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Not Your Cisco, My Cisco (Cisco x reader)

A/N: A little Cisco something because I miss watching Flash (I am so behind). Doesn’t have to be in a specific part of the timeline just somewhere after Zoom and before Barry fucks shit up with the timeline.

Warnings: Probably language somewhere I am really not conscious of it

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Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin were just throwing out lunch ideas when the portal opened in the middle of the lab. Before any of them could react you jumped out landing right in front of Cisco.

“Oh thank goodness. Cisco!” You stepped forward and wrapped your arms around him as you planted a relieved kiss on him. He wasn’t kissing you back like normal which caused you to survey the room.

“That’s one way to say hello.” Barry had a bemused smirk on. Across the room Caitlin looked pleasantly surprised. The person you were mainly concerned with though was the very shocked Cisco who held his hands mid air by his sides and couldn’t seem to put his eye brows back down.

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Pick Your Battles

A/N: This fic includes mentions of sexist jokes. If these things really get you going, maybe I would suggest reading because Joe has some good defense against it, imo. I dunno lol you’ve been warned. 

Disclaimer: A few of Joe’s Wiltshire friends make a cameo in this story. I don’t know them personally (obvs) and I have no idea if they would say any of these things (i mean hopefully not). 

anyway, please ENJOY and let me know what you think

It was a chilly December night in the middle of downtown Bath. The crisp air held the heady aroma of beer, and hot metal from the large space heater set out on the pub patio. A small breeze whisked away the plumes of cigarette smoke that wafted up from the other patrons.

Raucous laughter exploded from a small group sat together on a large bench, their bodies huddled together slightly.

“So, I said, what’s the big deal, mate? I thought it was meant to be that size!”

Y/N held on to her ribs as a cramp set in from laughing too hard, her hand swiping away at stray tears.

“Oh, god. Stop it,” she managed to get out, between giggles. “I’m dying.”

This only spurred them on more.

“Don’t wet yourself, love,” Joe teased, trying to contain himself.

“Shit, that might not be a bad idea,” Lewis chimed in, rubbing his hands together. “It’s fucking freezing out here. At least she’d be warm.”

“Yeah, for .2 seconds before it freezes over,” she retorted. “And you know what, ice crotch just doesn’t sound appealing right now.”

Joe snorted just as he swigged the last bit of his drink, coughing and laughing. Y/N patted his back sporting a huge smirk on her face.

“Alright, well I actually need to go piss,” Joe said, getting up from the table. “You want another drink while I’m in there?”

Y/N chuckled, “Only if you wash your hands before getting it.”

He rolled his eyes and pulled a stupid face, “Nah, I’m not. And I’m gonna make sure to stick my finger in the drink, too.”

She grimaced and the rest of the boys laughed, “Gross. I don’t know what you have. You might have diseases!” She yelled at her boyfriend’s retreating form, everyone almost cackling when he gave her the finger without even looking back.

“What? We don’t get the offer of another drink?” Jack exclaimed. “Load of shit, that is.”

“Hm, sorry to say, but I’m just prettier than you,” Y/N teased, dramatically flipping her hair over her shoulder.

“Debatable,” said Matt, smirking, earning a smack on the shoulder from Y/N. “Rude.”

“Anyway, who’s got the next story?” Lewis asked.

There were grumbles around the table, before Matt spoke up again.

“I don’t have a story. But I have one-liner jokes that are pretty good.”

“Alright then. Let’s hear it.”

He cleared his throat and smirked, eyeing everyone at the table, “How do you annoy your girlfriend during sex?”


“Phone her.”

The boys snorted. A nervous laugh escaped Y/N’s lips.

“If your wife keeps coming out of the kitchen to nag at you, what have you done wrong?… You’ve made her chain too long.”

Y/N shifted uncomfortably as the men erupted into laughter.

“Go on then, Matt! Give us another.”

“What’s the difference between oral sex and anal sex?… Oral sex makes your day, and anal sex makes her whole week.”

She clenched her jaw and her fist tightened. A dark anger starting to boil in the bottom of her belly. Her mind started to numb and the chatter around her turned into white noise. She took a slow, deep breath.

“OH, this is a good one. What you do ca-“

“Actually, you know what, Matt,” Y/N stopped him. “These, um, jokes… are making me really uncomfortable.”

The table suddenly became silent.

“And I would prefer if we changed the subject,” she leveled Matt with a hard stare.

