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i gotta say i think one of the funniest lines to me is when steve’s talking to nancy and he’s like “the cops are gonna wanna talk to all of us– tommy, carol, everybody who was at the party” cuz it’s like.  steve, my boy, my dude. that is everybody who was at the party.  you really don’t have that many friends.

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28) “I need to not be stuck in a romantic movie.”
30) “how did we get here?”
31) “What’s with the fancy outfit?” With a shy, cute Barry Allen, please ? :))

Sure I can, I thought about this one for quite a while before I eventually came up with this idea so I really hope you like it :)

#28: “I need to not be stuck in a romantic movie.”

#30: “How did we get here?”

#31: “What’s with the fancy outfit?”


Iris and Wally had finally had enough of the mutual pining between you and Barry. Honestly, it was like the two of you were attached together by a piece of string but neither of you even knew the damn string was there.

So they decided to make a plan, and by the end of tonight either the two of you were going to be together or Iris and Wally would be spotted fleeing Central City. 

The first part of the plan involved Iris taking you shopping, she planned on saying that you were just going with her to help her choose a dress for some function she had to write an article on. Then she planned on convincing you to buy a dress as well.

Honestly, if all else failed she was going to buy the damn dress herself and get Wally to speed dress you.

So when you arrived, you were very confused when Iris picked out a maroon dress (yes, you would later discover that was on purpose) and shoved you into a dressing room. Claiming she couldn’t try on dresses all on her own.

You had to admit, when you tried it on, it really was quite beautiful. And with Iris pressuring you, you decided what the hell you would buy the damn thing. It was so hard to find nice dresses and you that the next time you needed a dress, you would regret not buying it.

So when you walked out the store, both of you were carrying dresses.

The next stage of the plan involved keeping you busy and out of STAR labs while Iris and Wally took over the place and made it look perfect, with some help from HR.

Joe had already agreed to keep Barry busy while, so Iris had asked/forced Julian to keep you busy until Wally could get there and speed you into your dress (she quickly realized that given the fact that you knew Oliver before Barry, you probably had some sort of training and she didn’t feel like having a broken bone, so Wally really was the best option).

So that’s how you ended up walking through Central City with Julian, you honestly had no idea what was going on. Iris was acting really weird when you were shopping and then Julian dragged you off, saying that the two of you should go explore Central City.

Even though you had lived here for eight months and Julian for longer. You just went along with it because you knew better than to go against any plans they had made.

Meanwhile Iris and Wally were facing a pretty big problem, they had set up STAR Labs it seemed like everything was going perfectly. But then when Iris called Barry, planning to tell him that everyone decided to go out together and would soon be meeting at STAR Labs…

He was in hysterics, having seen you and Julian walking through Central Park and presumed the two of you were on a date. So when Iris told him to meet at STAR Labs in half an hour, he said he would rather skip it because he wouldn’t be able to sit through you and Julian.

“Oh Christ,” Iris muttered as she turned to Wally, “okay new plan. We’re moving everything up. Go get Y/N, I’m going to go get Barry here. I will drag him by the ear if I have to.”

 And with that she turned on her heel and walked out, looking very much like an annoyed mother. Wally shook his head and sped off to find you and Julian.

Once he found you, he caught Julian’s eye and when Julian nodded and ran through and literally grabbed you.

One minute you were sitting on a bench and the next thing you knew, you felt like you were flying. Instantly you knew some speedster had grabbed you, you couldn’t see much but you saw the logo on the shirt and you knew it was Wally.

Then suddenly you were in your bedroom for about five seconds and you were on the move again.

 Wally sped you over to STAR Labs and then left.

 When you looked down you saw that for some reason you were in the dress you had bought that morning.

 Then you heard footsteps and a very confused Barry was shoved into the room. 

 He stopped for a second and just looked at you, looking dumbfounded. Then stuttered out, “What’s with the fancy outfit?”

 You ignored his question and responded with, “How did we get here?”

He chuckled, “They’ve been planning haven’t they?” 

You nodded and looked around and only then realized they had decorated the place like the set of basically any romantic restaurant scene in a chick flick ever. 

“Urgh,” you mumbled, “I need to not be stuck in a romantic movie right now.” 

