joe is pretty cute too

Fairly Attractive Couple

Apparently I had been pretty distracted by the concert last night, because I didn’t realize how much Joe had been snapchatting.

But now, as I watched his story back, I saw just how often he had captured either moments of me singing along to the music, or the two of us.

I smiled as I went through the story, the memories of the night prior still fresh in my mind.

It had been nice going out with him, and not worrying about being caught. We were still keeping our relationship private, and so we didn’t get to go out often together as a couple. But last night, in the darkness of the concert, and in the mix of the crowd, it hadn’t mattered.

The last snap comes up on the story, and I stared at it in surprise.

I remembered the moment, the kiss was unexpected and pleasant, but I did not remember Joe capturing it.

And as the story came to an end, I realized that Joe had posted that on his story. Which meant that everyone and anyone could see it.

Switching over to Twitter quickly, it only takes me moments to find the various tweets sent out about us.

And I’m pleasantly surprised.

Because no one knows about Joe and I, and we had both done a good job at keeping me out of the public eye as well, but everyone so far seemed to enjoy us together.

I smiled as I read the comments complimenting me on how cute I was, and how happy Joe looked. I scrolled a little while longer, laughing as people tried to figure out who I was, but none of them were successful. So far.

“Y/N?” I heard my boyfriend’s voice call up to me, and I toss the phone onto the bed beside me as he appears at the door, smiling softly at me. “Hello, gorgeous.”

“Hello, handsome.”

“So I may have messed up.”

“By outing us on snapchat?” I ask as he sits on the bed beside me, moving an arm around me. “I already know. You did post it on your story.”

“I meant to just save it, not post it.” Joe admitted sheepishly, pulling my legs onto his lap.

“Well, it’s out there now.”


“It’s fine.” I shrug, leaning against him, “Besides, no one’s actually figured out who I am yet.”

“I noticed that,” He laughs. “Although they already have strong opinions on us.”

“They’re happy you’re happy.”

“And because you’re cute.”

“I am pretty cute, aren’t I?” I tilt my head back, grinning up at him.

“And modest too,” Joe scoffs. “But yes, you are pretty cute.”

“Goes well with your handsomeness.”

“Oh look at that, together we make a fairly attractive couple!”

“Fairly?” I wrinkle my nose, “I think we make a very attractive couple.”

“Alright. You win.” He laughs, kissing my temple softly.

“And Joe?” I question as I settle back against him.


“Next time, check what you’re posting on snapchat before you do it.”

“It was an accident!”