He began to splutter, “Oh. Sorry, I wasn’t trying to upset you. Just trying to make everyone laugh.”

“No, it’s fine. I just… I don’t really find those kinds of jokes funny,” she smiled grimly. “You know, being a woman and all.”

His mouth closed with an audible pop.

“Sorry about that. Took bloody ages to get these pints,” Joe’s sudden appearance made all four of them jump. His eyebrows shot up, looking around at the group as he handed out the drinks. “Everything alright?”

“Yep, just fine mate,” Lewis said, almost too quickly. He grabbed his beer and took a long swig. The rest of the boys followed suit. Slowly, Y/N took her own drink and sipped, finally dropping her gaze from Matt.

Joe’s eyes shifted to each of them before sitting down, slinging an arm around Y/N’s shoulders. “I washed my hands, by the way. Just for you.”

“Hm?” she looked up at him slightly dazed, before comprehending what he meant. “Oh. Yeah, thank you, baby.”

His eyebrows furrowed, concern and confusion etched into his features, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Y/N side-stepped out of the bench seat, Joe’s arm sliding off her. “I’ll be right back, need to use the little ladies room.” Before he could even think of saying anything, she was already inside.

He whipped his head back to the boys, all of them looking slightly guilty.

“What happened?” Joe asked sharply.

Jack was the first to speak up, “Well, we were just chatting shit and Matt was telling some jokes and she got upset.”

Joe blinked, “What kind of jokes?” He looked at Matt. “Oh, not your bloody one-liners!”

Lewis and Jack groaned.

Joe felt as though his eyes could literally roll into the back of his head.

“I bring my girlfriend here to meet you all, and you think the best first impression is to tell the most sexist jokes in your arsenal? What the hell, Matt?”

Matt arms were crossed tightly as he looked at his shoes, “Not my fault she has a stick up her arse.” He looked up at Joe, “The jokes were funny.”

“They were funny when we were 17 and didn’t know any better,” Joe snapped. “Would you say that shit in front of your mum? Your sister?”

“Of course not!”

“Then, what makes my girlfriend any different?”

“Exactly that. She’s your girlfriend. I thought she’d be chill.”

Joe threw his hands in the air in frustration, “She is chill! Y/N has literally been bullshitting with us all night. But suddenly she’s not, because how dare she not find your shitty jokes funny.”

Matt just sat there, quiet.

“For fucks sake…” Joe stood up, straightening out his shirt. “I’m going to go check on her. I’ll be back.”

He left his friends sitting at the bench, all of them feeling slightly awkward.

It didn’t take long for Joe to find Y/N. She was sat at a booth in the far corner of the pub, her fingers tracing circles into the wood of the table.

“Hey you.”

He smiled when her bright eyes met his. She gave him a tiny smile back.


He slid in next to her, wrapping an arm around her, “What’s up?”

Y/N sighed softly, “I’m sorry for getting upset…”

Joe frowned, “No, don’t apologize. They told me what happened. You had every right to be angry.”

“But, now they probably don’t like me,” she let out a soft chuckle.

“Bullshit,” he swept a strand of hair behind her ear. “They love you. Matt just got his little ego knocked down a bit because he’s not as funny as he thinks he is.”

Y/N nodded slowly, still tracing patterns on the table top. Joe gently grabbed her hand, bringing it up to kiss her knuckle. “Are you ready to go home?”

“Yeah,” she sighed again. “I’m sorry for ruining the night.”

“You didn’t ruin anything, love,” he got up, helping her out of her seat. “Matt on the otherhan-“

“Um, Y/N?”

Joe and Y/N turned to the sound of the voice, surprised to see, no one other than, Matt.

She looked him right in the eyes, “Yes?”

“Yeah… Look, I’m sorry,” he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “The other boys and I were talking about it and the jokes were a little…”

Y/N shot him a look.

“I mean, they were very out of line. In my defense, I’ve used them for years and they always get a laugh on a lad’s night out.” Matt sighed, shoving his hands in his pockets, “But I can see why you wouldn’t find them funny… at all. And I’m really sorry. You won’t have to worry about me saying shit like that again.”

After carefully listening to everything he said, Y/N nodded and took a deep breath, “Well, that’s a start.”

Matt nodded as well, and chuckled nervously, “So… am I forgiven?”

Y/N kept her gaze cold as Matt’s anxiously waited for her response. Joe had to look down at their feet to hide his laughter, but his shaking shoulders betrayed him.

She began to smirk, “Yes.”

