joe varisco


LEX-I-CA October 2012

y'all this is my very first solo performance in chicago!  thank you joe varisco for this incredible opportunity!! <3


Siblings & Lovers. I wanted to thank you for your support of QUEER, ILL, & OKAY, which is about to pass an important milestone. 

I wanted to remind folk why this was created and in performing with Poonie’s Cabaret this weekend this piece did that. 

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“The biggest barrier to us changing our community is apathy and privilege.” - Jackie Boyd

Joe Varisco of JRV MAJESTY Productions sat down with Jacqueline Boyd founder and director of Chicago’s Queer Choir to discuss what her work as a board member deciding recipients for the Chances Dances Critical Fierceness and Mark Aguhar Memorial grants. She also discusses her work as an organizer, the challenges of working in a segregated city, the power behind the use of “call out culture” and the intentionality it takes to create a more inclusive, beneficial, healthy, safe and loving space for everyone.

Jackie is a powerful force of queer energy and spirit in Chicago. As director of the Queer Choir she has brought a myriad of voices in community together to create one sound to celebrate our differences and honor our shared energy. In addition to building community through vocal performance Jackie was recently a subject in Jules Rosskam’s film ‘Thick Relations’ currently submitting to film festivals, an organizer participating in the development of a city-wide large scale event 'Queer Central Time’ as well as founding Board Member of the Chances Dances Collective, which helps determine the recipients of the Chances Dances Critical Fierceness and Mark Aguhar Memorial grants.

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