joe tucker


1. Joe (an infant child) with his angry teeth-baring GRRR! face has mastered the Angry Elbow, but not so much the Angry Punch which despite the angryness of his teeth-baring GRRR! face is way more like a rib-tickling poke but hey, he IS very young.

2. Laurence (an angry choirmaster) on the other hand HAS fully mastered the Angry Punch although I think he’s as surprised as anyone – anyone being the guy standing behind him – at how effective and also painful the Angry Punch turned out to be.

3. Malcolm (an absolute bastard) is in this instance an absolute bastard for punching Poor Glenn in the first place and then making the extremely dubious claim he actually meant to hit the wall, but he’s REALLY an absolute bastard for making terrible puns about it afterwards.

4. The Doctor (an impassioned Time Lord) on the other hand absolutely DOES mean to hit the wall over

and over

and over again

for what turns out to be literally four and half billion years until he finally breaks on through to the other side

after very much taking the long way around.


Hanniween icons, part 3

Feel free to use them as you please. Credit is appreciated, but not compulsory. If you have any particular picture that you want Hanniween-ed, let me know! ♥


Fight! Fight! Fight!

Have I done something like this before?  I know I’ve done individual posts for the fights, but I don’t think I’ve put them all together fully celebrate and appreciate Joe and Malcolm and Laurence’s awesome unarmed* fighting technique and hand-waving aftermath excellence.  Or in Joe’s case, his adorable owie face.

It’s a little hard to tell because of the angles, but I’m pretty sure they are making the exact same face in the first three gifs.

*The cardinal also has a pretty good fight scene, but I’m not including him since he successfully brought a fork to a knifefight.

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‘BILLY LYNN’S LONG HALFTIME’ #kstew’s new film has new addition’s to the cast..

Vin Diesel, fresh off the rousing $342 million worldwide opening of Furious 7, and Chris Tucker are in negotiations to join the growing cast of Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, the adaptation of the Ben Fountain novel being directed by Ang Lee…. 

….Newcomer Joe Alwyn is starring as the title character with Steve Martin, Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund in various stages of negotiations to join the roll call. 

Diesel will play a professional soldier while Tucker will play a movie producer who is intent on making a movie about the soldiers.

Via:  : IMDB.COM