joe philips

Someday YouTube Will Be Like Music

Some of your favorites may be dead and you continue to watch, but the connection will be more personal. Your children may watch despite never having watched them while they lived and YouTube will just build up with the oldies and the new tech and remembrance and I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for that.

Here’s to one of the most talented team that has ever graced our screens. You have been a great inspiration to me and what I want to be in the future. One of my goals in life was to actually work for this company. A bittersweet end for such an amazing group of people. Bye bye, Sourcefed.


You Me At Six - Lived A Lie (by YouMeAtSixVEVO)

Brian was not working totally blind. Early on, he enlisted the help of Joe Flannery, a fellow member of Liverpool’s clandestine gay community with whom, some years earlier, he’d had an atypically happy, stable relationship.

Flannery already managed a band, Lee Curtis and the All Stars, fronted by his younger brother. ‘I met up with Brian only about a week after he’d started managing the Beatles,’ he remembers. ‘It was at the Iron Door club [the Cavern’s main rival, in Temple Street].  My brother’s group needed to borrow a bass amp, so I asked Paul for a loan of his. But he just nodded at John and said, “Ask the boss.”’

After late gigs, the Beatles would often crash out at Flannery’s comfortable flat in Gardner Road. ‘When they’d sleep in my sitting-room, I noticed there was a pecking-order. John always had the couch while Paul made do with two armchairs pushed together.
—  paul mccartney: the biography, philip norman