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Can you rant about what you don't like about HR please?

GLADLY. here’s my top ten (which has a bunch of sub points…. whoops)

  • he’s racist.
  • he’s unnecessary. i’ve gone over this before, but he is quite literally doing nothing. it was even highlighted in the last few episodes.
  • he bosses everyone around and uses everyone for his own personal agenda and gets upset when things aren’t serving him, actively wasting the team’s time and efforts and resources. do we even know how he funded the star labs museum to this day??? and we know it’s gonna fail so like. what he doin. this is a good gif set.
  • he wanted to come to earth-1 because he was bored of being an entitled rich dude on earth-19. sure, asking the multiverse of wellses if any of them wanted to uproot and come help out on earth-1 (even though we really don’t need a regular wells, tbh… i love tom on the show but we gotta come to terms…) is a little sketch, but voluntary. hr knew he didn’t fit the requirements but got upset at them for not just letting him do whatever the fuck he wants.
  • he put the team IN DANGER because of his boredom of being an entitled rich dude on earth-19 (granted, bless for bringing cynthia, but if cisco wasn’t there bein cute they’d be fuuuucked)
  • he’s supposed to be the “light of the show” but all he does is take screentime from the other characters. easy little things, like relationships outside of barry, iris being able to show her job, where the fuck is singh??? i feel like there’s more but i can’t remember them off the top of my head, it’s somewhere in the tag but man. you know who’s the actual light of the show (with everyone complaining cisco’s too busy being rightfully bitter lmao)??? wally motherfuckin west.
  • he’s just kinda… taking plot lines and screen time in general. all we needed hr for was helping wally with his powers at first and then bringing cynthia. but cisco could’ve done that??? it was a perfect place emotionally for both of them and they could’ve been engineering bros but ok… and his job could’ve been done by iris!!!! more efficiently tbh.
  • that thing with cecile!!!!!!! on joe and cecile’s date!!!!!!!! WHAT.
  • using the team as part of his own plot for his book or any use really (the hologram, for example) without telling them or asking. the only one who seems really charmed by it is barry, but i’m pretty damn sure that’s the ptsd talking lmao.
  • having a wells is forcing people to relive trauma, which is more of a writing thing (granted everything’s a writing thing “but i digress - gabbi”). they keep bringing up eowells but acting like he was the actual original wells on the team even if it was eobard and comparing him to hr without bringing up the actual trauma??? and they keep making jokes about it like it’s fine, it isn’t, and hr has to be constantly reminded of the fact that it’s not a joke, and that it’s not funny, it’s not his to joke about. everyone on og team flash’s been through the trauma but him. harry acknowledges on a deeper level that that was a horrible, nasty experience for them and finding out that a version of him (even though it wasn’t him) was a mass murderer who manipulated the team for years. hr wants to know how he brushed his teeth.

anyways if you want me to elaborate on any of the points or sub points lmk!!

also shoutout to @jedifinnrey for putting up with my bullshit and coming up with the last bullet and proof reading and stuff like bless

Flash Rant/S4 expectations:

Though TF is one of my favorite shows, this last season was not the best: The pacing of the episodes was off, the savitar reveal came way too late and people had already figured it out making it anticlimactic, Savitar was underdeveloped and more time could have been spent on him and of course EmoBarry. But there were individual things that rubbed me the wrong way, so here we go:

Star labs:I am so sick and tired of star labs. I am sick and tired of seeing the set. Why tf is 80% of every episode in star labs?!? there is an entire city to use and all we see is Star Labs. I know I wasn’t the only one happy to see it get destroyed in the finale. Yes, I get it is the focal point of the show as far as locations. That’s where team flash comes together, thats where the Flash goes. BUT, its been 3 seasons. We get it. We saw it. Lets move on. Allow the characters to have lives outside of Star Labs. They deserve it. 

BARRY: LET BARRY BE GREAT. LET BARRY BE SMART. PLEASE. Barry Allen is a genius but the show has stripped so much of that away from him in order to give importance to *drum roll* STAR LABS. That’s bullshit. Show him being smarter, on his own. Let him make decisions. On his own. He doesn’t need 80 people telling him things he should already know. 

What I want for Barry in S4: I want to see him using his brain. I want to see him do his job. CSI stuff. I want to see him happy and excited about being the Flash like in S1. He’s been through a lot. Let him thrive now. Let him have a stronger connection to the speed force. Let him be FASTER than everyone else. Let him be the one giving the pep talks, not receiving them. He’s learned a lot. He’s grown as a man and a hero. Lets see it. 

IRIS: Iris did more reporting in S1 and S2 than this entire last season. We never even saw the CCPN set ever again. Let her do her job. Please. In the comics, Iris is not only a brilliant reporter but her research and investigations directly help Barry in some of his work as the Flash. LETS SEE THAT. Again, in order to give Star Labs more to do, Iris has been stripped of many opportunities where her journalism could of come in handy. I may be alone in this but I feel like S3 took some agency away from her character by not allowing her to directly influence her fate by the hands of Savitar. She is not a damsel in distress and though we may know this, sometimes I feel it could of came off stronger.

