joe hill photography


My Photographers Closet 

Today i am relaxing.  i stole this top from my photographer which is a Vintage Wrangler Denim Button Up.  It was super ripped and perfect.

I am wearing some Vintage Suede Brown Pants of his, that he normally saves for shoots.  They are super baggy on me, I’m obsessed! 

We shot near a horse stable in Thousand Oaks, and it felt like the perfect vibe to go with it.  All i need is my guitar….next time.  

I highly recommend ravaging your older brother or boyfriends closet to find select pieces.   Sometimes thats all you need! 


Happy Saturday !!  

i like taking time out to showcase amazing places to eat and shop in my hood.  Tomorrow i’ll be posting shots from this amazing Interior Design store on Larchmont Blvd in Los Angeles, CA.  Here is a quick preview! 



Coming Soon….