Just then music started playing, you laughed and shook your head however then you heard someone yell, “Dance you idiots!”

 Instantly you knew what they had planned, Iris had long ago figured out your feelings for the scarlet speedster and clearly she decided to help out. You sighed, you knew Barry didn’t feel the same way so this was gonna be awkward.

“I’m sorry,” you began, “this is because of me. You can just leave, Iris probably thought she was helping but…”

Barry looked extremely confused, “But… aren’t you with Julian?”

You couldn’t help but laugh, “Barry I’m not with Julian, he dragged me out this morning probably to distract me from this. But seriously Barry, I’m sorry. You don’t have feeling for me an-”

Instantly you felt a rush of air and suddenly a pair of soft lips were on yours, you were so shocked that you didn’t even kiss back and after a few seconds he drew back with a look of horror on his face.

“I’m so sorry,” he mumbled, “I thought you meant that you did have feelings for me. Sorry, I guess I read that wrong.”

Once you got over your shock you simply pulled him down and kissed him this time. On this occasion both of you responded to the kiss and no, there wasn’t any fireworks and didn’t manage to taste like mint and strawberries. But it felt right, and peaceful.

When you pulled away he smiled and said, “So I know you want to get out of this romantic movie, but any chance you could stay here with me a little longer?”


In another room, Iris and Wally were high fiving each other.


 I feel like this was terrible….

Oh well feel free to request, you guys know the drill :)

Master list:

01. Joe Sugg First imagine ever.

02. Joe Sugg : Seeing green. 

03. Caspar Lee : Airport.

04. Joe Sugg: Nervous.

05. Joe Sugg : Puppy.

06. Joe Sugg: Small. 

07. Joe Sugg : Surprise.

08. Joe Sugg : Rain. 

09. Joe Sugg : Cute&Fluffy.

10. Joe Sugg : Reaction.

11. Joe Sugg : Drag me down.

12. Joe Sugg : No love.

 - Joe Sugg : No love Part II.

13. Joe Sugg : Accident. 

14. Joe Sugg : Cheater. 

- Joe Sugg : Cheater Part II.

15. Joe Sugg : Hit. 

- Joe Sugg : Hit Part II.

16. Joe Sugg : Vows.

17. Joe Sugg : Best friend. 

- Joe Sugg : Best friend Part II.

18. Joe Sugg : Jealous.

- Joe Sugg : Jealous Part II.

19. Joe Sugg : Not ready.

20. Caspar Lee : Caught. 

21. Joe Sugg : Overprotective. 

22. Joe Sugg : Flu. 

23. Joe Sugg : Hidden surprise. 

- Joe Sugg : Hidden surprise Part II.

- Joe Sugg : Hidden surprise Part III.

24. Joe Sugg : Anxiety. 

25. Joe Sugg : I love you.

26. Joe Sugg : Walked in.  

- Joe Sugg : Walked in, Part: II.

27. Joe Sugg : Breakup. 

28. Joe Sugg : Are you leaving with him?

29. Joe Sugg : Singing. 

30. Joe Sugg | Period. 

31. Joe Sugg | Fly in.

32. Joe Sugg : Smash.

- Joe Sugg : Smash Part II. 

33. Joe Sugg : Moved on.

34. Joe Sugg : Pranked.

35. Joe Sugg : Glass.

- Joe Sugg : Glass Part II.

36. Joe Sugg : Skateboard. 

37. Joe Sugg : Storm. 

- Joe Sugg : Storm Part II.

- Joe Sugg : Storm Part III

- Joe Sugg ; Storm Part IV.

- Joe Sugg : Storm Part V.

- Joe Sugg : Storm Part VI.

38. Joe Sugg : Shipped.

- Joe Sugg : Shipped Part II.

39. Joe Sugg : Locked out.

40. Joe Sugg : Relax.

41. Joe Sugg : Decision. 

42. Joe Sugg : Prom.

43. Joe Sugg : Sober up.

- Joe Sugg : Sober up Part II.

44. Joe Sugg : Pinky Promise.

45. Joe Sugg : Idiot. 

46. Joe Sugg : Kicked out.

47. Joe Sugg : 7 minutes.

48. Caspar Lee : Night one.

- Caspar Lee : Night one Part II.

