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1. Joe (an infant child) with his angry teeth-baring GRRR! face has mastered the Angry Elbow, but not so much the Angry Punch which despite the angryness of his teeth-baring GRRR! face is way more like a rib-tickling poke but hey, he IS very young.

2. Laurence (an angry choirmaster) on the other hand HAS fully mastered the Angry Punch although I think he’s as surprised as anyone – anyone being the guy standing behind him – at how effective and also painful the Angry Punch turned out to be.

3. Malcolm (an absolute bastard) is in this instance an absolute bastard for punching Poor Glenn in the first place and then making the extremely dubious claim he actually meant to hit the wall, but he’s REALLY an absolute bastard for making terrible puns about it afterwards.

4. The Doctor (an impassioned Time Lord) on the other hand absolutely DOES mean to hit the wall over

and over

and over again

for what turns out to be literally four and half billion years until he finally breaks on through to the other side

after very much taking the long way around.

Eyes On Me Please

Eyes On Me Please

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It was another night out with the boys, Joe was quickly growing tired of clubbing.It wasn’t that he didn’t like to have fun, dance, and hangout with the Buttercreams, it was the fact that this was the 3rd night this week, and every time they go out all Joe see’s is girls flirting with Jack, like tonight.

Joe looks up from his phone to see that a girl has managed to make her way over to their table, and was now doing anything to get Jack’s attention, it seems like Jack’s not going to give it to her, knowing that his loving boyfriend is right across from him. It still made Joe see red, and his body fill with anger, he was jealous again.

Joe understand why the girls are after Jack, he looks pretty damn good tonight, he’s got his hair styled in that side swoop that makes anyone’s knees tremble. He did it especially for Joe because he knows what it does to him.

“Joe buddy are you okay?” Caspar asked a hint of concern in his voice. “You’re gripping your glass kind of tight.”

Joe looked up at Caspar surprised that the man had took notice of him, by now him and Maddie would usually be making out somewhere. “Oh I’m fine Caspar, just think I need another drink is all.”

Caspar being the kind friend he is, left to go get him some shots, which he knows that Joe hates. Joe looked back over to Jack seeing that the girl was gone, and so was Jack. Panic and dread filled at the pit of his stomach, until he felt familiar arms wrap around him. “Joe, you’ve been so far away all night, my arms miss you.”

Joe smiled at the familiar voice of his boyfriend, look back to meet his blue eyes. “You’ve been busy, I thought you forgot about me actually,” he tries to tease but comes out more of an accusation, causing Jack to frown.

“I would never forget about you, babe. How can I forget about the most wonderful, amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, incredible person in my life?” Jack asked while pressing a kiss to my cheeks with each compliments.

“It didn’t seem to hard earlier,” I mumbled out, regretting it immediately after seeing the hurt on Jack’s face. “I’m sorry love, I’m just being a prick. Let’s just go have a good time, yeah?”

“Yeah,” He replies while releasing me so I can get out of my seat. “Wanna dance?”

“Only if you can keep up, Maynard,” Jack smirks at Joe’s cockiness, grabbing the older man’s hand to lead him to the dance floor.

“I’m pretty sure I can keep up, Sugg.”

As soon as they get out there, Jack is swarmed with 3 girls, each putting their hands on his shoulders, or his hands. Joe sends a pray for their lives, if he wasn’t a boy. Joe manages to jerk Jack away from the girls wandering hands. “Sorry ladies he prefers dick,” the girls faces drop with disappointment and disgust, while Jack lets out a chuckle.

“Did you have to be so blunt?”

“It’s the only way to keep them away,” Joe defends while pouting, Jack leans forward and placed a soft kiss on Joe’s pouty lips, which is quickly returned.

“Don’t be so jealous I’m all yours, babe.”

“Then keep your eyes on me,” A slow song begins to play, and most people are trying to leave the floor, Joe wraps his arms around Jack’s neck, staring into the boy’s eyes. “I want you all to myself tonight.”

“Your wish is granted,” Jack cheesiness caused Joe to roll his eyes and almost pulling away, but the embrace feels really good. The dancing last for awhile, most girls leave Jack alone because the two boys are either grinding against each other or Joe’s giving any girl that tries to approach a deadly glare.

By 3 am Joe is tuckered out, and he needs to pee. “Jack come to the bathroom with me,” He whines against his boyfriends chest.

“Really Joe, Jack’s been with you all night, let the man breath a little,” Josh jokes, which felt like someone just drop a whole cup of ice cold water on Joe. He realizes that Josh is right, he has been super clingy throughout the whole night, every time Jack moved he went right along with him.

Joe moves away from Jack like he’s on fire. “Yeah, nevermind,” he quickly walks off in the direction of the toilets.

Jack let’s out a heavy sigh sending Josh a harsh glare, “Now why did you go and say that?”

“Come on now Jack, I was just teasing him a little bit, you two have been together all night,” Josh attempts to defend himself, but the rest of the groups just rolls their eyes.

“Yeah well thanks a lot,” Jack sighs before heading off to the bathroom.

“Way to go Josh,” Conor says sarcastically, while smacking the large ginger on the back. “You do realize Jack’s going to get you for this,” fear filled Josh’s body at the thought of all the things Jack’s going to do to him.


Jack opens the door to the bathrooms, getting groans and complaints from the people who are in line to use it, but he easily ignores them. “Joe?!”

“What?” Joe sounded so calm and quiet that Jack almost didn’t hear him, if it wasn’t for the fact that new his boyfriend voice so well.

