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The Signs As Alternative/Rock Band Members
  • Aries: Billie Joe Armstrong
  • Taurus: Marilyn Manson
  • Gemini: Axl Rose
  • Cancer: Kurt Cobain
  • Leo: Anthony Kiedis
  • Virgo: Billy Corgan
  • Libra: Trent Reznor
  • Scorpio: Jack White
  • Sagittarius: Mark Hoppus
  • Capricorn: Dave Grohl
  • Aquarius: Chester Bennington
  • Pisces: Thom Yorke
  • I apologize if I got the Genres wrong, I`m not very good at genres.

This was the other video that was unique to the DVD and previously unreleased. Its a farcical interview with Becky and Joe followed by a bunch of behind the scenes clips. Enjoy it and share. 

If Becky and Joe tell me to remove it, it will go down,  I do have permission from Joe in the meantime, so enjoy!

“No. It wasn’t 10 years ago.”
-Me, everytime I listen to a very old song from my bands
Cup of Joe, for Joe Nicolosi

So Joe has had a pretty crappy week for reasons that people are aware of and I’m not going to go over. I checked with Rooster Teeth and they’re happy for us to send art, letters, and starbucks giftcards so that’s what we’re going to do.

So if you have something you want to send Joe Nicolosi, current head Director of Red vs Blue, to help cheer him up you want to send it to the following address exactly as it’s written here:

ATTN: Chelsea Atkinson (Joe)

1901 E 51st Street 

Austin, TX 78723

By addressing it to Chelsea, she’s going to be able to make sure everything that’s supposed to get to Joe correctly goes to him.

So if you want to participate, just mail in something nice. It’s coffee themed if you want to do fanart or puns somewhere. It’s up to you honestly. Just send him nice things is the idea.