- Caspar Lee : Night one Part III

- Caspar Lee : Night one Part IV.

49. Joe Sugg : Cuddles.

50. Joe Sugg : Tattoo.

51. Joe Sugg : Cooking.

52. Joe Sugg : Surprise!

53. Joe Sugg : Key.

54. Joe Sugg : Knock Knock.

- Joe Sugg : Knock Knock Part II.

- Joe Sugg : Knock Knock Part III.

- Joe Sugg : Knock Knock Part IV

- Joe Sugg :  Knock Knock Part V.

- Joe Sugg : Knock Knock Part VI.

- Joe Sugg : Knock Knock Part VII.

55. Joe Sugg : Morning. 

56. Joe Sugg : Great.

57. Joe Sugg : Playful.

- Joe Sugg : Playful Part II.

58. Joe Sugg : It started as a bet.

59. Joe Sugg : Snapped.

60. Joe Sugg : Sleep over.

61. Oli White : Hi.

62. Joe Sugg : Revenge … Or not?

63. Joe Sugg : Embarrassed. 

64. Joe Sugg : How well?

- Joe Sugg : How well? Part II.

65. Joe Sugg : So long.

66. Joe Sugg : Cleaners. 

- Joe Sugg : Cleaners Part II.

- Joe Sugg : Cleaners Part III.

- Joe Sugg : Cleaners Part IV. 

67. Joe Sugg : Birthday. 

68. Joe Sugg : Good night.

69. Joe Sugg : Are you?

- Joe Sugg : Will you?

70. Joe Sugg : Book launch. 

71. Joe Sugg : Nightmare. 

72. Joe Sugg : Bubble bath.

73. Joe Sugg : Moving in. 

74. Joe Sugg & Oli White : Fought Over.

75. Joe Sugg : Tucked in. 

76. Joe Sugg : Labour.

- Joe Sugg : Delivery. 

- Joe Sugg : Welcome.

77. Joe Sugg : Janya wedding.

78. Joe Sugg : Girlfriend or Best friend?

- Joe Sugg : Girlfriend or Best friend Part: II.

- Joe Sugg : Girlfriend or Best friend Part: III.

- Joe Sugg : Girlfriend or Best friend Part: IV.

- Joe Sugg : Girlfriend or Best friend Part: V.

- Joe Sugg : Girlfriend or Best friend Part: VI.

- Joe Sugg : Girlfriend or Best friend Part: VII.

- Joe Sugg : Girlfriend or Best friend Part: VIII.

- Joe Sugg : Girlfriend or Best friend Part: IX.

79. Caspar Lee  : One day.

80. Joe Sugg : Over reaction.

- Joe Sugg : Over reaction Part: II.

81. Joe Sugg : Teased. 

- Joe Sugg : Teased Part: II.

- Joe Sugg : Teased Part: III.

- Joe Sugg : Teased Part: IV.

- Joe Sugg : Teased Part V. 

- Joe Sugg : Teased Part: VI.

- Joe Sugg : Teased Part: VII.

- Joe Sugg : Teased Part: VIII.

- Joe Sugg : Teased Part: IX. 

- Joe Sugg : Teased Part: X.

- Joe Sugg : Teased Part: XI.

- Joe Sugg : Teased Part: XII.

- Joe Sugg : Teased Part: XIII.

- Joe Sugg : Teased Part: XIV.

- Joe Sugg : Teased Part: XV.

- Joe Sugg : Teased Part: XVI.

82. Joe Sugg : Rekindled. 

83. Joe Sugg : Odds on?

84. Joe Sugg : Snuck out.

- Joe Sugg : Snuck out Part: II.

