joe i cant with you


Hello! Once again, this is so random and cringey but that just happened to me the other day, I was like dying on my own haha so I imagined having someone taking care of me and Joe was the first one in my mind! (Just saying, I’m watching Joe’s livestream right now and I’m dying he’s so beautiful and Britt is so funny, I cant)

“Y/N, you’re boiling.” My boyfriend Joe argued with me about how I felt after putting his hand on my forehead. I had been sick for the past two days and insisted to go with Joe to see his sister for the weekend. “I swear, I’m okay. Let’s just go now.” I said with a weak voice and got out of the car. I heard Joe sigh in frustration and get out of the car as well. As we were about to knock, Joe took my hand and studied my face as I frowned. “Are you sure you’re okay?” He asked softly and I gave him a weak smile and nod. It was a lie, I felt horrible. My head was hurting me like hell and so was my stomach. I was freezing but my body was hot and I was exhausted from the 2 hours drive from London to Brighton but I didn’t want to ruin our weekend so I just let it go.

Not matter how hard I was trying, I was getting sicker. I was wearing one of Joe’s hoodies and was cuddled up against Joe’s chest as we were all watching a film on the couch. I had my arm around his chest and he was slowly stroking my arm up and down with his hand but even his body heat was not warming me up. I was drifting off to sleep when I felt Joe’s body starting to move and I unconsciously let out a small groan. I opened my eyes again and saw Alfie and Zoe getting their coats on. I looked up to Joe and slowly let go of him. “We’re just getting something to eat and we’ll be right back, don’t worry. Do you want anything?” He asked and I shook my head. “Oh hell no.” I mumbled and cuddled back against a pillow. “I told you we should have stayed home.” Joe admitted and put the blanket over my legs carefully. I couldn’t find the strength to fight with him anymore so I just ignored his words and felt myself drifting off once again.

A sudden touch send shivers all over my body and made me feel even more cold. I shifted a little bit and managed to open my eyes to see a worried Joe staring at me. He was softly touching my cheek with the back of his hand and he offered me a small smile as I leaned into his touch. “Are you feeling better?” He asked with concern in  his voice. I let out a small sigh and smiled back. “Not really.” I admitted and Joe shook his head. I heard Zoe and Alfie coming in with the food and offered me a smile. “I’m really sorry, guys.” I said as I moved to sit up. As they all started eating, I tried my hardest to fight the tiredness but it was hitting me like a brick wall. 

After they ate, Joe got up and I frowned. “I think I’m going to take this little one to sleep.” Joe said as he started to pick me up in his arms carefully. “That’s alright. We’ll see you guys in the morning.” Zoe said with a smile and I felt bad for ruining Joe’s time with his sister. “Have a good night.” Alfie said, smiling as well. “You too.” Joe stated and carried me to the bedroom, carefully laying me in the guest bed. I watched him as he took his top and pants off and flipped under the blankets with me. “Next time you’re not feeling okay, please let me know.” He suddenly blurred out with a smirk which made me chuckled slightly. He wrapped around my stomach and held me close before leaving a soft kiss on the back of my head. “I’m sorry I’ve ruined everything.” I said just above a whisper and his grip tightened. “You haven’t,love. I like taking care of you.” He whispered into my ear and it made me smile. “I’m still sorry.” I sighed as my eyes were closing slowly. “Just stop being sorry.” He said and I felt myself drifting into the arms of sleep once again. “I love you.” Joe whispered really slowly into my ear and I found enough strength to smile one last time. “Love?” Joe questioned before noticing I was asleep. “Awh.” He exclaimed silently and kissed my cheek before joining me in my sleep.