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Basically, artists and songs that I enjoy listening to in my French-learning endeavor. As any playlist, it’s completely subjective, as well as a tad bit messy (since I’m not very systematic when music is concerned so expect time eras to overlap freely), but I hope you will like it anyway!

Also in this series: Random Music in Spanish | Italian

  • Édith Piaf – no surprises here, she really is a classic (and understandably so). I also love older music, so it wasn’t long before I was obsessed with a couple of songs. Personal favorites are Les Mômes de la clôche [x] (this one is reeeally old, it dates back to 1936!), L’Accordéoniste [x], Sous le Ciel de Paris [x] and the universally known Non, je ne regrette rien [x].
  • Zaz – definitely a more recent one, even though she has covered many classic pieces; I’m mostly in love with her jazzy voice and vocalizing. The first song I listened to was Je Veux [x], but I would also recommend On Ira [x], Gamine [x] and her wonderful cover of Dans Ma Rue [x] (be ready to bawl your eyes out). 
  • Michel Sardou – whatever your opinion on the movie La Famille Bélier, it’s difficult to deny that its musical side was pretty cool. Listen to Je Vole [x] (here goes also Louane’s version [x]), En Chantant [x], and, if you are a les Mis fan, enjoy him Enjolras-ing in the Original French Concept album [x]!
  • Stromae – I’m well aware he’s actually Belgian, but I shall use the term French to designate the language here. There’s probably no further need to recommend him as I’m sure he’s pretty well known, but I like him so much that I’ll do it anyway, haha. Personally, I enjoy his original take on Bizet’s Carmen [x], Tous Les Mêmes [x], and of course Papaoutai [x].
  • Georges Brassens – a singer-songwriter that inspired many (and among those Fabrizio De André), his witty lyrics and rich voice are timeless. Listen to La Mauvaise Réputation [x], Mourir Pour Des Idées [x], and Les Passantes [x].
  • Joe Dassin – I’ll be honest and admit that I don’t have extensive knowledge of his discography, but I do know Les Champs Élysées [x] and truthfully it such a fun song to sing along to that I just had to include it in this list.
  • Les Choristes – actually a movie and not an artist; I first saw it in my last year of primary school and had its soundtrack stuck in my head for weeks. If you like choirs, these songs should be a good fit: Vois Sur Ton Chemin [x], La Nuit [x] and Caresse Sur L’Océan [x].
  • MIKA – kinda sure you’ve heard of this guy ;) There’s not much more to say other than his songs are extremely catchy in any language. The only ones I know well are Boum Boum Boum [x] and Elle Me Dit [x], but I’ll gladly listen to more if I find them!
  • Dalida – the Egyptian-born Italian-French singer (!), who tragically committed suicide in 1987, sang both in French and Italian. Personally, and for obvious reasons, I am more versed in her Italian production, but I can say that T’Aimer Follement [x] is a huuuge earworm for me, just like the French version of Ciao, Amore, Ciao [x] (I’ve got to warn you, though, if you aim for a native-like pronunciation don’t imitate her, for as far as I can tell she has a discernible Italian accent).

Friends, allow me to tell you a story about how Joseph Spieldenner is actually the best.

So we were at the stage door, awaiting the appearance of the Spielbachs. Joe came out first, and we yelled “Joe!” And I waved my copy of The Brick at him and was like, “Joe! Could you sign my book?” And I flatter myself by saying that he basically lit up like a Christmas tree and looked super happy and flattered and I basically squealed.

And then he took the book and my Sharpie and flipped through it, and I was like, “OMG, he’s reading my annotations. Joe! You’re reading my annotations!”

And he said, “I’m looking for Orestes Fasting but I can’t find it!”

And I said, “It’s marked!” And pointed to the little Post-It flag things I have marking various passages, and I was like, “It’s the last one! It says OFPD!”

And he found it and signed it and handed it back to me and I pretty much cried.

“Death is temporary. Love is eternal. xo Joseph Spieldenner.”

I spent the entire two hour train ride home just staring at this.

In conclusion: if JoeSpiel isn’t your favorite, you need to reexamine your life choices.

Gavroche's Death/Screams of Agony
The many Grantaires
Gavroche's Death/Screams of Agony

I don’t know about the West End, but over here, our Grantaires take their relationship with Gavroche very seriously. So here is a compilation of some Grantaire’s screaming in agony when Gavroche is killed :D

  1. Joe Spieldenner, 4th National Tour (this is THE scream of agony. The official one)
  2. John Rapson, Broadway (This was early in his run, where he actually said “OH GOD NO”. Very memorable.)
  3. John Rapson, Broadway (Later in his run, where it’s just a scream)
  4. Adam Monley, Broadway understudy
  5. Dennis Moench, Broadway understudy 
  6. Eric Van Tielen, Tour understudy (dat whimper doe)
  7. Joe Spieldenner, North Shore Music Theatre (just… wait it out. The whole thing. It’s worth it)

Meet “Floyd”, Billie Joe Armstrong’s 1956 Les Paul Junior. “I could tell right away it was special. At the time I was playing mostly Fenders and this Jr. was a completely different guitar from anything I had played before.“ It was bought at a guitar show in San Rafael in 2000, just before the recording of “Warning”.

Alan Watts, Terence Mckenna, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, George Carlin, Jason Silva, Gary Vaynerchuk, Aubrey Marcus, Duncan Trussel, Simon Sinek, Ron Paul, Jesus Christ, Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Earl Nightingale, Tony Robbins, Bernie Sanders, David Goggins, Jim Rohn, Elon Musk, Ray Kurzweil, Buddha, Dennis Mckenna, Sam Harris, Ben Shapiro, Will Smith, John Lennon, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins.

Just a huge random list of people who I have the utmost appreciation for, in no particular order. Many of them have conflicting views, and it reminds me that you don’t have to agree with everything a person stands for to have respect for them.

The Doc Needs You To Turn Your Head And Cough!

Thanks To My Buddy For Alerting Me To This Photo Of Doc Roberts With His Mates Marland Yarde, Joe Marchant, And Charlie Walker Enjoying Victory Over The Wasps.

Sexy In The Sheds, Baby!

Guys look! I’ve made an Emo Version of les Mis Starring Billie Joe Armstrong as Jean Valjean Peterick as Marius and Cosette Ryan Ross as Fantine (i’m sorry ryan) Kinky Boots! Brendon as Enjolras, leading the Revolution Brent as JAVERT cuz I hate Brent(my apologize to all Brent Fans out there)

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So I stubble upon @disloyalorder and @sarufish mania au and I’m obsessed Also tumblr has been screwing up my posts so this is like the third time actually Might digitalise if I’m not lazy :/