joe montgomery

Okay but if Hopper and Joyce don’t end up together then what’s this all been about???

honestly the Biggest Mood of stranger things season two is when joyce asks will to stop saying sorry and then immediately after he says sorry for saying sorry too much

ok so picture this:

noah schnapp getting the praise and recognition he deserves for his incredible acting instead of being swept aside and ignored because he’s a child actor

I will never stop praising Steve Harrington’s character development. He is such a kind individual who deserves all the love in the world. Even after he and Nancy weren’t together, he still loved her and did not spite her whatsoever. Also, may I remind y’all that he did not have to stay when shit was going down. He could have been like “fuck all of you guys!” But he stayed to protect all of the kids. HE HAD NO OBLIGATION TO DO THAT BUT HE STAYED BECAUSE HE IS SUCH A GOOD PERSON! He literally took on a mom role for kids he barely knew. When Billy came looking for Max, Steve protected her and acted like he didn’t know anything, even when Billy started to threaten him. He jumped in front of them when something went wrong. He did not hesitate to put all those kids’ safety before his own. He became like a brother to Dustin, giving him advice on girls, hair care, etc. He isn’t some typical jock that he was made out to be in the first season. He is a hero. He is kind. He is selfless. He loves those kids. If I see any Steve Harrington slander, I won’t hesitate to drag you through the dirt.