joe is a perfect angel

Joe (on filming The Pacific): I was blown away by all of the explosions and all of the carnage going on and the chaos. I just kind of tried to remember what I had to do, because I knew if I didn’t do it, it was really, really expensive to do it again. 
Interviewer: Yeah, you don’t want somebody to go “Guys, I wanna do it again!”
Oh yeah. “Oh, oh, excuse me, oh, I need a glass of water.”

Blocked, but I feel like I need to reply because some upsetting stuff has been showing up on my dash today.

This whole idea that Swifties hate all of her exes is really baseless.

I, for one, strongly dislike Calvin Harris right now and if you can’t understand why, then god help any humans you interact with in real life. I also strongly dislike John Mayer (as do most sentient beings). Those are two men in ten years of dating.

My first reaction, and same with most Swifties I know, when Taylor goes through a breakup is to be concerned about her. I don’t automatically hate a man the minute that his relationship with Taylor ends.

  • I think Jake Gyllenhaal was probably a shitty boyfriend. That doesn’t make him a shitty person. I still watch his movies and I certainly don’t hate him or spend my time talking ill of him.
  • I have absolutely nothing negative to say about Harry Styles.
  • Conor Kennedy is a perfect angel and I love him.
  • Taylor Lautner is a perfect angel and I love him.
  • Joe Jonas was young and shitty, but we were all young and shitty once, and he and Taylor are on good terms so I wish him the best. I have purchased his music and certainly don’t hate him.
  • I could go into the rumored relationships and flings, but hopefully you get the point.

I have the utmost confidence that should Taylor and Tom break up, it would be handled much more privately and tactfully than Tayvin’s breakup. Should Tom go on a social media rampage against Taylor, I would indeed probably hate him. But as I don’t see that happening, you can kindly chill the fuck out.

A perfect human counterpart for his character Cassidy, the actor relished claiming the role of the monster. ‘I think what is wonderful about Cassidy is he’s been around for as long as he has and he’s achieved nothing,’ Gilgun said. 'I’m putting an end to all this sexy vampire business. He’s a rogue, a traveler. He’s had to move, he gets in trouble and he has to go there. He consistently makes terrible decisions. And that’s why I’m perfect for the role.’
—  Joe Gilgun in the Los Angeles Times