Matt grinned, whole face starting to light up.

“But, do it again, and I’ll deck you.”

Joe and Matt let out a sharp laugh.

“How is that any better from what I was saying? You just threatened me!” Matt teased.

Before Y/N could retort, Joe spoke, “And, she’ll put your arse on the ground. Careful.”

Matt just laughed and headed out to the patio again, Joe and Y/N in tow.

He squeezed her hand before crossing the threshold, a look in his eye and small smile on his lips.

For some reason, she knew what he meant, without even saying anything.

Pick your battles, Y/N. Not all can be won in one night.

Joe Sugg imagine || It started as a bet. ||

Anonymous said:

Hello love ;) can you please make one where the reader is with Joe because she made a bet but she actually falls for him but he finds out the truth.

- - -

A/N: Going to be flashing back and forth a few times in this imagine. :)

Also a pre-ish Youtube.

- - -

~ Flashback ~

He’s kind of weird… Well, a lot weird.” You laughed as you sat with your friends on the small set of bleachers outside the school – it was after school and most of your friends had boyfriends who played football after school so you decided to hang out with them while they watched and waited. “Yeah, a lot.” Your friend Marlee repeated with a laugh as you were talking about Joe Sugg – a guy in your grade who was also on the field playing football.

I bet you wouldn’t go out with him for a small wager.” Carolyn looked at you with a smirk – you were the only one in your circle of friends without a boyfriend. “For how long?” You wondered, you did think Joe was kind of weird, but you didn’t really do the whole hurt someones feelings thing.

Like, two weeks?” Carolyn figured, Marlee and Anna nodded looking at you, “I mean, if you don’t have the guts to do it.” She giggled and you narrowed your eyes at your friends. “I do to! But what’s in it for me?” You wondered. “Uhm.” Marlee thought and looked at your other friends. “Thirty pounds and this packet of half gone gum?” She offered. “And you HAVE to take him to Anna’s birthday this weekend.” Carolyn stipulated.

Seriously?” You raised your eyebrow at them and they nodded. You were sixteen, mostly broke and gum was always a luxury. “Fine, he isn’t that bad anyway.” You agreed, you all shook hands sealing the bet and you waited until after football had finished.

You walked onto the field seeing Joe picking up his backpack, “hey.” You waved seeing him, he looked up and smiled. “Hi.” He said, “(Y/N) right?” He asked, running his fingers through his bleachy-blonde hair, watching you with his blue eyes. “Yeah, Joe, right?” You counted and he nodded. “What’s up?” He wondered, glancing around, you had only spoken to him a few times in Photography class, mainly since you used machine two and he used machine one. “I was just wondering… Would you be interested in maybe… Going out sometime?” You asked casually, you did feel slightly nervous. “Really?” He sounded surprised. “Yeah.” You smiled. “Sure, yeah.” He nodded witha bright smile. “Great,” you looked around, “text me?” You wondered taking your phone from your pocket and offering it to him to put his number in while he handed you his.

~ End Flashback ~

“Joe, you’re running late. Your uncle is going to kill you!” You called upstairs from the kitchen of your house, it was ten and a half months later and you had gotten into a serious relationship with Joe, you really liked him, well you loved him actually. “Coming, coming.” He came rushing down the stairs in his tattered work jeans and an old hooded sweater with pieces of straw still stuck to it. “See you after work.” He came rushing by after grabbing his keys, he stopped mid-step, walking backwards he kissed you sweetly on the lips. “Love you.” He added and you grinned. “I love you, too.” You felt fuzzy every time he said, ‘Love you’. Joe had taken the career experience option and went roof thatching with his uncle.

~ Flashback ~

Girl, it’s been two weeks, you’ve earn this.” Carolyn handed you the thirty pounds in ten pound notes. “You deserve way more for letting him kiss you at Anna’s birthday though.” Marlee snickered and you felt awkward taking the money and shoving it into your pocket, “yeah, I guess…” You muttered, trying to move on from the subject it started as a bet, but you had started developing feelings for Joe after you two started spending time together. “So… When are you gonna break up with him?” Anna asked you and you shrugged. “I’ll find the right time, I wanna break it to him gently you know. I mean… I don’t wanna hurt his feelings too much.” You looked around, you were all sitting on the bleachers again, looking toward the field, Joe had looked up and waved at you with a smile, you smiled waving back to him. “Girl, you didn’t fall for him did you!?” Carolyn asked as she started to laugh. “What?” You looked at her seriously. “No!” You assured, looking to your shoes.

