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stranger things cast friendships: Joe Keery & Charlie Heaton

“He’s got great hair. Amazing hair. He’s not a bad kisser, either.” 


if you follow me on twitter i was posting some WIPs of this over the last couple of days. I wanted to do some fanart, so I did some of the band Otoboke Beaver (おとぼけビ~バ~) who make really awesome music.

I posted a version without the text as I think the layout of the top image feels a little weird. Like, there’s a lot of detail but the fact that the text is so big means the image has to be relatively small in the center.

I feel like particularly the colours in this are really influenced by James Harvey’s stuff. Also - people will tell me I’m worrying too much about this but if anyone (particularly any southeast asian folk) feels like some of the facial features look too caricatured or give you a weird yellowface vibe, let me know. I’m only really saying this because I followed the discourse surrounding that Dilraj Mann ISLAND cover and I might be a bit blind to any potentially sensitive stuff. Thanks.

the writing process for The Last of The Real Ones (x)