What I want for Iris in S4: I want to see badass journalist Iris. I want to see her contribute more than we have seen her do in the past. It makes no sense in a city like Central City reporters are not used more in the main story lines. Use her. Also, Let her have emotions. She was preparing to die and we barely got a few scenes of her coming to terms with that. wtf. She is the leading lady of the show. Treat her like one and recognize how effective she could be. Also, I want to see her happy. Candice Patton has a great sense of humor. Allow her to bring that to the character more often. Let her be silly and fun, especially with Barry. And, give Iris a female friendship. Sometimes I feel like this show wouldn’t pass the bechdel test. 

JOE: again, let Joe do his job. Yes, hes a detective and we see him doing some things. But its not enough. He should be Captain and will have more influence at CCPD. You can’t have a talented actor like Jesse L. Martin and utilize him mostly for pep talks and musical numbers. 

What I want for Joe in S4: A story line consisting of his work at CCPD. He also doesn’t need to be at Star Labs so much. Lets see him do his badassary as detective. We know hes a great father. But I would like to see more about Joe outside of his kids. He deserves that much. Also keep Cecile and dont ever hurt Papa Joe. Ever. 

WALLY: He’s freaking Kid Flash and yet, he barely had any screen time in the last few episodes of the season. I hope this is because they are saving it for his bigger role in S4 but still, Wally is underdeveloped as a character and needs more focus on him as Wally and as a superhero. 

What I want for Wally in S4: Same as Barry, I want to see him thrive as the Flash but also go through growing pains. He has a lot to learn and S4 can deliver a great coming of age type of story arc for Wally as he learns to make mistakes and become a better hero.

CISCO: I love this character. And as much as I love him, I need him to back off a little bit as inventor and creator of all things team flash. Cisco has way too many jobs. Many of which as I mentioned can easily go to other characters. Now as Vibe, Cisco has other greater things to learn and develop for himself. Let him. 

What I want for Cisco in S4: Strengthen that Vibe power. Develop it, harness it. Vibe is extremely powerful. Let him get there. I want to see him work on his abilities with Gypsy and be an active hero, not just one who sits in front of a computer. He’s too useful for that. I also want to see him Happy. Give us funny, lighthearted Cisco we love. Allow him to go on a date. Flirt. Get a GF (preferably Gypsy) and overall be unstoppable. It would be great to learn more about his backstory as well, such as his family. 

KILLER FROST: Let KF be complex. The one thing this show is too afraid to do is go too dark. I get that with some characters but not with KF. She is canonically a villain. Let her be one. She’s more interesting that way.There is a way to do that without going over the edge. Right now, KF is helping the Justice League in the comic books but is still considered a villian. She has a Harley Quinn like thing going on and it works. 

What I want for KF in S4: Let her balance the line between good and bad. Let her explore her KF powers and figure out who she is. Please don’t let her be bad one episode and have her be good the next and return her to star labs. She needs to feel the full weight of her actions as KF. Show those conflicting emotions. She can be a bad guy and still have good in her. She doesn’t need to be Caitlin again. Let her be a new version of KF. Develop her powers, and explore more of her backstory. There are deeper and darker things in Caitlin’s history that we still dont know about. 

HARRY: Just bring back OG Wells. That’s all. 

TEAM FLASH: Lessen up the team. There are wayyyy too many characters on this show. And the more characters, the less time can be spent developing them. Tracy is cool but we dont have room for her on the team, at least not as a regular. Julian is cool but outside of being Dr. Alchemy, we don’t really need another person with the same skills as Barry as a CSI. Its just too bloated and needs to be shrunk down. 

THE VILLIANS: Speaking of Julian, I hope the show has bigger plans for him because if not, Dr. Alchemy was completely wasted. He was supposed to be an interesting character and one of Flash’s biggest foes but instead was used very little and then almost forgotten about.I hope the plan is to revisit that at some point. No more speedsters. At least not for a while. Suicide Squad, if possible would be a phenomenal additions for S4.  

Thats all. I’m sure theres more stuff but this is all I can type up. And remember, these are just MY opinions and feelings about the show and what I hope to see in S4. No matter what, TF is insanley popular, I just feel sometimes writers and showrunners take advantage of that and get kind of lazy. Unforunatley, I feel that happened this season. 

Here is hoping for the best in season 4!

When Lightning Strikes Chapter 1 - Supply Closet

A/N: New fan fic author. I am obsessed with the Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Gotham. This is been something I’ve been playing around with for a while. I hope you like it.

Word Count: 1,115

Chapter 2 - …and four days

Chapter 3 - Going Home

Chapter 4 - Training and the Truth

Chapter 5 - Adulting and Alcohol

I couldn’t help but notice the way he looked at her. The way he always looked at her. He loved her. Iris didn’t even notice the way his heart ached every time she walked into a room. But I did. I noticed because I was feeling that same ache in the center of my chest. It swelled up inside me knowing the man I loved, loved someone else. She flounced into the room smiling, as I sat at my desk in the lab hiding behind my computer screen. “Barry, come on, that atom smasher thingy is about to start,” particle accelerator, I thought at the same time as Barry said the same thing. “Whatever,” she waved, “let’s get going.”

“I can’t. Joe needs me here and I’ve got some tests to run,” Barry sighed. Barry was helping Detective West with a case. We normally worked on cases for the whole department but he was always working with West. Probably because he was like a stand in father for him, but it often left me with more cases, more work, and less time for myself.