~ End Flashback. ~

You had met Joe after work and school in the small shopping centre area to pick up a couple things for supper, you both walked into the store holding hands, “you’re covered in straw.” You giggled, picking a piece of it from his hair as he grabbed a basket. “but you love me regardless right?” He glanced at you and you grinned. “With all my heart.” You assured as you both walked down an aisle.

You wanted to melt into a puddle when you rounded the corner and seen Anna and Carolyn both looking at the sweets. “We don’t need anything here.” You tried to tow Joe from the aisle. You had started to spend less and less time with your friends as the continued to make fun of you for still being with Joe.

“We don’t need anything here.” You assured and he laughed. “I think I want some cakes for tonight.” He pulled you with him into the aisle and you lowly groaned. Hearing the small scuffle of shoes, Anna and Carolyn both looked up. “HEY!” They said brightly seeing you. “Hi.” You muttered with a slight head nod at them. “Still with Joe?” Anna giggled and tried avoiding the question.

“You won you know, you don’t have to carry on.” Carolyn had walked up to Joe and yourself.
“What do you mean?” Joe had asked looking somewhat confused by the conversation. “Nothing babe.” You assured and your glared at the two females. “What you mean you haven’t even told him?” Anna laughed, looking like she just hit a jackpot. “Told me what?” Joe asked. “Nothing.” You said quickly and gave them the dirtiest look you could muster.

~ Flashback ~

(Y/N) It’s been two months! Break it off already! You’ve proved you don’t take a bet lightly and you won!” Marlee poked fun of you as she seen you giving Joe a small kiss outside of your English classroom, whilst you had English he had PE and he always walked you to class because the Gym was on the way. “I kinda like him.” You admitted sitting beside her. “Seriously?!” She gawked at you like you grew another head and turned pink.
“Yeah, he makes me laugh.” You shrugged wishing your friends would lay off already. “Yeah, funny looking.” She rolled her eyes and you went to snap at her but the teacher came into the room and started talking immediately.

~ End flashback. ~

“We had a bet ages back.” Anna started and you wished the floor would open and swallow you whole. “We bet (Y/N) she wouldn’t go out with you for two weeks for thirty pounds and some gum.” She explained the situation like it was a huge joke. “And she accepted the bet and she has gone above and beyond the bet.” She laughed and Carolyn nodded. “What?” Joe whispered looking from them to you and you looked down ashamed.

“We’re surprised she kept it going this long. I mean … Come on.” Carolyn gestured to Joe and made a face you wanted to slap off of her, “this is true?” Joe looked at you, hurt swimming in his eyes. “Joe.” You started and he inhaled, putting the shopping basket down, having let go of your hand a while ago he nodded. “I see, this is all a joke to you.” He held his head up and he walked away from you. “Joe!” You called after him, going to go after him.

“At least we took care of your problem with dumping him.” Carolyn pointed out. “You’re welcome.” Anna chimed in and you glared. “I love him you idiots! And you’ve just ruined everything! THANKS A LOT!” You yelled and some customers stopped to look at you.

You left the store quickly rushing after Joe, looking at your car. Joe was no where in the parking lot, it had started to drizzle a cold rain. You got into the car and started driving up the street looking for him.

Seeing him walking up a side street which would lead him back to his house at least thirty minutes by foot, you pulled up beside him. “Joe, please… I need to explain.” You drove slowly as he kept walking with his hood up. “Joe!” You pleaded.  

He stopped walking and looked to you, with tears that killed you. “Explain what? You were dating me because you made a bed with your friends, explanation complete.” He started walking again.

“No, Joe! I … Please get in and let my explain everything to you.” You watched as he stopped walking again, he walked around and got into the passenger side but refused to look at you.

“It started as a bet, okay? It started as one. They bet me I wouldn’t go out with you, I took the bet… It was suppose to be over and done with in two weeks, but Joe… I started to fall for you. I’ve fallen for you. I love you.” You whispered.

“How am I suppose to believe that, huh?” He asked only partly glancing over you and you rubbed your forehead, the rain started pouring down harder as you were pulled off to the side of the road.

“I understand, it was stupid. I should have told you but I didn’t want you to hate me.” You whispered as you got more and more emotional.

“How do you think I feel right now? You only went out with me for a stupid bet!” He looked at you angry and hurt. “I know! It was stupid.” You said again. “I’m sorry!” You pleaded with him.

