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can i just say that i’m so incredibly proud of the stranger things kids???? like these guys are 13-16 years old and they’re already so successful and they’re doing what they love and above all they are happy???? they deserve all the success that they get in the future because they have all worked so hard to get to where they are & they’re all destined to do great things in the future

the duffer brothers gave us so little jonathan/steve interaction this season (if any at all) and not even from a ship point of view i’m just salty because s1 steve literally tried to apologise and be friends with him and s2 steve had so much character growth and yet they didn’t even but them within a 10ft radius of each other

you can’t really love Steve Harrington, if you don’t love and appreciate Joe Keery

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I just watched OOTW music video the first time since I became a real Haylor shipper. It’s just so… She clearly tried to show how the relationship felt like to her. Being chased by wolves, drowning, burning, freezing, sinking in a swamp, falling and falling and falling and getting back up. It was so hard but so beautiful the spring came back every time Harry looked at her, she knew it was worth it. (“When the sun came up you were looking at me”) I feel so sad thinking about those two beautiful souls who I think were perfect for each other, had to go through this rough experience because of us (fans) and the media. And I just don’t understand how people think it was just a PR stunt. Forget the fact that it was Taylor’s and 1D’s absolute most popular time that they didn’t need any publicity, how can you not feel it in her songs? I was true hater of the ship until I heard the songs. There’s no way she could’ve faked those feelings. And why is it so hard to believe they had a brief but powerful romance? That doesn’t even mean they are straight, it’s just means they loved each other once.

It’s like 1am and I’ve stayed up watching Green Day interviews and crying my ass off because l love them so much, like I can’t even explain. I just relate man, hearing Billie Joe say like “we all have our problems and just waking up the next day is something” I swear to you, I may not show it (I’ve been taught not to) but I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them. I love them so much I just want to talk about it

Something humorously OOC about Flash 4x04:

There’s no way in hell Iris wouldn’t have known that backstory about Ralph & Barry. I forget which ep it was, but in early 1a Barry wouldn’t tell her about a case for all of two seconds until she called him a blabbermouth who couldn’t keep a secret to save himself - except about being in love w/ her & being the Flash apparently. And given this was a case that set him off so badly, you’re telling me he wouldn’t have vented to Iris about it??


Also: “I tell her everything.” -Barry (1x05)

For the sake of canon, I’m going to go with he vented to Joe and when Iris came around he just wanted to let loose with her and forget about it, so he didn’t tell her about it.

But like…looking back on season 1, even that’s far-fetched.