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Imagine Cisco going to give you a hug/handshake/high five and unintentionally vibing with you. What does he see? Who knows~

‘I’m so late’ kept playing in your head as you ran trying to get to star labs.

You were supposed to meet there with Caitlin, Cisco, Barry, Joe, Iris, Harri and Jesse almost twenty minutes ago, but no, you just had to take a thirty minute long shower singing.

“Sorry!” you yelled back as you almost fell on a woman wearing a bussines suit, and kept running.

“I’m here!” you yelled when you got to star labs, out of breath and sweaty.

“There s/he is! And only twenty five minutes late! I think we have a record people!” Cisco laughed as he came to high five you, you laughed and put your hand up.

As soon as yours and Cisco’s hands touched he stopped, and it was obvious that he was vibing something.

Everyon froze and waited for Cisco to snap out of it, but as soon as he did he said someting about his workshop and left, leaving all of you confused.

Barry started to get up to go after him but you stopped him.

“It happened when he touched me, maybe I should be the one to go after him?”

You didn’t wait for an answer and quickly ran towards Cisco.

“Hey,” you said when you found him, sitting on his chair, fingers messing with some wires.

“Hey.” He said, not even glancing up.

“What did you see?” 

“That’s the thing,” he started, “I don’t really know.”

But you knew that he was lying, you knew him too well, and his face wasn’t confused, it was shocked.

You grabbed a chair that was in the other side of the room and sat next to him.

“You know that you can trust me, right?” you asked.

“Do you feel for me anything?” 

His question was so unexpected that you almost fell from your chair, feel? Did he know something? Were you that obvious?

“What do you mean ‘feel’?” 

He looked at you, and you could see that he was nervous about something.

“’Feel’ like hate or anger or love?” The last part he said so quietly that if you weren’t sitting so close to him you wouldn’t have heard.

“Love?” you asked, “Why? Cisco is everything okay?”

“Can you please answer, y/n?”

“I don’t know if love,” you said, “maybe strong liking is more like it?”

He looked confused, and honestly, your tone was confused too because you had no idea what you said.

“Well,” you said, “maybe love? I mean, what kind of love? Like family love? Or love love? Like couple love-”



“I saw us getting married.” He said.

You could feel yourself smiling, but the smile dropped as fast as it came.

“And you don’t like it.” You stated more than asked.

“No!” He practically yelled, but soon looked at his lap, “I like it, I just don’t know if you like it.”

“I like it.” You said.

“Great!” He looked at you and smiled, and you smiled back.

After some awkward moments you decided to speak.

“So what now?”

“Jitters?” He asked.

You smiled, “Jitters.” You answered.

No less than two years later you were both looking into each others eyes and smiling, with your friends and family around you, saying “I do.”

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Request: #4 “I’m too sober for this.”, #24 “It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.”, and #28 “How drunk was I?”

A/N: This was fun to write :) Feel free to send in more!!

Barry knew Y/N was on a date, as much as it danced on his jealously nerve. It was his own fault, that she was on a date with the guy that had used the way too corny pick-up line at Jitters. It was his own fault because he had been holding off for weeks to ask her out. A small smile broke across his face though when he received a text from her about an hour after the date had started:

Y/N: I am too sober for this

Barry: lol, that bad, huh?

Y/N: omg…he’s called me girl and/or sweet thang at least five times

Barry: ouch…

Y/N: I honestly don’t think he remembers my name

Barry: want me to run by and save the day?

Y/N: lol, stand down Flash…I think I can suffer through dessert

Barry: alright…if you say so. I’ll stay up just in case

Y/N: :)

And that’s what he does. Barry eventually falls asleep about midnight, not having heard from her. He goes to bed, sending Y/N one last text but not receiving anything in reply. He falls into an uneasy sleep this time. A crashing from downstairs suddenly wakes him. He listens for a second, hearing another crash; it was six in the morning according to his alarm clock. It may be Joe, getting up for work…but another crash sends him speeding downstairs to the kitchen.

