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    A blast from the past :) When I was in high school I worked at two different animation studios in the Chicagoland area. The first was Character Builders who handled a lot of outsource work from Warner Brothers Feature Animation. Sadly their Chicago branch went out of business fairly quickly but I found a new home at Calabash Animation with some of the nicest, more supportive, and risk taking people I have ever known. I was 14 with ZERO experience but they took a huge risk on me, and honestly it didn’t always pay off for them. But they stuck with me and I am eternally grateful to them.

     In my Junior and Senior year of high school I took a break from working on things like Lucky Charms commercials and began working on Joe Meredith’s “Stubble Trouble”. I did a whole grab bag of things: assistant animation, clean-up, and rough animation. I was proud to work on something that was much more unique than the typical animated fair.

One of the more challenging things on the film was trying to achieve the cave painting look. This was the days way before using anything digital to help achieve that. We cut and punched newsprint paper and “cleaned up” the rough animation using a grease or stabilo pencil. It was great fun!! 

I was super proud to have been apart of this at such a young age and even more proud when it was nominated for an Oscar. I played a small part on this short, but it played a big part in my artistic development.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: In Firebringer, everyone acts like it was Zazzalil's fault that the village burnt down, just because it was her who made the discovery of fire. Ducker explicitly sings "you burnt down the village", and she later even says words to the same effect when she implies that it's actually Jemilla's fault for leaving her in charge in the first place. In actuality, it was Ducker who asked for his hat to be set on fire, and he is also the one who spread the fire to the other members of the tribe and to the village by not just taking the hat off- Zazzalil wasn't even there to be able to stop it. Her only involvement was getting the tribe out of the village and saving their lives, so why is she antagonised?
  • Movie/book: *Makes two main (straight) characters a couple*
  • Me: "Omg I hate how this always happens, like it's so boring and unoriginal"
  • Starkid Musical: *makes two main (straight) characters a couple*
  • Me: "OMG yas otp I ship it they're so cute together I need to go write some fanfi-"

The best couples!

- Grey’s Anatomy ♥ ♥

so I started writing my post about meeting Team Starkid and it’s ridiculously long but the short (but still long) version issss

I almost had an anxiety attack meeting Joey Richter bc I got myself so excited but he held my hand and rubbed my back and told me I was going great and he got me to calm down enough where could take some of the cutest pictures I’ve ever seen (including a selfie ft both of our crooked jaws!!)

I told Joe Walker he’s my favorite human being and he said “well obviously because I’m the best” and I told him he’s inspired me in theatre to be more outgoing with myself and he gave me a huge hug and he is one hell of a hugger let me tell you

Jaime Lyn told me I was pretty and my dress was really cute and I told her about my friends’ inside joke that I’m the Mouthface of our friend group and she absolutely loved and was so flattered and she referred to me as Mouthface at least 4 times in conversation bc she is a babe

Meredith complimented my hair and told us about how much she loves ducks 

I took a picture with Brian Holden and Joe bc batman and superman and they were so excited when I mentioned it and when we asked Brian to take an ugly he said it was physically impossible for him


I love all of these goofs so much and I haven’t stopped smiling for 2 days because they made me so happy this night and I love them all more than words can say