“Oh come on Barry you’ve been looking forward to this for your whole life!”

“I know but I’ve got work to do, and Joe will kill me if I just leave,” Barry explained as she rolled her eyes and stole his fries, “Hey!” The flirty looks they were shooting each other was too much for me to handle. It made me sick to my stomach, watching her string him along.

“Barry, I’m gonna step out for a bit,” I yelled not waiting for a response and rushed out of the room trying to hold in my emotions. Detective West was glancing down at a case file headed toward me. And before he could look up I ducked into the supply closet holding my breath. As I pulled the door behind me quietly I let out a large gasp of air. 

It’s like my chest was growing tight and all the oxygen was escaping my body. My hands were shaking as I swallowed a lump in my throat. And I was now at the tipping point of hyper-ventilating.

“Come on, pull yourself together. So he’s in love with Iris, big deal. Get over it! You have a job to do. Okay, breathe.” taking a deep breath I composed myself, “He doesn’t love you. And one sided love it torture so let… it… go.”

I took one more breath and built up the courage to leave my supply closet safe haven. The door opened and as I stepped out I ran smack into Barry.

“Whoa, Lola. I’m sor- uh, what were you doing in the supply closet?” he pointed to the door and looked at me head tilted.

“Oh uh, just needed to get a new file,” I said reaching for the shelf and pulling one out, “Well, see ya.” With a small wave I started heading back to the lab.

“Wait, Lola,” Iris called grabbing my wrist, “You like all of this science stuff too? You want to come see the particle whatever with us?” Do I want to see it? Yes. With the two of you? No.

“Um, you know I have a lot of cases to catch up on. Maybe if I finish I’ll meet you later?”

“You sure?” Barry asked with somewhat of a confused expression. He knew how much I loved what Harrison Wells was doing down at STAR Labs.

“Yep,” I said with smile and an emphasis on the p. “Have fun though!” I smiled and then spun around and rushed to the lab.

“That was weird,” I heard Iris whisper and heard Barry agree.

Great. Just great. Now I’m the antisocial workaholic weirdo.

As the hours passed I made my way through the mound of evidence waiting to be processed. Throwing myself into my work was the only thing that helped me deal with my stress. And you think I would know better by now. 

After transferring to Central City a year ago I thought I’d never have any friends let alone meet someone. And while I’m still somewhat lacking in the friends department I have somehow fallen hopelessly in love with a guy who seems like my other half. But I couldn’t think about that anymore. Especially when it was clear that Barry loved Iris.

To help distract myself I blared my music through my earbuds. Allowing the lyrics to drown out the racing thoughts in my head. And in the past three hours I ran test after test on DNA samples, soil collections, weapons, and more. Then I felt something tug on my earbud cord that made me squeal.

“Lola, it’s just me. Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you,” his crooked smile warmed my heart.

“Yeah I’m fine sorry. Just stressed,” I gave a small smile as I turned back to my computer with facial recognition running rapidly.

“Yeah I noticed,” crap, “What were you really doing in the supply closet? I know it was not to get a file, there’s a stack of new files right next to your desk.”

“Nothing, I just needed a break,” he grabbed the arm of my chair and turned me to face him. As he stared me down I tried to remain nonchalant. 

“Has anyone ever told you, you’re not a very good liar?” he raised his brow, green eyes searching my own.

“I’m not lying. Now don’t you have some cases to get to?” For another second he searched my face before giving up. 

“Fine,” he pushed away, splashing in the puddles from the leaking roof. 

“How was watching the particle accelerator?” I asked “Did you see Harrison Wells?”

“Yeah it was great, he gave a speech, but then someone tried to snatch Iris’ purse so we didn’t get to stay long. You should’ve come,” he looked at me. His eyes drew me out of my seat.

“But then the Captain would’ve killed both of us. Someone has to keep this CSI team afloat,” I joked nudging his arm.

“Hey, I work,” he laughed.

“Yeah for Joe,” l laughed stepping closer to him, both of us standing in the puddle on the floor, drops of water pooling on my shoulder. 

“Okay so you have a point,” and I nodded to him with a wide grin just as we heard a loud noise, “What was that?” Barry asked.

“I-I- don’t know,” and just as the words escaped my lips a bolt of lightning crashed through the glass windows, shattering them, and striking both Barry and myself. Electricity coursing through my veins, and heating my insides until the moment I hit the floor and lost consciousness.

McClung needed more screen time

So I realised something today.

The scene where Roe checks on Toye and McClung in the OP and discovers Joe has no boots, after Roe asks how they are I thought for a while that McClung’s reply was, “We’ve got hot food, can you smell it?”

Now I realise that is not what he said at all.  What he says is, “They’ve got hot food, can you smell it?”  And this one line gets quite a lot across.

1. The Germans have hot food, while the 101st is getting by on moldy beans and are unable to light fires to heat anything up sufficiently.

2. McClung can smell that food from the OP, which has to be AT LEAST 20-30m away from the German line if not further.  Unfortunately Earl McClung didn’t get near enough screen time in the series, but in reality he was known in the unit as being able to “sniff out Germans.”  He reckoned it was probably due to the leather in the German uniforms, but he certainly had a heightened sense of smell and could pick that.  It would be natural that he would be the one who can smell the tantalising hot food being served to the soldiers on the opposing side.