“Y/N…what are you-“ he says, flipping on the light, finding his friend standing on the counter. She looks back at him, a shocked look on her face as her eyes adjust to the light. Barry sees her starting to fall backwards before she even realizes she’s falling.

“Woah!” she says, her words slurring as Barry sets her on her feet. Barry peers at her…was she drunk? How could she be drunk at six in the morning. “That was super fast!” Her eyes widen as she looks up at Barry. They were glassy, evident of the heavy drinking she must have been doing. She looks around the kitchen, as if to see if they were alone before lowering her voice to a whisper. “Are you…the Flash?!?”

“You know I am,” Barry says, still slightly confused as to what was going on. The situation becomes slightly clearer when he spots the handle of vodka in her hand. “Y/N…what are you doing-“

“Dude,” she says, stepping back. Barry was stunned into shock. He had never seen her like this; she had to be beyond drunk. He takes in her appearance as she walks back over to the cabinets, reaching up for something in a different cabinet than before. Y/N was wearing what he would image she would wear on a date, except now it looked worn and slightly dirty. She continues to talk, her words slurring as she gets a glass down and sets it noisily on the counter. “Did you know that all of the stores that sell alcohol in this town shut down at like four a.m.? And then the like, really skeevy twenty four hour ones won’t sell to you if you’re drunk…which I totally-“ Barry grabs the handle of vodka out of her hand as she starts pouring some of it into a glass. “What the hell dude!?”

“First of all, when did you start saying ‘dude’?” Barry says. He speeds away and back, hiding the bottle of vodka and all the other alcohol in the house in his room for the time being. Y/N starts to protest, once she realizes what Barry had done. “And second…it’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.”

Y/N’s brow furrows as she juts her bottom lip out. “I thought you were my friend-“

“Yeah, and I thought you were on a date,” Barry says. He walks past her, grabbing the glass and dumping it out to pour her a glass of water. “What are you doing drunk?”

Letting out a groan, Y/N over-dramatically rolls her eyes, sitting down on a bar stool. “I told you…that guy was horrible-“

“That still doesn’t mean that you could run off and get drunk-“

“Oh my god,” she says, letting out another groan. “I got drunk because I wanted to be drunk Barry. I wanted to be drunk because I was having a really bad night. I was having a really bad night because the guy I was on a date with—who was horrible by the way, don’t know if I mentioned that—was not the guy I wanted to be on a date with.”

Barry’s eyes widen a fraction. Could she be talking about him? A small part of him said she was…but another part of him knew it would be wrong to coax the answer out of her when she was in the state she was in. “Come on…you need to get to bed…sleep this off…” He places a hand between her shoulder blades, guiding her out of the kitchen and upstairs. They pass by Joe in the hallway; Barry just shakes his head at Joe, silently telling him he’d explain later as Y/N covered her mouth, trying to hid her schoolgirl-like giggles. Eventually, Barry gets Y/N settled in his bed, giving her a t-shirt and sleep pants to wear. At her insistence, Barry had sat by her in the bed as she fell asleep, the early morning sunshine starting to peek through his window.

“Barry?” he hears Y/N say, sleep thick in her voice. Barry looks down at her; she looked asleep. He waits for her to speak again, thinking maybe she was just talking in her sleep. Suddenly, she takes one of her hands and grabs onto Barry’s. “I wish it was you I was on the date with.”

That night, Y/N stumbles down the stairs of the West house, rubbing at her eyes, her head pounding with the hangover she so richly deserved. “Morning sleeping beauty,” she hears Joe’s deep voice say.

“Shhhh,” she says, waving a hand in front of herself. “Too loud Joe…too loud…”

“Like you weren’t too loud banging round my kitchen at six in the morning looking for booze?” Joe says.

Y/N lets out a groan as Joe, Barry, and Iris each chuckle at her. “Oh god…” she says. She runs a hand through her air as she sits down on the couch between Joe and Barry. Y/N looks around at the family. It looked like they had just gotten done eating dinner. She lets out another groan, rubbing her eyes with the back of her hands. “I am so sorry Joe…how drunk was I?”

