joe macmiillan

Watch and live tweet the #HaltFinale

Hi guys.

I’m sure you already know tomorrow is #HaltFinale. What kind of finale, it remains to be seen. Here’s what we can do: we can spread the word

- please go to haltamc twitter account and retweet their tweet about #HaltFinale

- if you’re able to watch it live, please do. If not, maybe you’re able to tweet about it. Use #HaltFinale hashtag.

- remember, it only takes a moment to tweet and it CAN make a difference 

I know some of you aren’t that into HACF (and that’s OK) but do it anyway because Lee Pace in leather  (.gif belongs to macmillan - go follow this amazing blog)

fellow fans who do like it and watch it would appreciate it very much

-you’d make Donna happy

- you don’t want to disappoint Bos, do you?

- you want more of this, amiright?

- really, everyone has enough time to do it, so there’s no excuse. 

- if you’re annoyed with Cameron, do it for Joe and Gordo!

-or do it for Cameron, if you’re #teamcameron

Just do it!