“Hey I would’ve went with you, why did you walk off like that?” Joe opened the stall door, just a little bit so Jack could see his face.

“Josh is right, I’ve been clingy and possessive all night I just wanted to give you some space to breath,” Joe mumbles trying not to meet Jack’s questioning eyes.

“Alright I’m coming in,” he pulls the stall opened more causing Joe to step back and take a seat on the toilet, as he entered the stall. “Joseph Sugg you know me better than anyone, well that’s debatable, but still you would know if I was annoyed or upset by your presence, tonight was a good night, I got to spend it with my boyfriend by my side, and not some random girl I didn’t know.”

“I know but I just got to thinking that maybe I should start giving you more space, so you don’t get bored of me,”

“Never, you’re my Suggy, and I miss you when you’re gone for a minute. Besides who else is going to save me from the girls?” Jack teased while grabbing Joe’s hand, and pulling him up from the toilet.

“Me,” Joe whispers, as he leans forward for a kiss, which Jack grants him with. They’re kiss is quickly interrupted by the men outside the bathroom banging on the door.

“Hey you two! It’s a touching moment I get it, but some of us would really like to take a piss,” the two men burst into laughter, quickly apologizing and leaving the bathroom.

Jack placed his hands on Joe’s waist pulling him towards with a bright smile, as they headed back to the Buttercreams. “Hey I just wanted you to know that my eyes are always on you, and you’re pretty hot when you’re jealous,”

“Please I’m not jealous,” Joe scoffs, rolling his eyes at his boyfriend.

“Oh really?” Jack challenges, as he points at a girl checking him out.

Joe eyes catch the girl’s eyes wandering on his boyfriend’s body, “Oi! Sorry love but his eyes are on me,” he grabs Jack by his collar pulling him into a kiss, as the girl huffs and walks away.


“Am not!”

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Characters that deserved more than they got

Major Hughes

Lapis lazuli

Kaneki ken


  1. Buttataki joe (in the manga)

itachi uchina



In conclusion the world of entertainment is a cruel, cruel place.

colbert mika joe trump

Joe and Mika, Smug On Colbert Stephen Colbert probably drew good ratings for his Tuesday show, which featuring Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, the latter making some very minor news by announcing on The Late Show that he is leaving the Republican party to become an independent. But Colbert could not prevent the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe from boring his audience silly, with their smug pleasure at having been attacked via tweets by President Donald Trump.

You’ve heard about the late-June tweets by now—Trump called Mika “low-IQ crazy” and Scarborough “Psycho Joe”—and Colbert dutifully asked, how did that feel, guys? The duo trotted out the exact same reactions they gave on their own show. Mika said the incident is “very sad for the country… he can be played very easily.” Joe said Trump was especially hard on Mika “because she’s a woman.” At one point, Joe started to level a criticism of Trump and Mika warned the man she’s gonna marry to “be very careful.” Oooh, what would he say? “He has started to change,” said Joe of Donald. “He used to be in on the joke.” So much for dynamite analysis or condemnation of the President.

The whole thing—two full segments plus a performance of his mediocre “rock music” by Scarborough—was a display of TV-star entitlement. Everything emerged from the position of, “We are successful insiders, we’ve socialized with everyone powerful, including the President.” While Mika played lip service to the Trump presidency being “sad for the country,” and while Scarborough chided the Republican party for not condemning Trump, there was no sting to their comments, no true outrage, no original observation This was just two TV stars doing some self-congratulation with another TV star.

I’m a little surprised Colbert let them get away with this—that he didn’t try to puncture their complacency. Maybe he was too happy just to have booked them. After all, Joe and Mika work for NBC—if they were going to do any late-night show, you’d think their corporate bosses would have told them to go and do Jimmy Fallon’s NBC Tonight Show first. And who knows? Maybe their bosses did, and maybe Fallon—who doesn’t like to ruffle anyone or anything except hair–said, “Joe and Mika who? Politics? No thanks.” Someone needed to puncture the ever-inflating egos of the Morning Joe co-hosts. Instead, this night, all they got were pats on the back and an opportunity to promote some lousy music.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on CBS.


Hanniween icons, part 3

Feel free to use them as you please. Credit is appreciated, but not compulsory. If you have any particular picture that you want Hanniween-ed, let me know! ♥


Fight! Fight! Fight!

Have I done something like this before?  I know I’ve done individual posts for the fights, but I don’t think I’ve put them all together fully celebrate and appreciate Joe and Malcolm and Laurence’s awesome unarmed* fighting technique and hand-waving aftermath excellence.  Or in Joe’s case, his adorable owie face.

It’s a little hard to tell because of the angles, but I’m pretty sure they are making the exact same face in the first three gifs.

*The cardinal also has a pretty good fight scene, but I’m not including him since he successfully brought a fork to a knifefight.

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‘BILLY LYNN’S LONG HALFTIME’ #kstew’s new film has new addition’s to the cast..

Vin Diesel, fresh off the rousing $342 million worldwide opening of Furious 7, and Chris Tucker are in negotiations to join the growing cast of Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, the adaptation of the Ben Fountain novel being directed by Ang Lee…. 

….Newcomer Joe Alwyn is starring as the title character with Steve Martin, Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund in various stages of negotiations to join the roll call. 

Diesel will play a professional soldier while Tucker will play a movie producer who is intent on making a movie about the soldiers.

Via:  : IMDB.COM