joe moses one man showses


So Joe Moses did a parody of Sherlock (and it was beautiful)



“Yes, dear.”

Joey Richter as Sherlock Holmes, Brian Rosenthal as John Watson, and Joe Moses as Moriarty.  This is actually the definition of perfection.

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Reblog for visibility please?

I remember that time at LeakyCon at Joe Moses One Man Showses where during the question game (Audience asks question, Moses tries to answer, and if the person with them (Joe Walker in this case) doesn’t like the answer, Moses has to answer differently until Walker approves) this girl asked if Moses would take a selfie with her, and he said no and started to ramble about how it would take too long or how it would be complicated to take it because he was one a stage, blah blah blah. Point is, Walker pushed the button that meant he didn’t like that answer, AND MOSES STOPPED RAMBLING, DROPPED THE MICROPHONE, JUMPED OFF THE FUCKING STAGE, RAN TO THIS GIRL, AND POSED FOR A SELFIE WHILE EVERYONE ELSE IN THE AUDIENCE WAS SCREAMING AND LAUGHING AND DYING. WALKER WASN’T EVEN EXPECTING THAT. HE WAS IN JUST AS MUCH SHOCK AS US. THEN MOSES JUST RAN BACK UP THE STAIRS AND CONTINUED THE GAME. LIKE, FUCK YOU MOSES AND YOUR PERFECTION.

JMOMS: a pre-Recap

JMOMS was amazing and just…yeah. I’ll answer any questions but I’ll be posting a complete recap tomorrow in here, through my tumblr. But for now, here’s a list of the people I’ve encountered with in one way or another in order of appearance:

Dominic Barnes
Darren Criss
Evanna Lynch
Joe Moses
Tessa Netting
Devin Lytle
Brian Rosenthal
Brant Cox
Joey Richter
Curt Mega

I uploaded videos from the JMOMS Q&A

The first:

Is all of the members saying their favorite moments from each of the shows (I suggest you watch this it is so funny)

The Second:

Is all of the cast saying their favorite lines from one of the starkid shows.

The Third:

Is a video of Joe Walker explaining the Snickers Joke in AVPM