Nymphomaniac: Volume I | 2013 | dir. Lars von Trier

The first half of the four-hour character study of Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stacy Martin), a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac, is incredibly fascinating, thanks to some bizarrely exciting performances (I’m looking at YOU, Stacy Martin, Uma Thurman, and, yes, you too Shia LaBeouf) and to Lars von Trier for doing the one real job he needed to do in order for this film to succeed, which was to create a character that intrigues us enough to stick around for a second volume. 

Nymphomaniac: Volume II | 2013 | dir. Lars von Trier

The second half begins immediately after the first one ends, with Charlotte Gainsbourg’s portrayal of Joe taking up most of the screen time, and while I still enjoyed the second volume, where we continued to learn more about Joe’s philosophies on life, sex, and happiness (many of which I understood, but a few of them were a bit too “von Trier-y” for me), I unfortunately felt like the separation of the two halves created for a “been there, done that” effect.


Calling all Westallen and Snowbarry shippers

Can we all just stop the hate between these two ships and focus it on where it is really deserved? The writers.

Hear me out.

Can we all just talk about how disappointing The Flash has been lately? Is it just me or does anyone else feel like the females on the Flash aren’t getting enough credit? AKA Iris and Caitlin.

First, let’s discuss Iris. 

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Scandal Review, Episode 413, No More Blood

Well that was a doozy last night. 

I loved the episode a lot, but then I have sympathy for Olivia, so I cared enough to put myself in her shoes for a minute. 

There’s a certain breed of Olitz shipper that literally refuses to see any other point of view other than Fitz’s and man that’s exhausting to run into. Of course if I witness any Kerry or Olivia hate, I’m unfollowing and blocking. My dash is usually angst free, but several Olivia-Hate reblogs have made their way onto my dash, and I’m not here for that mess.

Anyway, let’s get on with my review shall we?



What the fuck though? Seriously, The Human Vibrator was on my screen way more times than Olivia was, and I wasn’t here for that shit at all.

Cyrus leaving Abby out of the loop. 

Those people in the White House seriously undervalue her. She needs to get her ass back to OPA. We need the team back together again. And I don’t mean Liv, Fitz and Cyrus.

Rowan’s freaking pointless monologue.

I love Joe Morton, but that shit fell as flat as a pancake. Enough, and begone. Shonda, enough with the freaking monologues already. Let people have actual conversations. Honestly, if anybody talked to me the way Rowan does to everybody, I’d be walking away while they were still eulogizing. Jesus didn’t die for me to have to listen to all that noise.

Oh, and the fact that he wouldn’t even try to save his daughter? Fuck you all the way to hell and back Rowan. Seriously, fuck. You.

That freaking red dress that Mellie was wearing. 

What the fuck was that? As per usual, when something works at first, the show takes it, runs with it and beats it to freaking death. Once everybody said how much they loved Mellie in red, now look at her. That’s more or less the only color she’s worn this season, apart from her Smelly Mellie phase. Ugh. Enough with the red dresses. Go back to mixing it up FFS.

The auction ending in a tie 


Olivia not saying Russia when Gus asked her where she wanted to go.

Dude, this was the guy that wanted you to suffer, honey, you think he was going to give you to the person you wanted to go to?

Olivia grabbing the car keys and trying to make a run for it.

Really Liv?


Olivia speaking Farsi.

I forget that she’s multi-lingual because the show chooses to rarely show her being a badass and speaking different languages. I’m pretty sure this is only the third time we’ve heard Olivia speak in a foreign tongue.

I’m going to get in my car and drive this way, you’re going to drive in your car and drive that way. Everyone lives, no one is happy”

Whoever this Iranian woman was, I liked her. I found myself wishing that we had more characters like her on the show. The damned landscape is so freaking white nowadays.

You’ve always been the other guy, the what’s-his-name, the also ran. Good, fine, but never great. We both know that the reason we call it a race, the reason there’s always a winner is because someone wins, and it is never you.”

There no shade like Mellie shade.

But that fucking red dress is still fugly as hell.

Any time I like, I can whisper in a reporter’s ear, tell them how rough you like it, what filthy names get you off, and how loudly you moan. I may never be president of the United States, but I’ll make damned sure that you’ll never be either”

Firstly, when did Mellie share the information with Andrew that she wants to be president? Secondly, is this freaking show taking her desire to be president seriously? I can’t.

Anyway, Andrew is fitting to die, and I’m here for it.

CIA Director: “I have actually prepared a second presentation if you don’t mind?”

Fitz wasn’t hearing any of it. Nope, because he is never going to harm a hair on Olivia’s head if he can help it.

Cyrus’s face was a picture though. 


During her tenure in the White House, Olivia has access to highly classified information, much of it in the Red Zone, some of it highly dangerous. Information that in the wrong hands would be catastrophic to our nation’s security, and international relationships.

We have done our homework Sir, let me paint the picture. If Olivia Pope goes to the Saudis, they’ll learn about our black sites in Aman. South East Asia? They’ll learn about our anti-terrorist surveillance programs. We have four countries who will discover that the deaths of their leaders were not due to natural causes. And I am sure that England and Germany would be extremely interested  to learn that we spy on our own allies.

