joe pineapple

Tintinnabulation Pineapple IPA from Campanology Brewing (Picked up at Trader Joe’s). A 2 of 4. It seems this is a new line for Trader Joe’s, and it is an ok beer, particularly for its low price. Smells of good fresh pineapple juice and some other tropical qualities, as well as a light bready malt. Drinks much the same in the body. Almost a bit chalky and flat on the palate, and finishes dry and clean. Really doesn’t earn the IPA name, but has some nice pineapple qualities to it.

Green Smoothie Layered with Granola, Blueberries, & Strawberries🍓

Green Smoothie~
One Lemon
One Clementine
Frozen pineapple (trader joes brand)
Frozen bananas


kiss-me smile. 

The Honeymooners

Can I request one shot of roman and preferred character named Angel on their honeymoon in Hawaii. Detailed smut please? Thank you btw I love this blog :)

Can you do a onset of your first time on your honeymoon night with Roman

We landed on the resort, immediately boarding our young travel guide’s cart. Today is officially the jumpstart to our honeymoon and I couldn’t be more excited! The Hawaiian air smoothly wiped our faces, as the smell of the ocean flowed through our nostrils. The sun was beaming beautifully, casting a ray of sunshine on every tropical organism. I take in everything that we pass and think of how we’re going to spend the next week vacationing here. From talking with Raymond, our travel guide, there was so much to do here. Not to mention our resort was already an island in itself. A few more minutes later, we came to a stop in front of our entrance. Joe and I hauled ourselves out and he helped Raymond get our luggage off the cart.

“Thanks, man. We’ll see you tomorrow?” Joe takes out a $20 bill and hands it to our agent.

Raymond thankfully accepts the bill. “Thank you, Mr. Reigns! And yes, just ring me when you guys are ready.”

Joe nods and chuckles, “Just call me Joe. It’s no problem.”

Raymond’s youthful, naturally tanned features gleamed as he climbed back into his cart. “You guys get rested because tomorrow will be very eventful. There’s a festival going on that I think you two would love.”

“Great, because I love festivals! See you tomorrow, Ray.” I smile.

He does a final wave at us and drives off to make his next pick up. I look up at Joe with a smile that could rip my face open. I was so excited and happy to be here with my now husband, Leati Joseph Anoa'i. He brought me in to a longing kiss, before pecking all over my face.

“Someone’s excited.”

“I’m ecstatic! How else would a newlywed wife feel in Hawaii?” I kissed his hairy chin.

Joe grinned, “I do share the feeling, babe. Come on,” he smacks my butt. “Let’s find our room and grab some lunch. I’m starving.”

I kissed his lips again before stepping back. “Agreed.”

Our room nearly knocked me off my feet when I crossed the threshold. It was like a damn luxury loft! I could literally fit my whole old apartment in this room. Well, excuse me. Penthouse suite!

“Joe, we could live here! Oh my word, it’s breathtaking!” I sat my carry-on bag on the Aqua colored, marbled kitchen counter. “This kitchen is almost as big as ours.”

“Almost,” he began, “so you like?” His hands landed on my hips, placing a peck on my neck.

“I love it,” I shake my head in awe. “It’s perfect, baby. You’re such a wonderful husband already.”

He laughs, causing me to chuckle at my remark. “Well, I’ve done so well as a boyfriend and fiancé that I figured I should up the game, wife.”

I turn into him, wrapping my arms around his neck. “It sounds so sexy when you say it.”


“Don’t push it. You do still wanna eat, right?” I bite my lip.

“Hmmmmm I can spare another hour.” He wiggles his eyebrows.

“Yeah, right! You’re lucky I love you enough not to make you suffer and agree.” I walk out of his grasp, “Lying isn’t your strong suit, ya know.”

“It was worth a try.” He winks at me. “Want something to drink?”

He saunters to the built-in wooden fridge and opens the right side door. “We have water, pineapple juice, coconut water, milk, grape juice—”

“Pineapple juice is fine.” I come across the room service menu. “I think I want this Teriyaki chicken pasta topped with shredded pineapple.”

Joe comes over to me with my juice and a water in hand. “That sounds good.” He places my juice beside the menu. “Do they have any wild salmon?”

I skim the menu to find the ‘Seafood’ section. “Yep, they have it in Teriyaki, BBQ, Glazed, and Blackened seasoning with a side of yellow rice and a Hawaiian roll.”

He swallows a big gulp of water. “I’ll have that in Teriyaki with an additional two rolls.”

“Their fried shrimp salad sounds good too.” I point out, still examining the menu. “You can get it grilled instead of fried.”

