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It’s like 1am and I’ve stayed up watching Green Day interviews and crying my ass off because l love them so much, like I can’t even explain. I just relate man, hearing Billie Joe say like “we all have our problems and just waking up the next day is something” I swear to you, I may not show it (I’ve been taught not to) but I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them. I love them so much I just want to talk about it

It’s easy to think celebrity deaths will never effect you until it’s a “celebrity” that helped make a huge impact on your life.

Linkin Park plays a crucial role in my identity. I know this for sure, as the moment the news began to come out about Chester’s death, I had friends, family, people I haven’t genuinely spoken to in forever reach out to me because they remembered me as the one who held this band so deeply that I had talked about them endlessly and spoke of my love countless times. It was amazing, and upsetting all the same.

The boy I liked in middle school had “Faint” as his profile song on MySpace. I skipped the song every time I went on his profile. I didn’t want to hear it. Until, one day, I decided “why not? Let’s hear it” and from that day on, a love was formed that I’ll never let go.

I collected what seems to be endless memorabilia. My father gave me the original Hybrid Theory tape. My first CD of them was Meteora. “Faint” carried me through many dark years, along with the rest of the tracks off that album and off of “Hybrid Theory”. I spent many hours on forums, collecting pictures, memorizing lyrics.

For my birthday that year, my dad hunted down a copy of “From the Inside”, the book detailing the making of “Meteora”. I spent all night reading that book. I keep it close in case I want to revisit it. He also bought me “Frat Party at the Pankake Festival”, a movie I revisit often when I’m sad because this band is hilarious and heartfelt. Truly genuine to watch and wish you could interact with. God, I love these men.

In 2010, my cousin took me to my first Linkin Park show. We got up at 6 in the morning and drove to Philly to spend the whole day there until it was time to get on line at the PNC arena early so we could be up front. I spent hours in below freezing weather, blowing warm breath into my sleeves to keep my cold hands warm until the doors opened. An obnoxiously tall boy pushed in front of me when I got to the barricades and I remember him giving me a hard time when I told him I was small, and it would make more sense if he gave me a little room. Luckily, I made friends with some fellow LP Underground members and when they lifted the barricades in the middle of the show, the boy I made friends with allowed me to get close to Chester. I held Chester’s hand during “In The End”. My cousin captured a picture moments before. I could have died HAPPILY after that. Best show of my life.

When I was 18 and had my first “real” job in security, I got my second tattoo. Lyrics to “Faint”. I’m still proud of it and am thinking of expanding it. I remember the hard time the tattoo artist gave me about how I wanted it (last time I ever went to that shop!) but I loved it regardless. “Faint” is and always will be the song that changed my life, because I found them.

Chester and I have led similar lives, minus the drug usage. I felt closest to him. I loved him. I love them all. Like I said, it’s easy to say a celebrity death won’t mean anything to you until it’s one that helped shape you, helped you cope. I think, if Chester, a hero of mine who fought similar demons couldn’t make it, how can I? Will my dark past swallow me whole one day like his did? It’s a troubling thought.

Linkin Park has carried my through a majority of my life. Bonded me to certain people forever. Inspired me. Pushed me. Was alongside me as I grew. I’ll never understand, and yet in some regards, I do. This band is everything to me and always will be. I have so many memories and feelings attached to them, the past with them something I can recall fondly and still feel what I felt then. I am lucky to be an LP soldier and have bonded with this community. Even some of my favorite bands now, like Bring Me the Horizon for example, started because of Linkin Park, and I wouldn’t have them as well without Linkin Park. I’m eternally grateful.

I love you, Chester. I love you, Linkin Park. Thank you for changing my life. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for everything. My heart forever hurts over this. I hope Chester found peace. I think we all leaned on Linkin Park at some points in our life and now they need to lean on us. Let’s give that much to them.

Forever in my heart. Forever the most special band in my life. Thank you.

Phazon Status: Tainted [Open]

Joe was out of commission for about a month, slipping in and out of consciousness.  He was moved to the medical bay after his defeat by Dark Samus, and if anyone went in to observe him, they’d find that his vitals had changed somewhat.

He was now radioactive, just like Saeth.  Scans indicated the presence of Phazon in his body.  He appears to be naturally generating the substance, but despite previous intel on it, there doesn’t appear to be any negative impact on his health.

Science Team was not so hopeful, however, and believed that unless some method was developed to help Joe vent the Phazon in his body, there was a very strong chance that he’d suffer a critical Phazon Overload, with a high probability of death or losing his mental faculties.

Due to these circumstances, Science Team, despite their strong desire not to delve into these matters, is currently researching a method to help Joe expend his Phazon via his Arm Cannon.  If questioned about it, they repeatedly stressed that the only other option was to routinely vacuum out Joe’s insides of the Phazon, and they believed that to be the more dangerous of the two options.

Of course, because their Phazon reserves were stolen by Dark Samus, Science Team’s progress was limited to simulations, and they felt like the simulations weren’t helping much.  They believed that Saeth could help them with the device, but they didn’t want to approach her in case they accidentally pissed her off with their request.

Eventually, Joe came to, groaning in pain.  He seemed pretty disoriented as he spoke.  "Where…where am I?“ he asked, clearly confused.