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‘Bunnies’? I got ‘bunnies’ and ‘kitties’
What the fuck is this, the Teletubbies? Why are we so pretty?
Why don’t we get it ugly and grimy
and we can get it really fugly and motherfuckin’ slimy

The guys freestyle on words folks have tweeted to warm up for a Freestyle Love Supreme show at Joe’s Pub in 2013

also Lin wearing tinted glasses that. match his shirt? also CHRIS JACKSON


If someone doesn’t write a role for Jennifer Damiano in the new Alanis musical, I will picket the casting office.
Heathers Musical Reading at Joe's Pub - September 14 2010 - Video Dailymotion
This is the pre off broadway reading with Jeremy Jordan as JD and Annaleigh Ashford as Vernoica

Oh wow, okay so Jeremy Jordan is my favorite male Broadway singer, and this is just wow. I absolutely love Ryan McCartan as JD  but fucking Jeremy Jordan as JD, and him doing Dead Girl Walking…

All I can think about is him being JD on a full stage where they’re laying down and being all sexy and stuff, cause oh hot damn that performance was wow.


Enjoy this oldie but goodie …

Wolf Trap VA (1) - 12 Days | 
Wolf Trap VA (2) - 13 Days | 
Paramount NY - 47 Days | 
The Vets RI - 48 Days | 
Theatre of Living Arts PA - 54 Days | 
Parker Playhouse FL - 110 Days | 
Straz Center FL - 111 Days | 
House of Blues San Diego CA - 124 Days | 
Belasco Theatre CA - 125 Days

I think this performance shows that the “rainbow, pancake, slam dunk” etc. freestyles on Fallon were… actually probably pretty easy for Lin.

Lin-Manuel Miranda freestyling at Joe’s Pub after “a couple rum and cokes”
published 2/22/10