“The two weeks came to an end but I didn’t want to end being with you! I made a mistake, I started getting to know you like I should’ve properly in the first place and this conversation wouldn’t be happening. If I knew what we’d be like together today, I would never had taken a bet to go out with you.” You rubbed some tears from your eyes before they fell. “What can I do to make you believe me, Joe? I’ll do anything.” You kept watching him as he shook his head. “I love you.” He looked at you painfully.

“I love you, too! So much! You have no idea.” You sniffed, “I get it you’re mad, you hate me.” You nodded. “No, (Y/N). I don’t hate you… I love you and that’s why this hurts so fucking much.”

“Please believe me Joe, I never meant to hurt you.” You reached for his hand and he pulled away but you reached over more and took it. “You. You are who I want my future to be with, I don’t want to be anywhere else than with you.” You squeezed his hand. “Fuck.” You looked down.

He was watching you, “I wouldn’t take back what I did, because I would never had met you properly or gotten to know you.” You explained, “but I would’ve explained things to you a lot earlier on.” You looked up. “Please, Joe. I love you. It was just a stupid bet that turned into the best thing thats ever happened to me.” You kept your focus on him.

“Do you mean that?” He asked seriously and you swiftly nodded. “Of course I do.”

“Marry me.” He said after some silence. “What?” You let go of his hand, in shock. “If you love me like you say you do, you’ll want to marry me. Because I know I wanna marry you.” He kept watching you and your expression lightened. “Okay, I mean – yes?” You agreed. “Really?” He let out a breathless laugh. “I love you, I want to spend my life with you. Marrying you would be the second best thing in my life.” You nodded and watched a confusion over come him. “What’s the first?” He wondered.

“The day I walked onto the football field and said 'hey.’.” You admitted with a smile.


LALALALALALA wasn’t it cute how Glee ended with Klaine getting married and having a big NYC wedding where Kurt got June to use her connections to get Katy Perry to surprise Blaine by performing at their reception?

And it was so sweet how Blaine asked Mike Chang to be his best man (much to Cooper’s dismay) while Kurt had his best bestie Mercedes by his side during the wedding.

Oh and I loved Burt’s toast and it was great finally meeting Blaine’s parents and it was especially nice to see Blaine speaking Tagalog with them and discussing how Kurt was going to come visit Blaine’s extended family in the Philippines.

And we can’t forget the OTT glam-fabulous one-of-a-kind designer tuxes both Kurt and Blaine wore to the wedding. Plus their custom made Tiffany wedding rings. And didn’t you cry when Blaine surprised Kurt during their first dance by wearing his own “gay braveheart” kilt as he asked, “Excuse me, may I have this dance?” because Blaine is older now and even braver than he once was and he wants Kurt to know how much Kurt’s courage has inspired him.

And weren’t you shocked when Sugar Motta showed up to the wedding (with her BFF Joe in tow) and as her wedding present she gave them an all-expense paid trip around the world for their honeymoon just because she thinks they’re both adorable and Sugar is awesome like that.

And everyone cried when Kurt and Blaine sang “Come What May” together, and cheered when Blaine joined Kurt on the “Single Ladies” dance. Also, Blaine sang “Thinking Out Loud” to Kurt and Kurt sang “Unconditionally” to Blaine, all the while with the Warblers (Wes, David, Trent, Nick, and Jeff) and the New Directions (season 3 version + the “original” newbies) singing back-up.  

And wasn’t it great how both Blaine and Kurt graduated from NYADA at the top of their respective classes and Kurt went on to become editor-in-chief at Vogue and also perform in a few critically acclaimed off-Broadway productions while Blaine went on to become an A-list movie star who starred in all of Artie’s Academy Award-Winning movies and even record some of the Grammy-winning soundtrack? (And also it was pretty cool when Rachel Berry won her first Tony for her role in Funny Girl and the first person she thanked was Kurt Hummel for being her inspiration and friend even when she was totally awful to him and from then on she was significantly nicer to him and never took him for granted ever again.)

Also Kurt and Blaine had kids and they never fought about anything ever again except for who loved the other more and which one of them needed to take little Hepburn and Tracy to ballet and piano class and who was going to get the snacks for their pee-wee soccer games. (They had long since hashed out all of their issues, Blaine regained his confidence, Kurt became a better listener, and they both became better communicators.)

And most importantly, nobody every set foot in McKinley High ever again and they all lived happily ever after. The end.