85. Joe Sugg : Messy.

86. Joe Sugg : Christmas family meet.

87. Joe Sugg : Rumours.

88. Joe Sugg : Wrong time. 

89. Joe Sugg : Parenthood.

90. Joe Sugg : Massage.

91. Joe Sugg : Cheer up, Buttercup! 

92. Joe Sugg : Apartment. 

93. Joe Sugg : Imagine. 

94. Joe Sugg : Shut down.

95. Joe Sugg : Break up prank. 

- Joe Sugg: Cheating Prank (Prequel) 

96. Joe Sugg : Park. 

97. Joe Sugg : Exposed. 

98. Joe Sugg : Puzzle piece.

99. Joe Sugg : School dance. 

100. Joe Sugg : Drunk & hungover. 

101. Joe Sugg : White jealousy. 

102. Joe Sugg : The River.

103. Joe Sugg : Poorly. 

104. Joe Sugg : Orange coat. 

105. Joe Sugg : Swings. 

106. Joe Sugg : Bouquet. 

107. Joe Sugg : Eiffel Tower. 

108. Joe Sugg : Realisation. 

109. Joe Sugg : Mornin’. 

110. Joe Sugg : Pranking the Unprankable.

111.  Joe Sugg : Jet lag. 

112. Joe Sugg : Skip the question. 

113. Joe Sugg : Calm thyself. 

114. Joe Sugg : Strictly for pleasure.

115. Joe Sugg : Rainy.

116. Joe Sugg: Love me. 

117. Joe Sugg: Soup.

118. Joe Sugg: Making friends

119. Joe Sugg: Adult beverages 

120. Joe Sugg: Christmas Eve.

121. Joe Sugg: Artist.

122. Joe Sugg: Siblings.

123. Joe Sugg: Couples Q&A.

124. Joe Sugg: Why?

125. Joe Sugg: Light bulbs

126. Joe Sugg: Distraction


He was originally in the medic corps, which reminds me of a hilarious story– he always thought of himself a bit of a doctor and did some things to us kids over the years that really made us wince. Once I got a little infection in my eye. Dad did a job on it, squeezed it, whatever. The next day I looked like a cyclops. ‘Ah shit,’ he said, ‘I don’t know what happened.’ He was a medic for the first bit of time in the service. He was stationed in Maryland then and looked on the bulletin board one day. It said: 'Paratroopers wanted. Extra pay.’ So that was enough for him. He joined, and they sent him off to Toccoa.”



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Imagine Samoa Joe as either your college professor or your boss

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Cheap Vegan Grocery List 

Since the Cheap Vegan Pantry article has been so popular, I am (by request) following up with a Cheap Vegan Grocery List. Here I’ll explain the different strategies I use and items I buy to stay healthy on a budget.

When you go to the grocery store, have in mind what percentage of what types of food you plan to buy. This should mirror your ideal plate of food. My goal is to eat mostly whole foods (foods that have not been processed), as many organic foods as I can afford to splurge on, and as little sugar and processed foods as possible. Besides obvious sugar like corn syrup, sugars also include white bread/pasta, anything made with white flour.

Once you have mentally prepared yourself for grocery shopping, you start from the bottom up. I shop at a few different sources to get what I need for the best bargain. Luckily, all of these places are walking distance to my house. But do what works best for you! If you’d rather only go to only one place, that might be more valuable than the $10-20 bucks you save a week going to multiple stores.

Start Literally Dirt-cheap
To start, check your garden. Whether you’re just planting some herbs or you have a whole veggie garden, there’s nothing better than home-grown food. As Ron Finley says, “Planting your own food is like printing your own money …plus you get strawberries.”

If you happen to get to a farmers market, check out their $1 rack. Often times they’ll have good deals of food they have too much of.

Figuratively Dirt Cheap
Next I go to the 99cent and up store—and I know what you’re thinking, we just went from the garden to the dollar store, but I’m broke people! …plus they’re really not all that bad. Especially here in Los Angeles! People tend to get sketched out by the dollar store but you just have to use common sense. If something looks a little suspect, don’t buy it. A lot of the food is even the same brand as what you’d get at a grocery store, just overstock.

At the 99c store I buy:

  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Any pre-cut, easy to prepare veggies that look good (ex. Shredded purple cabbage, carrots, etc.)
  • Salsa
  • Tortilla Chips
  • Canned beans (at my location they have a variety of organic beans for a buck!)
  • Corn Tortillas
  • Canned Tomato Sauce/Diced tomatoes
  • Random canned goods I might need
  • Soy Milk
  • Brown Rice
  • Oatmeal

If I needed anything else I couldn’t find at the dollar store my next stop is usually my local…

The Mexican Super Market!
In LA I go to JON’s in Chicago I went to Devon Market, but most cities have their own Mexican supermarkets where you can get produce for a little cheaper.

