joe maturo

So I'm from the town with the mayor who said he's having tacos for dinner...

I think it’s bullshit. He said one wrong thing and everyone is jumping all over him. He just got back into office and is trying to fix all the shit the last bitch did, a woman who had an arrest warrant out for her during office! We didn’t make her resign. It’s bullshit. He was tired, and if you watch the video, the reporter was being a dick. He obviously saw Joe was tired and acted like a complete jackass. I SUPPORT JOE MATURO and his tacos. <3

Joe Maturo

Stuttering and blinking,
cameras in his face,
his confidence is shrinking.
Running for mayor was a waste.

“How will you help latinos?”
is roughly what they asked.
I don’t think even he knows
how the next events flew past.

The country’s in an uproar,
now he’s a national news whore.
On telemundo he’s appeared,
such stupidity I feared.

Who ever would have guessed that
such idiocy could exist
in a place such as East Haven,
there must be something I have missed… 

Care for a taco?