“Sounds good, I’ll have that too. Grilled for me though. Can’t get too fat while I’m here.” He smirks and rubs his core.

I roll my eyes on a snort. “We’re here to sin in every way, dear. That’s the plan.”

He sticks his tongue out, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just ordered my food, woman. I’m about to go wash the flight off.”

“Hope you slip.” I pick up the phone and return his gesture.

“Love you too, darling.”

I dial room service and order our lunch, adding a bowl of mixed fruit to it. After being told that it would be up in about thirty minutes, I started unpacking my suitcase. Once I was finished with mines, I did the same with Joe’s. I put our shoes in one of the closets and stored our suitcases in another. I pick out a pair of white linen shorts, red tank top, and a pair of boy shorts to lay on the bed. I needed to scrub away the long flight myself and finally get comfortable.

“Everything good?” A wet, Samoan god appeared into the bedroom.

I watched him towel dry his long, dark tresses. Droplets from a fresh shower cascaded down his naked frame. I can never get over how fortunate I am to have scored such a sexy beast. My mouth waters a little every time I lay eyes on him, especially when he’s naked.



“You there?” He joked.

I close my eyes for a second, “Um, yeah.” I clear my throat. “What was the question?”

He slowly walked towards me with that dangerous smirk. “I said is everything good with lunch?”

“Yeah, it’ll be about thirty minutes.” I sit on the edge of the bed to take my ankle bracelets and sandals off. “How was the shower?”

“The water pressure was just right. I could’ve fallen asleep under the shower head.”

“Sounds like I’ll really enjoy it then.” I look up, catching him stare down at me. “What?”

“Why do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Try to avoid me when you’ve been 'caught’ daydreaming about me.” He tilts his head to the side. “We’re married, Angel. No need to still feel ashamed of how I make you feel.”

My cheeks start to warm. “I can’t help it. I just..,” I hesitate, “I feel like you’re so out of my league sometimes. I mean it feels embarrassing to lust over what I already have.” I try to shake my thoughts into place. “Sorry, I’m rambling.”

Joe walks over and stands in front of me. “There’s nothing wrong with lusting over what’s yours, baby. I do it everyday actually and I enjoy it.” His long fingers glide across my rosy cheeks. “Stop thinking I’m out your league, that’s definitely not true. I couldn’t have picked a better woman to handle me in all aspects.”

“Is that so?” I feel my self confidence rise again.

He affirms, “In all aspects.”

I click my tongue, running it across my bottom lip. “I’d like to demonstrate that statement. Make these thirty minutes pass by faster.”

“What do you have in mind?” His deep voice lowered. “Tell me what to do.”

“Come here,” I state.

My tall, well sculpted man walks closer to me until I’m face to face with his beautiful companion. I take off my shirt, followed by my bra dropping them by our feet. I run my hands up the sides of his legs, as I looked up at him with daring eyes. He burned the same glare back into mines. I urged him closer to me so I could kiss along the V-cut of his pelvis, licking off the remaining water. I kissed lower until I met the plump tip of his dick. I started back to the shaft, blowing soft breath back down to the head. It was a thing that I learned on accident that turned him on. So that’s how I started with giving him head from then on. It made me feel powerful to have him succumb to me so quickly.

“Angel,” he hissed. “Do it again.”

“Yes, baby.” I declared, doing what I was ordered.

I slid him slowly into my warm mouth, occasionally pulling back to suckle the sensitive tip. His right hand dove into my curls, while his left hand cupped my cheek. I gripped have his ass to have a firmer hold on him. My man always tasted delicious, hitting the back of my throat with such ease. I pulled back, admiring the saliva based erection before I lifted it towards his stomach with one hand. I speedily flicked my tongue on each heavy sac, causing him to tense up almost immediately.

“Fuck,” I heard through gritted teeth. “That feels so good.”

I sucked one ball into my mouth, humming my appreciation. Then I moved to the second one and did the same. I know the vibrations make him weak in the knees. Just like that, I felt him almost step back and I gripped his ass to hold him in position.

I chuckle, “I got you, baby.”

He covered his face, gliding his hands through his hair. “Angel, damn.” He hissed.

I sucked him back in, placing one hand on his balls in a deep massage. His breathing was becoming erratic, his chest was rising and falling quickly, his vein started to bulge onto my tongue. He was about to climax.

“Tell me where, baby.” I slowly glided him out my mouth, jerking him smoothly.

“Chest,” he bit.

