Can someone please write an AU where they meet at a karaoke bar and Joe’s a regular there and he’s a bit of a bad ass with a tough reputation. Leather jacket and all. He’s with his mates in one of the booths and there’s this bunch of South African guys all pissed off their asses singing a very off key rendition of Whitney Houston’s I will always love you. And then there’s this one guy on a table with blonde hair and a ripped open white shirt and even from that far Joe can tell he’s cute. So never one to miss an opportunity Joe walks up to him when the song finishes, tugs on his jacket and asks to buy him a drink. Apparently, his name’s Caspar and he’s a giggly little fucker who sloshes the martini Joe bought over both of them and Joe’s never seen anyone so cute. Long story short, maybe blame it on the alcohol but they end up at Joe’s and somehow Joe wakes up to two empty bottles of wine on the floor, an easel with coffee stains and and random paint slashes all over it and a very heavy set of limbs belonging to a certain boy crushing him. They’re both in their pants and Joe spends a good ten minutes just looking at Caspar’s face. And when he does wake up neither of them really freak out. They get breakfast and things kind of keep happening from there. Caspar lives in London so does Joe. It just progresses really.