Barry shakes head, chuckling as he wraps an arm around Y/N’s shoulders. He knew that she didn’t remember a thing from the night…or rather morning before. He also knew, though, that he wasn’t going to waste any more time. He’d wait for her hangover to pass…but he was done waiting his turn. “Well…” Barry says, a smirk growing on his face. “I did find you on top the counter trying to steal our vodka…”

I'll Protect You~ Barry Allen

Warnings: cussing, mention of abuse, fighting

I love your blog!!!! and I have a request where the reader (girl) is best friends with Barry and he sees bruises on your arms or face on accident and he finds out they are from your bf (who is on obviously abusive) and he gets really angry and goes and beat them up and you have to calm him down? angst and fluffy please???? THANK YOU LOVE

“Shut up!” Y/N’s boyfriend, Jack, yelled as he punched Y/N in the face, and pushed her into the wall.

Leaving her alone and with a mark.

Next Day
3:35 pm

Y/N covered her mark with foundation and headed to Barry’s place.

She knocked on the door as Joe opened it.

“Hey Y/N. Come in.” Joe said, as he hugged Y/N.

“Hey Joe is Barry here?” Y/N asked Joe as she walked in.

“I’m right here.” Barry said as he poked his head out of the kitchen.

“Hey!” Y/N said as she went towards the kitchen. “What are you doing?”

“I don’t know, I’m bored, I wanna bake a cake!” Barry said.

“Okay.” Y/N responded as she got out the stuff.

After making the batter Y/N and Barry started to put it into the mold until Barry got some on his hands and placed it on Y/N’s face.

“What the heck bro!” Y/N yelled as she got batter and smudged it all over his face.

“I deserved that, but…” Barry got more batter and placed it on Y/N’s face again.

“Okay , let’s calm down and put the mold in the oven.” Y/N said as she placed the mold in the oven.

“BuzzKilllllllllll.” Barry groaned.

“I’m gonna go clean up.” Y/N said.

Y/N headed to the bathroom and cleaned up. She covered her mark again making sure you couldn’t see anything and then she walked out of the bathroom and back into the kitchen.

“We have to wait 45 minutes till its donee, I wanna do something fun!” Barry groaned.

“Like what?” Y/N asked Barry.

“I don’t knowwwwwww!” Barry groaned again,“Let’s go to the park!”

“Nah!” Y/N said.

45 minutes later
4:55 pm

“The cake is done!” Barry said as he got the frosting out and sprinkles.

Y/N and Barry where icing the cake as Y/N’s phone rang. It was Jack.

Y/N went outside to answer it


“Where the hell are you!” Jack yelled through the phone.

“I’m someplace why do you care!?”

“Y/N are you okay?” Barry yelled through the window.

“You’re with Barry! You little whore!” Jack said as he hung up.

Y/N started crying.

“Y/N are you okay?” Barry asked.

Y/N turned away, making sure Barry didn’t see the mark that Jack left.

Barry put his hand on Y/N’s shoulder and turned her around.

“Y/N,” Barry said sternly,“Who did this? Was it Jack?”

Y/N whispered “yes.” Y/N knew he couldn’t hear her.

Barry hugged her.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry Barry.” Y/N kept repeating.

“Hey, it’s not your fault, now tell me who did this?” Barry said as they walked inside, and sat down on the couch.

“It…was Jack.” Y/N whispered.

“Who? Speak louder Y/N.” Barry said.

“Jack.” Y/N said as the doorbell rang.

Barry went to answer it as Y/N went to the bathroom to clean up.

After Y/N cleaned up she heard yelling.

“Why would you ever hit Y/N!” Y/N noticed the voice it was Barry yelling.

“Because I f*cking can! Now tell me where is she!” Jack yelled as he tried to get passed Barry.

“I’m not gonna tell you shit.” And with that Barry punched Jack in the face.

Making Jack stumble backwards. Jack swings and Jack’s hand connected with Barry’s jaw. Before Barry can do anything else Y/N ran and pushed Barry back.

“Let’s go Y/N.” Jack said mad.