I leaned back on one hand, pulling him closer to me. I proceeded to jerk him off, aiming towards my breasts. His groans were increasing and getting louder.

“Yeah, like that. Keep goin’.”

I did as I was told, feeling the warm climax shoot onto my breasts. His eyes were glued to the action, while grunting out his orgasm.

Looking into his strained face, I smiled. “You look so sexy, Joe.”

“I swear you unravel me until I’m nothing, woman.” He says out of breath.

“Isn’t that why you married me?” I spread his semen around my nipples.

He climbs on top of me, causing me to lay back and spread my legs more. “One of the reasons.”

He slid two long fingers into my wet opening, immediately stroking me deep. My mouth gaped as he increased in speed, pressing his thumb on my clit.

“Room Service!”

My eyes grew big, “Joe!” I hissed.

A rueful smile etched his lips. “Mmmm, seems our food is ready.”

“We have to stop!”

“Ok,” he carelessly shrugged. “Tell 'em we’re coming.” His eyebrow raised.

“Ah!” I tilted my head back. “Oh my god!”

Another knock on the door, “Room service!”

“They’re waiting, Angel.” He moves his thumb faster, “We’re hungry, baby.”

I grab his face, as I brought my face to his. “I’m going to kill you.” I said through gritted teeth.

“Anoa'i residents?” The server said outside the door.

“Coming!” I creamed into my evil husband’s hand.

Joe pecked my lips, “Good job.” He wraps back into his towel. “I’ll get our lunch.” He winked at me.

I watched him saunter away in that prideful stride. That man had nerve, A LOT of nerve! I overhead him speaking with room service as I went into the bathroom. After my shower, I dressed in my outfit that I laid out. I went onto the balcony, where he sat texting.

“Mom said she’s glad we made it safely and she loves us.”

I smile and sat in the chair opposite from him. “Tell her I love her back.”

“Done.” He places his phone in the pocket of his shorts. “How’d you like the shower?”

I take off the silver lid to my plate. “I definitely see why you would sleep in there.”

He laughs, “Told you so.”

We sat at a beautiful wooden table with a bouquet of colorful lilies in the middle. A bottle of Allegro Moscato, my favorite, sat in a chilled bucket of ice. Joe filled our glasses, before we dug in. We made small conversation when we weren’t stuffing our faces, while admiring our gigantic view of the beach.

“So how does it feel?” Joe broke our comfortable silence.

“What?” I wipe my mouth with a handkerchief.

“Being married,” he glanced at my ring, “to me.”

I share his gaze, admiring the diamonds that decorated my small finger. “I still have to blink twice, you know? It’s so surreal to know that there was someone out there looking for me.” I look at him, “You made me realize that I had another half when I felt no such thing existed. I didn’t believe in romantic love until I met you.”

He grabbed my hand, kissing the back of it. “You had a pull on me when I first saw you. I remember locking eyes with you and I felt this strong feeling to walk up to you. I didn’t care who saw me, I just knew I had to get to you before anyone else got to you.”

“At a ComicCon of all places.” I giggle. “Talking to Stan Lee and the Silver Surfer.”

Joe chuckles, “Of all places but it was worth it.” I saw you in my Q&A session before that. You sat in the fifth row on my right, seventh seat if I recall.“

"You remember that from all those years ago?!”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I? I also remember you wearing a black Marvel’s shirt with all the heroes on it. Blue jeans and red Chucks. Your hair was in those beautiful curls that I love so much.” He smiles.

I round the table, sitting on his lap. “So you were watching me the whole time?” I smirk.

“I managed to sneak a couple of peeks while being asked hundreds of questions.” He wrapped a lock of my hair around his finger. “I was waiting for you to ask me something but you didn’t. Why?”

“Because I just wanted to look at you, honestly.” My cheeks flush, “I was so captivated by your looks, the way you spoke, your posture. I knew the moment I sat down that I wasn’t going to be able to say anything.”

“Am I that good looking?”

I roll my eyes. “You’re in your own category, babe. Trust me.”

He chuckles, pulling me in for a kiss. “So are you.”

His lips lingered on mines, while his thumb caressed my cheek. I closed my eyes to inhale his showered scent more vividly. My fingers traced that perfect beard, getting prickled softly by the fine hairs. His compliments always left behind butterflies fluttering rapidly in my system.

“Angel.” His voice rasped.

“Hmm?” I exhaled in bliss.

Gracefully, Joe slid his chair back and carried me back into our bedroom. “I thinks it’s time that I officially made love to my wife now.”

I bit my lip, curling my fingers into his damp hair. “I think my husband is right.”