Here I buy:

  • Apples
  • Cucumbers
  • Bell Peppers
  • Any other produce I have a recipe in mind for
  • Frozen Veggies
  • Almond Milk
  • Cereal
  • Nuts
  • Baking Items
  • Whole grain pastas

 Lastly, if I’m feeling a little fancy, having a craving, or just can’t find it at those two places, I go to…

The Bougie spots: Trader Joes and Whole Foods

Where I get…

  • Tempeh
  • Tofu
  • Low sugarGranola (a lot of times granola has just as much sugar as cereal like frosted flakes or cocoa pebbles)
    Dr. Praegers veggie burgers (where their motto is making the ingredients recognizable)
  • Trader Joe’s Tomatillo and Roasted Yellow Chilli Salsa (because it’s BOMB)
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • Natural Peanut Butter
  • Natural Almond Butter
  • Ezikiel Bread

…any little things that I can afford to splurge on

Extra tips…

Always look for bargains. If there is a discount rack, start there, then move to the sections you would usually go to and keep looking for deals. If you’re afraid you can’t eat the 2 for 1 case of fruit, remember freezing. You can always save it for a smoothie or banana whip later! Same goes for canned goods and non-perishable foods. Sometimes buying in bulk can save you some cash in the long run. 

I thought vegan food was expensive…
A big misconception about being vegan, and why many think it’s so expensive to eat a plant-based diet, is because of the processed foods that are catered to vegan consumers. Foods like Tofurky, Boca Burgers, Amy’s frozen dinners, daiya, and other pre-made vegan “meats” and “cheeses” are simply more expensive than produce AND worse than that, they’re not as healthy! It’s easy to be a healthy cheap vegan, but start throwing in processed foods and sugars and you start to dive into expensive territory. So make the healthier and less expensive choice and eat your whole fruits and veggies!

DC’s Flash Masterlist

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This story was requested by @tizniz and was inspired by the soulmate prompt that was circulating a little while ago. I hope you enjoy, love bug!<3

The squeaking of trolleys and squawking children surrounded them as they entered the supermarket. It was a warm and bustling Saturday afternoon in the heart of London. Normally, these food trips were saved for later in the night or during the week so the boys wouldn’t be noticed as much. But, turns out, none of them had properly prepared for the Maynard’s house party, and had chosen to put it off to the last minute.

And, as luck would have it, everyone else was busy. So, it was just Y/N and Joe on this little outing. And, she was annoyed.

“Come on, then,” Joe called out as he headed further into the shop. “No dilly-dallying!”

Y/N groaned as she rolled her eyes. Joe Sugg. From the very beginning, he just rubbed her the wrong way.

It all started when she first met Jack over Tinder. The date had been a disaster, but the hilarity of it all made her agree to a second one. Though, half way through the second date, it was pretty clear they were better suited as friends. They got along so well that Jack thought it’d be great to introduce her to the rest of the boys at a holiday house party, certain they’d all love her.

As far as first impressions go, everyone was great. Except for Joe. When Y/N had met him, he had already been drunk, arm slung around the shoulders of a, equally as trashed, girl. He had spared her maybe two or three words tops before retiring for the night, female friend in tow. The day after, he apologized and introduced himself properly, but his feminine shadow lurked at his back the entire time, silk robe falling from her delicate shoulders.

From then on, even the sound of his name left a bad taste in her mouth.

It didn’t help that every time Y/N was around him, she was his target for constant teasing. She didn’t consider herself to be a sour puss, but whenever he picked on her, it drove her up the bloody wall. It was like he always had something smart to say accompanied with a stupid little smirk on his stupid, stupid face.

She gasped when she ran into something hard and warm.

“Oi oi. Watch out,” Joe drawled, looking over his shoulder. “Deep in dream land, are we?” He continued rummaging through the wine selection.

Y/N scowled at his back when he wasn’t looking anymore, finger rubbing at her forearm, “I was just thinking about everything we needed to get while we’re here.”