My point Sir, is that that’s the good news. What is truly terrifying is what they will want for her return. Russia will ask you to close their bases in Turkey, neutering us. Pakistan will ask for drone technology to wipe India off the map once and for all. And ISIS will want the immediate release of hundred of terrorists hellbent on killing innocent Americans.”

Hahaha, I jest, I jest. She was just doing her job

The above was a detailed description of what would happen if Olivia wasn’t neutralized. I get why Fitz couldn’t even contemplate anything but extraction, but at this point, what he needed to do was excuse himself from the decision-making process. There’s no way he’d risk Olivia for anything, and I get that, but he’s the president of the United States of America. He didn’t have much of a choice. Except he chose to ignore his advisers. Again…

I smell impeachment coming.

“I made you a warrior, I made you a king, I made you leader of men, and this is what you do, this is what you leave me with, noooo, noooo! I’m done, I quit!”

Cyrus’ internal ranting monologue was hilarious.

Poor Fitz, he was literally everybody’s punching bag this episode. So what’s new?

“I slept with that filthy dirtbag to save your life, to save your child’s life. After that Huck animal grated your back like a piece of cheese. Remember that? I do. So now it’s time to pay the piper, even the scales, show some solidarity Sister”

Mellie wants Andrew dead. Lol.

Jake:  ”For me it was bones. If you snap a bone just right, there’s a clean, crisp sound that gets me right here. And if you lick their tears when it happens…they warped me too”

Jake, sharing with Huck.

Yep, this is the guy that people want Olivia with. Fuck that mess.

I obviously had to fast-forward the rest. Scott Foley’s face and bad acting hurts me.

Quinn: “No more blood”

Dammit Quinn, keep your freaking nose out. Huck needs to kill Andrew first.

Huck refusing to kill Andrew when LizzieBear asks him because of his promise to Quinn:

Cyrus:  ”She’s precious to him. You understand? She’s his beating heart, held in the hands of his enemies. With her, they can bend him, they can break him, they can make the president dance like a monkey at a county fair. As long as his heart is out there, beating in the hands of China, North Korea, drug lords, Russia, God knows who else.  We are screwed. We stop it, we stop that beating heart, and that my friend is what your president would want us to do, it’s what he would demand us to do. If his heart were not out there, if it was in here, he would do it himself, so we do what he cannot do. We may need to neutralize the asset.”

Oh Cyrus.

You think I want this. Olivia is the Godmother of my baby and my friend, and believe me, I will avoid at all costs any harm coming her way. But the fate of our nation is more important than the life and liberty of one individual. You believe that, don’t you?

Cyrus is such a patriot. Poor Abby.

“We lost”

Wait, did they run out of time? How come Huck didn’t just add The Human Vibrator’s two million dollars?

Abby:  ”Cyrus is going to kill her.”

Andrew nekkid, and trussed up like a turkey being readied for thanksgiving dinner

I can’t tell you how much I loved that scene.

Cyrus: “I know that man”

Olivia: “Hi Stephen.”

Stephen: “Hi Liv”

I’m not gonna lie I became slightly overwhelmed with emotion and I bawled like a baby.

At that moment, I was shipping the hell out of Liv and Stephen. No lie. #AnybodyButFuckingJake

Olivia kicking the shit out of Gus.

Once a Gladiator, always a Gladiator”

That’s right Abby, now get back to your family at OPA, and stop trying to earn Cyrus’s respect. He ain’t loyal to anybody but Fitz.

Olivia: “We need your help. We need you

This was the nearest that Olivia gotten to asking for help for herself, and she still managed to make it a “We“ instead of an ”I”.

“Normal is overrated”

You know, in my mind, I assumed that Stephen and Georgia broke up. I guess I was right.

Stephen:  “You saved me. And I never thought I’d have the chance to return the favor”

News anchor: “Confirming reports that Vice President Nicholls has indeed suffered a massive stroke”

Oh Huck, you genius boy you. No more blood indeed.

Mellie: “You brought this on yourself”


Liv’s PTSD starting when being interviewed by the CIA Director.

Huck, Quinn and Jake taking Olivia back to her apartment instead of a hotel.

Jake: “I’ll be here”
Olivia: “No”
Jake:  “No?”
Olivia: “I’m tired”

Yeah, tired of you motherfucker.

Huck hugging Olivia.

Ok, now let’s tackle this final Fitz and Olivia scene: It was heavy as hell.

Olivia: You went to war.
Fitz: I had no choice.
Olivia: You did.
Fitz: I had no choice.
Olivia: I wanted to Vermont. Someone I used to know danced on this very spot just the other day and said I want Vermont.
Fitz: Liv—
Olivia: Let go of me.

Olivia: I have been riding and dying for you. I fixed an election for you. Sacrificed everything to keep you in office, we all did. Cyrus, James, Jerry, Harrison, Mellie. Every one of us. I was your mistress because you needed me.
Fitz: And I was willing to give it all up for you.
Olivia: Which is exactly the problem.
Fitz: I tried to give up my wife for you, my office! And you backed out every time.
Olivia: Of course I did. If you gave up the Presidency, what did I do all this for? Everything we did, I did, all of it, if you gave up the Presidency it would be a waste. Everything I’ve sacrificed to get you here, to keep you here, so you could be the best, so you could make history, so you could be the President you were meant to be. And you were. You were the President you were meant to be and then, when the true test came along, when I was taken because of you, you go to war? You sent thousands of innocent soldiers into harms way, some of them to their deaths, for one person.
Fitz: I had to save you.
Olivia: You didn’t save me. I’m on my own.

