joe the night stalker

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The night stalker entered the nearest clinic while holding a wound in his shoulder and a grazing wound on his leg. Even though his outfit wasn't the most friendliest, he needed help.

Tsumiki looked up as she took notice to someone coming into the nurse’s office out of the corner of her eye. “G-good afternoo–oh g-goodness!” she gasped a little as she turned to fully face him, eyes widening as she didn’t take long to see the wounds he was suffering from. “H-here, come s-sit on the bed o-over here.” she added just a few moments later, not wanting to needlessly waste any time in treating him. 

night-stalker-joe  asked:

Joe was on a ship bound for the Caribbean when a massive storm hit the ship. A few days later he was washed up on an island and was knocked out.

Citra had heard about the ship crash from her warriors and decides to check it out. Upon arriving, she finds a man unconscious in the sand. Afraid the pirates would get him first if she left him here, she instructs her warriors to take him to Amanaki to be taken care of and to let her know when he was conscious.

“Hey asshat.” She wheezed out, a smirk on her face. It looked she just crawled out of a pit. There was dark bruises everywhere, shallow cuts that still bled littered any exposed skin. The blood stained jacket she wore was nothing more but barely held together rags, and the prosthetic leg was gone. Then to add to the mess the rain had plastered her hair and remaining cloths to her skin, making her look like a drowned cat.

I’ve reached 553 followers and I honestly can’t believe it. I really can’t. I never imagined that I would ever get to have so many wonderful people following me. In under a year since creating this blog either. Seriously, I can’t thank you all enough for sticking around for so long. Even when I had a rut with college and was basically inactive for a good month I was still getting followers. And even more of you stuck around until I came back. I honestly can’t describe the joy that I experienced from that alone.

Though I know I haven’t been super active recently, and I really apologize for that. Because there are just so many wonderful people here who may or may not be on this list. And I tried to include as many people on this list as I could and I do apologize for those I may have missed. And yes, some people on here are no longer active anymore but I wanted to include them because a good number of them were around when I first made this blog and I feel like it’s only right to give them thanks as well. And I also want to give a shout out to a lot of my newer followers. Since without them, or any of you for that matter, I wouldn’t have gotten this far and grown into the roleplayer that I’ve become today.

And gosh I feel like there’s just so much that I want to say but just don’t really know quite how to word it without having things start to sound repetitive. But anyway, I thank you all for the bottom of my heart. I truly enjoy all of the roleplays I’ve gotten to have on this blog. And I hope that I get to continue having more threads with those I already roleplay with, as well as getting to create new ones for those I haven’t had the pleasure to yet. 

Really, just thank you all so much. I hope that I get to continue roleplaying here  for the months to come and that I get to meet more amazing people along the way.


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