“And, yet you haven’t been helping in the slightest,” Joe said. “Maybe less thinking, and more looking.”

She shot him a glare, “Well, it’s not like you wrote a list.”

“Actually.” His hand dug into the pocket of his joggers, pulling out a small, folded paper. “I did.” He passed it to her, a small grin on his lips. “Now, go on. Chop, chop. We’ve got about 30 more minutes until we have to start setting up.”

She knew it was immature, but she couldn’t help rolling her eyes before walking off. Y/N could have sworn she heard him chuckle as well. She gritted her teeth and grumbled as she set out on her mission to find snacks.

About 10 minutes had passed and Y/N was confident that she had got everything that was needed.

“Now, time to see where that idiot buggered off to- AH.“ She jumped when a sudden poke came to her ribs.

“I surely hope you weren’t talking about me.”

Y/N leveled him with another glare, which seemed to be a common thing when around him, “I got everything on the list.”

“Perfect,” Joe took the basket from her hands with ease, placing the few items he had in his hands inside of it. “And, we’ve still got time to spare.”

“I can carry that, Joe.”

Joe smirked, “S’alright, love. I think I can handle it.” He jokingly flexed his free arm at her. “Besides, you’ve been favoring your arm all day, so I figured I’d help out.”

She chose to ignoring his showing off and went straight to confusion, “What are you going on about? I’m fine.”

He pointed down at her, “Then why do you keep messing with it?”

Y/N looked at where he was pointing, realizing that her constant rubbing and pinching had succeeding in making a rash on her right forearm. “Oh.” She blinked, still staring at the thin, rectangle of little, red bumps. “I didn’t even notice.”

“Might want to check your house for bed bugs.”

“Oh, piss off. I don’t have bed bugs.”




“I shower twice a day, no!”

“You shower twice a day? Jeez, clean freak much.”

Y/N sighed, exasperated, “Why must you ALWAYS be such a smart ass.”

Joe just laughed, heading toward the registers.

“I swear you’re going to be the death of me.”

“Oh, this is nothing,” He shot her a wolfish grin. “Cheer up, the worst is yet to come.”

In that moment, Y/N’s vision went white. She heard Joe’s muffled voice, but couldn’t comprehend anything that he said. Her knees hit the floor. Her hand cradled her arm to her chest. She heard calling. Who was calling her?

Reality snapped back to her with a pop.


She jumped.

Joe’s face was close to hers, his eyes full of worry, his hand on her shoulder.

“Love, are you okay?”

She took in her surroundings. A few people stared from the aisles closest to them, but for the most part, no one was alarmed. She was still on the floor, her left hand wrapped tight around her arm. She let go, pulling her arm away so she could look.

The rash was gone, but in its place, was tiny lettering in jagged script.

Cheer Up, The Worst is Yet to Come

Y/N stared at it wide-eyed, not quite believing her own eyes. She switched her gaze to Joe, who was staring at her strange tattoo just as intently. His face that was contorted with worry earlier, then to mild shock, now softened into a small smile. Joe’s eyes met hers.

“Well, it’s about bloody time.”


He grabbed her hand, pulling her up to her feet. Once she was standing, he rolled up the jacket sleeve on his right arm, flipping it over. Y/N’s breath hitched.

On his forearm, in the same font and in the exact same spot read:

You’re Killing Me, Smalls

Y/N let out a sharp laugh. Joe grinned as he pushed his sleeve back down.

“Of all the things I’ve said to you, THAT’S what pops up?” she asked.

“I mean, it’s fitting,” his eyes glittering with mirth. “You did say, I will be the death of you, earlier.”

“But, you don’t even like me!” Y/N said. “When did that happen? Just now?”

“No,” Joe said. “Maybe about three weeks ago.”

She blinked.

“And you never said anything?”

“Nope.” He started scanning the items on at the self-check-out.

“We’re you planning on it?”

“Not unless it happened to you, no.”

She was so confused. It took her a few moments to realize that she was standing there like a fish out of water, and Joe was done paying for everything. And, before she knew it, he was out the door.

Y/N hurried after him, her confusion and frustration with the man growing by the second.

“Wait.” He didn’t respond. “Joe, wait!”