I imagine every one of Liv’s words feeling like a poisoned dart in the heart of the average Olitz shipper. And yeah, it hurt my heart a little bit.  But give me this kind of emotional, angry, back-to-the-wall type dialogue over their silent stares any day.  I will always love their one minute scenes, but they’ve gone past that now. They aren’t the same people that they were. Olivia isn’t even the same person she was a week ago. “Somebody I used to know?“ She’s talking about herself, clearly.  

There was an innocence attached to  those one minute scenes that can’t be replicated in any convincing way now. Too much has happened between them for that. All I’m ever looking for is proof that they’ve grown in some way. For many Olitzers, this was more of the same BS, not so for me. I live when they go at each other. There’s a chemistry there that I don’t see or feel with any other pairing on this show. I think ironically, Mellie and Fitz are the closest we get to this level of passion, anger, pure emotion, however most of that seems to come from Mellie, because Fitz often checks out of their arguments when he thinks she’s being unreasonable.

That scene in Liv’s apartment was perfection. There was so much said, so much that was unsaid, but for those who cared to look, it seemed pretty clear to me what that entire argument was about.  Personally, I love whenever when these two people are in the room together, whether they’re on friendly terms, whether they’re fucking or whether they’re decimating each other with words. This is fiction, so I can revel guilt-free, in the angst that submerges this relationship.

When Fitz asked Olivia if she’d been hurt, we knew what he was really asking. After all, he only just found out that his wife had been raped by his father and she’d kept it a secret from him.  He hasn’t recovered from that. He never wants to miss something that huge happening to somebody he loves or cares about again. Remember he asked Karen the exact same thing.

There were a few unhappy Olitzers of course. Mostly those who are on this ride for nobody but Fitz, so they rip into Olivia at the slightest provocation or the slightest sign that she’s hurt their precious Fitz. It’s the same people of course. They have zero interest in seeing things from Olivia’s point of view. They have zero interest in looking beyond her words. They have zero interest in examining her behavior. All they know is, she hurt their baby and she must be made to pay.

There are two characters on this show that I’m not here for, and that’s Jake and Rowan. Two sides of the same coin. I have no interest in seeing things from their point of view, and I make no bones about that. Nobody could ever, or dare ever accuse me of being a Jake fan. Everybody knows I hate him, so whenever I go in on him, they know where that intense dislike comes from, and I’m not trying to fool them into believing that I’m trying to be rational or fair in my critique of him. There’s no mystery with me, I hate the character, and I’m honest about that.

I wish I could say the same for certain fans who come disguised as Olitzers, but in actual fact, are Fitz fans who tolerate Olivia because he loves her.  I like to know exactly who hates Olivia, because that way, I can unfollow and block them. I have no time for Olivia hate on my dash, it pisses me off, so whenever I see it, I just add more people to my ignore list.

Anyway, enough rambling on.

I’m now going to make the effort to look at things from each POV for this analysis, because I think it’s important not to only see things from just one point of view.


Olivia has been through an awful lot in the past three/four months, let alone her ordeal at the hands of the kidnappers.

Her own father killed her lover’s son, and everything went to hell. She went away with the human vibrator only to find that her leaving everybody, had only made things worse. Fitz was heartbroken enough about his son, but he also tried to kill himself when he discovered that she’d left him. I get why she left. I really do, but to discover that things had only gotten worse in her absence would have been a blow.

She comes back to  a fractured OPA, Abby’s working at the White House, and Huck and Quinn are literally her only family left at the ranch. And of course Harrison has been murdered by her father. Dammit that’s a lot for one person to handle without going insane.

Then we have the kidnapping. She goes through all the stress with her monstrous father and mother, and just as she decides to just live in the moment, and stop stressing about her dysfunctional parents, she gets snatched under the nose of the alleged super-spy.

During captivity, she’s threatened, and she ends up shooting one man, and beating another of her captors unconscious.

When she thinks that she escaped, she then discovers that it’s all been an elaborate hoax. The guy she trusted, the guy that she thought had been shot because of her, is alive, and he’s actually the leader of the animals who had kidnapped her.

Her relationship with Fitz is then used to make the POTUS dance. Olivia declares that Fitz would never go to war for one person, he would never go to war for her, but even as she says it, she doesn’t believe it. That’s why she didn’t take the bet. She knows that she’s Fitz’s greatest Achilles heel.

Fitz goes to war to save her, and in doing so, brave soldiers die for the love of Olivia Pope. That’s a heavy weight and a heavy burden to bear for somebody who’s borne so much already.

She then bargains her way out of captivity, and eventually ends up with Ian’s brains all over her face, hair and clothes. Yet another death in her name, to add to the  thousands of lives being risked in a war that bears her name, a war that’s being fought for her freedom.

