joe salter


[Caption: JUGGLING TRIATHLON WORLD RECORD. Video shows a man completing a triathlon while juggling—swimming on his back and juggling with both hands, juggling one-handed while biking, and juggling while running. After he crosses the finish line, the screen fades to black to read “Joe Salter, Finish Time: 1:57. ¼th Mile Swuggling. 16.2 Miles Buggling. 4 Miles Joggling. Flora-Bama Mullet Man Triathlon. April 21st, 2012.” The music throughout the video is “I Get Nervous” by Lower Dens. At the very end of the video, a clip without music shows him putting his bike helmet on. The cameraman asks, “tired?” and he laughs and says, “yeah.”]

These are the people my father associates with.