He stopped, turning to her, “Yes?”

“Can we talk about this?”

“Not right now. We’ve got to go set up for the party.”

Y/N froze, “You’re actually joking me.”

Joe kept walking, “Nope!”

Well, surprise, surprise. That’s not changed.

Joseph Graham Sugg still held the title of most infuriating person she knew. Soulmate or not.

A few hours had passed and the party was underway. Joe had purposefully kept his distance from her the whole night, and much to her annoyance, Y/N wasn’t able to corner and confront him at all.

At least the party was a hit. She attempted to keep her mind occupied with beer pong for a bit. She was Jack’s partner, playing against Mikey and Conor. Mikey was useless, but in the end, it was all good fun. Her and Jack cheered as she sank her ball in the final cup, nearly knocking over the game table in their excitement.

They started to clear off the table, but was stopped by a voice.

“Alright, our turn,” Joe shouted over the music. “You two, against Oli and I.”  

“Ohh, you’re on mate,” Jack smirked, setting up the cups with Oli. Both completely unaware of the staring contest happening between the other two.

Y/N felt a shudder run down her spine. His cheeks were slightly pink, evidence of the alcohol strumming through his body. His hair was disheveled. His shirt clung to his chest. But, his eyes were what stopped her in her tracks. They were the bluest she had ever seen. His pupils wide. Were they always that blue? Had she just never noticed before?

The other boys shouted that they were ready and the game started. Oli went first and missed. Jack didn’t do much better. Joe stepped up and aimed, but instead of looking at the cup, he stared right at Y/N. She felt her face flush as she stared right back. She heard the plop of the ping pong ball hitting liquid, the cheer from the people watching and the groan of anguish from her partner.

“Your turn,” Joe said, a small smirk on his lips.

“Come on, Y/N,” Jack clapped his hand on her shoulder. “You got this.”

She couldn’t help but chuckle as the Maynard brothers gathered behind her, talking smack to the opposing team.

Again, Y/N realized that it wasn’t mature, and had a high chance of going badly for her, but she wasn’t going to step down. Taking the same stance as Joe had just a second ago, she aimed, leveled him with a hard stare and a smirk, and shot.

The resounding plop turned her smirk into a full-on grin as the people around the table went nuts.


Jack and Conor both threw their arms around her neck and shoulders, jumping up and down.


Oli looked proper shocked. Joe just shook his head and laughed.

The game continued, both teams doing stupid things to show off and distract the other. In the end, Y/N and Jack won again, the rest of the boys cheering and jumping around. Oli hung his head in defeat, his feet kicking the air, while Joe just stood in place and smiled, slowly drinking the rest of his beer.

The night had really improved from when she had first walked in, and she was glad of it. The party was starting to wind down a bit, some people starting to filter out. Y/N was talking with Josh and Mikey about what a friend’s date had done to Joe’s plants, when Joe himself popped into the corner of her peripheral.

As soon as she turned his gaze to him, he beckoned her to him, his shoulder leaning against the wall. Y/N sighed and excused herself from the boys, and followed Joe to the guest bedroom. When he closed the door after she stepped in, she couldn’t say she was surprised.

“So, he finally decided he wants to talk?” she drawled.

“Why do you hate me?”

“Uh,” Y/N blinked. “I don’t hate you.”

“Well, you certainly don’t like me.”

“I don’t like that you tease and contradict me all the time, simply because you know it annoys me.”

He cocked his head ever so slightly to the side, “I pick on everyone.”

“Not as much as you pick on me.”

“Well, of course not. But that’s not why you don’t like me.”

“Yes, it is.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Oh, my god, Joe. You’re doing it now! I’m literally telling you why I get frustrated with you, but you won’t let me get a word in edge wise.”

“No, I just know better. That’s not why you hate me.”

“I obviously don’t hate you. This is proof!” She flung her right arm in the air.

He glanced at it, a smile growing on his face. “No, that’s just proof that you’re stuck with my ‘annoying’ ass for the rest of your life. Nothing more.”

“Really?” she glared.

He just grinned, the tip of his tongue running along the bottom of his teeth, his eyes shining with amusement.