Olivia is rescued by one of her best friends and goes home.  She’s not herself. How could she be? She is now somebody who has killed, and somebody who’s responsible for the deaths of over forty brave soldiers. There’s an unnatural detachment, an unwillingness to touch or be touched.

She doesn’t say much to Quinn, Jake or Huck, because she’s probably still in a state of shock. What can she say? She gambled and won, but she knows the cost. Maybe she’s her father’s daughter after all?

Fitz comes to the door looking worried, and relieved that she’s alive. So pleased that she’s back.

Olivia understands that Fitz loves her, she does, but his saving her placed even more burdens on her shoulders. In that moment, all of the ways that she’s betrayed her principles, all of the things that she’s done for him, all of the ways that their desire to be together have impacted so many others, sometimes resulting in death. And now she’s responsible for forty plus more lost souls?

She couldn’t shout at Jake, her feelings for him just don’t run that deep, so she lashes out at the one person that she knows will always forgive her no matter what. He’s forgiven her before, and he’ll forgive her again, but right now, she needs to vent, and Fitz is the easiest target in that moment. As we’ve seen, he often is, but her anger isn’t completely aimed at him, not really.   I think a lot of it is about herself. The havoc that she’s managed to wreak once again. The things that he’s done for her.

Do you think it was an accident that Tom was in her dream of Utopia with Fitz? He told us. He was there because Olivia wanted to protect Fitz from herself. Even her subconscious mind is afraid of tainting him.  Of hurting him.   Her fear of damaging Fitz, and being the reason why he bargains once again, with the devil is ever present.

While she was running down the list of all the things that people have done for him, this is what I heard:

"I made you a fraudulent president. My father made you blow up a plane with 330 innocent civilians in it. I made you fly my mother, a terrorist out of the country, jeopardising your entire presidency.  My mother tried to blow you up, tried to kill you. My father succeeded in killing your son. And now, you’ve gone to war to save my life, and brave American soldiers, and innocent civilians have died as a result of you saving me. Yet another piece of your soul gone, and it’s all my fault. Again”

That’s what I heard. I know what she said, and some of it wont rest easy on those of us who still want them to be together, but I think she was stressed, and scared, and she felt guilty. Again.

Fitz once told Olivia that she’d ruined him. (Episode 216) She also told him in Vermont that she ruined him. Those feelings of guilt are ever present, and the only way they can get past it, is if she lets go of that overwhelming guilt.

Did her words mean that she only loves him as a president? If that’s what you read last night, then sorry, but you’re basic as fuck. If you watched her unravel and scream at him blaming him for everything, and wondered why she was such an ungrateful bitch, then I’m sorry, you’re as basic as fuck. If you got angry at her because she didn’t welcome him with open arms, fair enough, but you’re still basic as fuck and it would seem that your understanding of the human psyche after a traumatic event is vastly overrated.

Olivia had been kidnapped and used as a weapon to make her ex lover go to war, which resulted in innocent lives being lost. She was already struggling under the weight of Jerry’s death on her conscience, now she has the bodies of American soldiers to further crater her? That’s a lot for somebody who isn’t broken. For Olivia, it’s a nightmare that she can’t seem to wake from. Maybe give her a break?


Poor, poor Fitz. There is one person that he loves above any other in his life, and she gets kidnapped. Because his friend whom he chose as his VP, (despite warnings from Olivia) turned out to be a lying, cheating, greedy son of a bitch who sold him down the river, and attempted to use his love for Olivia against him.

He struggled to make the decision to go to war.  He knew that risking the lives of many for one wasn’t right, he knew it, but he did what we’d have all probably done for somebody we loved. He chose to save her, at the cost of innocent lives, both in West Angola and in the US. We saw what that decision did. We saw how hard it was. He was in an impossible situation. I’m not gonna lie, if I had to risk the lives of soldiers and people I didn’t know, to save the life of somebody I loved with the intensity that Fitz loves Olivia, I’d have done what he did. Of course I would. I’d take a bullet for the people I love, I’d do anything for my loved ones, and Fitz is that guy. He’s the guy who puts the personal above the political, above the law, above what’s deemed right. He’s the guy who loves fiercely and is fiercely loyal.

Everybody on his team were telling him that Olivia knew too much, she’d have to be killed. He didn’t hesitate even for a moment. There was no way he was going to have the love of his life killed by US forces. No way. Olivia just had to make it back alive, because if she didn’t, then not only would he have lost all those soldiers for nothing, but he would have literally lost his reason for breathing. If Olivia had been killed guys, I don’t think he’d have made it past a year. The guilt alone would have eaten at him, until it seemed like a welcomed relief to put a bullet through his brain.  Thanks to Mellie, we now know that suicide is not out of the realm of possibility for Fitz.

So after all the stress, the bodies, the deaths, the ceremonial burials, the strife, the heartache, the fear, he finally has the woman that he loves back home, safe, and alive.  And what does she do? What does she say? She screams at him. She’s beyond angry that he wasted all those lives for her. Why can’t she see that he couldn’t have let her die. Why couldn’t she see that what he did, he did out of love? All those hard decisions that he’d made, and for some reason, she just didn’t seem to get it. He’d rather die than lose her. He’d rather lose everything else in his life than lose her. Why didn’t she understand what this cost him? He’d gone to war for her. The ring that he gave her? She’s never taken that ring off, it’s a silent promise, an acknowledgment of what they are to each other, yet here she is throwing it at him. What more could he have done? What did she want from him? His heart breaks. She breaks his heart in a way that only she could. All that sacrifice, and she’s throwing it all back in his face. She’s making a mockery of a decision that he did not come by lightly. I feel the crack in his heart as she hurls those awful accusations at him. Does she really love him?  Or is she more in love with Fitz the president?