“No.” Y/N said.

“I said lets go!” Jack got Y/N’s wrist and didn’t let go until Barry punched him. Hard.

“It’s over Jack.” Y/N said as she closes the door.

“You don’t tell me when this relationship is over I do!” Jack yelled at the door as he went to his car and left.

“Y/N are you okay?” Barry asked.

“I’m fine.” Y/N said as she looked down to her feet.

“C'mon lets go clean your cut up.” Y/N said as she walked to the bathroom.

Then there was a red flash.

“Barry! Where the hell did you go!” Y/N yelled.

Y/N went home to pack some stuff and saw Barry fighting with Jack.

“Why would you ever hurt Y/N. She’s an amazing girl that doesn’t need a beating from an asshole. She legit perfect, you’re going to ruin her perfect face.” Barry said as he kept punching Jack.

Y/N ran in and pushed Barry off of Jack.

Y/N fell on top of Barry and Barry’s hands were on her waist.

Y/N felt pain in her back.

Jack kicked her.

“That’s what you get for being a whore.” Jack said as she got up and kicked his leg making him yell a little bit.

Y/N giggled.

Y/N got her stuff and Barry zapped them to his house.

Y/N sat down on the couch as Barry got a piece of cake and sat down.

“It’s getting late Barry. I think I should go find a hotel to stay in.” Y/N said while stealing some icing off of the piece of cake.

“Just stay here. With me.” Barry smiled at the end of his sentence.

“Okay.” She said as she laid her head on his chest and Barry’s hand went around her.

“Thank you.” Y/N said as they cuddled.

“No problem.” Barry said as he hugged her a little more tighter making her feel safe.

Imagine being an intern at Star Labs and being on coffee duty when you get super flustered and spill it over Cisco/yourself and him being super sweet and understanding ahh (*O*)

You were trying to balance four cups of coffee on one hand and two on the other.

First stop- Cisco’s workshop, as it was the closest to where you were.

When you turned the corner you bumped into someone and all of the coffee spilled on both of you.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry!” You said, and when you looked up you saw Cisco soaked in coffee, thankfully you somehow were always late- even when getting coffee- so it wasn’t really hot.

You quickly got a napkin that was somehow still dry and tried to dry Cisco, but as soon as you saw what you were doing you froze, and soon started to mutter apologies, most of them not even making sense to you.

“Y/n, it’s okay,” he smiled, “this shirt needed a wash anyway.” But as soon as he said it he cringed, “Not that I walk around in dirty clothes, I wash them. Obviously.” He finished awkwardly.

You smiled, thankful that it wasn’t awkward just for you.

“Sorry,” you said, “I was actually just bringing it to you.”

“Mission accomplished.” He said, and you let out a small laugh.

“Oh, come on I think I have a Star Labs sweatshirt in the workshop that I can give you.”

You wanted to tell him that it wasn’t necessary, but before you managed he was already in the workshop so you quickly followed him.

“Thanks,” you said when he gave you the sweatshirt.

“No problem.” He smiled.

He seemed to do that a lot. 

Smiling looked good on him.

You didn’t even notice that he’d started talking, “I’m sorry, what?”

“I asked if you want me to show you something cool.” He repeated.

“Sure.” You answered, more time with your long time crush- not that you would tell him that. Just what you needed, rejection.

After a long explenation on how a new gun that he was working on worked there was an awkward and uncomfortable silence.

As you were turning to leave he grabbed your arm and you turned around to look at him, hoping that the blush that you could feel on your face wasn’t too noticable.

After standing like that, just looking at each other for a few moments he let out a caugh and let go of you, and you tried to not frown at the lost contact.

“Because we kinda ran into each other and the coffee spilled, would you like to go to Jitters? Doesn’t have to be now, could be like, tonight?” He got his hand up to put a piece of hair behind his ear, and you were tempted to do it yourself.

“I’d like that.” You said smiling.

He let out a relieved laugh, “Great!” He said, again with that mesmerising, beautiful smile of his.

“Great!” You repeated and smiled back.

He could surely see your blush now.

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