joe santiago


This is what a fangirl looks like.

Impractical Jokers Meet and Greet was so much fun. The guys loved my dress, each calling the others over to look at it, taking photos of it and my posters on their phones. Everything was so ridiculously rushed that I didn’t manage to get a photo with Joe, although he did talk to us and sign my poster and told me I won “Best Dressed” for the night (then told everyone else to just go home). Murr pointed me over to Sal and said “Have you seen her dress?” and Sal did that thing where his eyes go huge and he doesn’t say anything, then silently took out his phone to snap a photo. The face he drew on my poster cracks me up every time (also his face in that professional photo).

God, the guys are just so amazingly friendly and down to earth and just such great fun to hang out with. I just wish things lasted a bit longer.

Much recommend if anyone gets the chance.


“She’s the devil. And you don’t dance with the devil, cause you’ll get burned. Also, because in Madeline’s case, she has no rhythm and her hands are like little rat claws.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine