Why? Where was it going? I don’t know, but it’s not bad. Maybe I should find out what’s next.


The thing is, Sebastian’s brilliant on set. Chris knows this.

The thing is, Sebastian’s dedicated and determined and willing to do whatever it takes to get the shot. Chris knows this too.

The thing is, Sebastian will never ever ever complain or let anyone know that anything is wrong, he’ll just straighten those shoulders and get through it, and Chris knows that as well. These are all reasons that Chris admires his co-star and is frustrated by his co-star (“What do you mean I kicked you hard enough that you’re limping? You didn’t say so yesterday!”) and is a little in awe, maybe, of Sebastian’s ability to balance sweetness and drive and shyness and mischief and that wicked wide smile.

The thing is that Chris is in love, and puppy-clumsy with it, never quite knowing what to do or say, tripping over his own feet or choking on a sip of coffee when Sebastian saunters up to him in full-on Winter Soldier gear—minus mask and eyewear—and purrs, “Hello, Captain.”

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