These two poor broken people. How the hell are they going to get past this? Well, for a start, time. Time apart would make a difference to both of them. It would let them both gain some clarity on the others situation and reaction. Also, Olivia is obviously suffering from some form of PTSD. She needs treatment. She needs treatment for everything she’s gone through. She needs to be able to deal with the devastation that her very presence has caused so many people. She needs to release. To talk and talk and talk until she can’t talk any more. She needs to free herself from the bonds of guilt that wrap around her like tentacles, guilt from the collateral damage that lay in her path as she walks by. Without help, she wont get better. Olivia needs a friend and a shrink.

Fitz needs to see a shrink too. He hasn’t dealt with his son’s death. He hasn’t dealt with his wife being raped by his dad, and he will not deal well with Olivia blaming him for everything wrong in her life. Blaming him for killing those soldiers. Accusing him of being a terrible president. Maybe his father was right all along? Of course what he may not realize just yet is that Olivia blames herself first and foremost. She did this. Starting from Defiance, everything that’s happened since, has been because of her in some way. So she believes anyway. Fitz doesn’t know this yet. He doesn’t know that in order to move them forward, Olivia has to forgive herself, and he has to learn to not try to hold on so tight to her. They will get through this. I have. no idea how, but after everything they’ve been through, I still believe in their love. Maybe ironically, now more than I have in the last two seasons. It feels less of a pretense now.

I saw people saying that they were definitely over, I don’t believe that even for a moment. But they need a break from each other. Olivia needs a break from everything and everyone. She needs to heal. Really heal. So does Fitz. 

Oh, and he still needs to get that freaking divorce for himself.

Anyway, that was an exhausting emotional episode, there was such a lot to unpack. I really hope that the writers don’t just treat this as a standalone episode. Olivia has to deal with her issues. Preferably without Jake and his bone-snapping, tears-licking, self. 


Bellamy Young tweeted the other day that she was fulfilling a Scandal dream.  I’m wondering if she was at OPA. She’s never had a scene there yet has she?  Wouldn’t it be ironic if somehow Mellie played a role in getting Fitz and Liv talking again? That seems so warped that Shonda’s bound to go there.

I would of course prefer Abby’s brand of shooting from the hip, because I know that there’s never any hidden agenda with her.

Was I the only person who felt like Rowan knew about Olivia’s kidnapping already? I’m still loathe to believe that Andrew was responsible for the damage that was wrought. Andrew? That weak-assed motherfucker did all this?  Once again…just…no.

There has to be repercussions from Fitz going to war with West Angola.  The most important people in the CIA now know for certain that Olivia Pope is his Achilles heel. Surely the writers aren’t going to sweep that mess under the rug, like it was nothing?

For a season that was supposed to be lighter for her, the writers sure are putting Olivia Pope and her president through the wringer aren’t they?

No sexy Outlander GIFs to end with today, I’m way too much in my broken Olitz feels. It hurts real bad but I kinda like it…

Digimon Adventure Tri

Okay, so like I think that how the characters act/look in the opening show who they are/will develop to be in the new series. This is only based on the first 4 episodes, though. So hopefully it’ll change later on.

Taichi doens’t look too thrilled at all, not like his younger self. This foreshadows the development of his behavior throughout the first 4 episodes. Protect him at all costs.

I feel like this describes Yamato throughout the whole series of Digimon, so cool and keeping what he’s feeling to himself. But him and Taichi still seem to have the same friendship as before. Besides that, I don’t really have much to say otherwise.

Precious Sora. She’s gone from being her tom-boy self to a young lady. Not that there was anything wrong with her being a tom-boy. I just feel like she’s matured because of the past events. She seems more cheerful and happy, which is a lot better than how she was feeling in the first season.

LOOK AT HOW KOSHIRO HAS GROWN. Like Sora, it looks like he’s gotten happier in these years since season 2. 

Mimi. Still cute, still cheerful. She brightens up the mood so much. She hasn’t complained once, which is a big breakthrough from season 1. I really hope that she gets more character development.

Poor, poor Joe. This picture is basically him the whole first 4 episodes. GIVE JOE HAPPINESS. He’s just gotten more sad and stressed from season 2, which isn’t good for him D: Can’t really say much more because he hasn’t really had a lot of screen time, so hopefully we’ll get to see him smile soon.

Little Takeru, so stylish. He’s grown up a lot, too. I love his taste in clothes. Just like this picture of him in the opening, he usually has a smile on his face in these episodes. He needs a little more screen time, too, because we haven’t really been able to see how much he’s changed.

Look at that sad face. She looks so sad in the opening, and that’s not a good sign. Just like her brother, she doesn’t look too excited anymore. Did something happen to them since the ending of season 2?? This will be something that will bother me for a while.

Anyways, I’m excited to see where this series goes. Digimon is life.