joe santiago

I made a whole buncha asthetic boards, all having to do with B99 ‘cause I love ‘em. So Imma post 'em. Here ya go,,


Brooklyn K-9 ft. all the Cheddars 

  • Looks Like They Could Kill You But Is Actually a Cinnamon Roll: Terry Jeffords
  • Looks Like A Cinnamon Roll But Could Actually Kill You: Amy Santiago
  • Looks Like A Cinnamon Roll And Is Actually A Cinnamon Roll: Jake Peralta
  • Looks Like They Could Kill You And Can Actually Kill You: Rosa Diaz
  • Might Accidentally Kill themselves From Eating Too Many Cinnamon Rolls: Charles Boyle

since it’s one week till b99 returns

please please watch season 5 of brooklyn nine nine (if you can watch it live do so it counts to viewing figures!!!) because it is so amazing and important and honestly if you watch it you will love it, it was so close to being cancelled last season and we can’t let that happen

Petition to make the 9th of September Brooklyn Nine-Nine day

(Just to clarify: because it’s 9/9)