“Of all the people in this universe to have me tethered to, why you?!” her hands clenched into fists, trying her best to stop staring at his mouth. Why did his lips have to look so damn kissable? It wasn’t fair.

He took a step closer to her. “What’s so bad about me?”


Joe chuckled, “Oh, really.” Another step closer. “That’s why you can’t stop staring then?”

“You’ve been staring too.”

“I’ve never denied that.” Another step. “I have no problem saying that I like what I see. I always have.” He brushed a strand of her hair out of her face and behind her ear. “You, on the other hand…”

Her breath caught in her throat. He was so close now. Y/N could smell the dark musk of his cologne. She could feel the warmth radiating from his chest. His baby blues gazed down at her. She felt as though she could get lost the longer she looked.

“Fuck it.”

Y/N wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down, their lips crashing together. She sighed into his kiss. Joe’s arms immediately snaked around her waist, backing her up until her shoulders met the wall behind her.

The bedroom door flew open, bouncing off the spring stopper. The couple jumped apart.

“FINALLY!” Jack, Conor and Josh piled into the door way.

A flash of light caught their attention, and they all looked down at Joe and Y/N’s arms. The gold glow dimmed down until there was no more. The only evidence of the words ever being there was a series of raised dots on both of their arms. An identical constellation.

“Well, that’s just freaky.”

“Kind of wish we had filmed that.”

“Oh, my god, yes. Think of the views.”

OUT!” Joe and Y/N both retorted, startling the boys away, the door shutting closed behind them.

Joe sighed, looking back at her, “Anyway, where were-“ Her lips stopped him in his tracks. He chuckled, picking her up, her legs wrapping around his waist. She grinned.

Maybe he wasn’t so bad. Maybe.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just got Netflix and realized there was a Gay and Lesbian Movie section and was really hoping to watch some. I was wondering if you had any advice on some happy or comedy ones since they don't seem to be grouped any other genres? Thanks so much!

Sure :) I don’t have Netflix personally (though I really wish I did haha) so I can’t promise that these films will be on there but here are some of the one’s I’m aware of:

Touch of Pink: A gay Canadian living in London has his perfectly crafted life upset when his devoutly Muslim mother comes to visit

I Love You Phillip Morris: A cop turns con man once he comes out of the closet. Once imprisoned, he meets the second love of his life, whom he’ll stop at nothing to be with. It stars Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor, both are great actors and I thought they really excelled with this film.(SPOILERS: This is a comedy film but kind of sad and upsetting at times, I think the film ends on a positive hopeful note but it isn’t a happy ending from what I can remember)

Joe + Belle: “A dark comedy about two girls who fall in love with their country and with each other en route from Tel Aviv to Sderot ” I haven’t seen it so I can’t say how happy it is but it’s on the list because it does look like an interesting film.

Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom: “As Noah and Wade prepare to marry in Martha’s Vineyard, the personal problems of their friends - and the unexpected arrival of rapper Baby Gat - threatens to permanently end their relationship.” (x)This film is linked to the TV series Noah’s Arc (x) which, to quote from the wiki: “The series, which predominantly features gay black and Latino characters, focused on many socially relevant issues, including same sex dating, same-sex marriage, samesexparenthood, HIV/AIDS awareness, infidelity, promiscuity, homophobia, gay bashing. It ran from October 19, 2005, to October 4, 2006. After its cancellation, a film was produced entitled Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom, which was released theatrically in 2008.”

D.E.B.S is, according the wiki: “both a parody and an emulation of the Charlie’s Angels format. The plot revolves around a love story between one of the heroes and the villain. Their relationship is hindered because they are on opposite sides of the law and the fact that they are both female.”

Yes or No IMDB:“Billed as Thailand’s first lesbian romantic comedy, Yes or No? tells the story of an unlikely friendship and first love between two college roommates in Bangkok.” I don’t know if it has subtitles or not.

But I’m a Cheerleader, according to wiki: “Natasha Lyonne stars as Megan Bloomfield, a high school cheerleader whose parents send her to a residential inpatient conversion therapy camp to cure her lesbianism. There Megan soon comes to embrace her sexual orientation, despite the therapy, and falls in love.” It came out in 1999 so it’s pretty old.